The simplified tooltips have caused a lot of debate since they were announced and Blizzard has once again been explaining the reasons for the changes, like them or not. The obvious choice is to make this an option you can toggle on or off in the game settings and I can see no reason not to have this added. Set it to simple by default and allow players to change it if they want.

    Take some comfort in this thread though, Blizzard are listening and ideas are being passed on.

    Ok so just logged into patch 10 created my monk and the tooltip for fists of thunder now reads : “attack a single target with a series of rapid punches” what happened to the amount of weapon damage it does? Same for mantra of evasion doesn’t tell how you much dodge it gives?

    Please integrate a toggle check box in the options menu for advanced/simple tooltip defaults.

    While I’d argue that holding CTRL to view Advanced tooltips is only a mild inconvenience (at worst), this is a reasonable request that I’m happy to pass on to our designers. 🙂

    As for why we made the change? We wanted to make ability selection a bit more intuitive for newer players. It’s important to keep in mind that not everyone who’s going to play Diablo III will be veterans of the franchise, or even similar action RPGs. Even though the game’s mechanics are fairly straightforward, the detailed information provided in Advanced tooltips can sometimes be a bit overwhelming if you’re not already familiar with what all the terms mean.

    For example, this:

    Attack a single target with a series of rapid punches

    …is a little cleaner and easier to understand at a glance than:

    Unleash a series of extremely fast punches that deal 100% weapon damage as Lightning. Every third hit deals damage to all enemies in front of you and knocks them back a short distance.

    Damage as lightning? What does that mean? Does that mean I need to collect lightning damage? Does that mean I’m getting gear with the wrong stats on it?

    Simplified tooltips are intended to make it easier for novice players to understand what each of their character’s abilities do, as well as help them better and more quickly differentiate between abilities that are meant for single targets vs. groups vs. situational powers. That said, for more knowledgeable players, to whom the information is more useful, Advanced tooltips are still available with the push of a button.

    I think you’re grossly exaggerating how confused a new player has the potential to be. It seems like you’re trying to be Bashiok with this post, but you aren’t quite there on the same level of finesse that he has to make the point you’re trying to make.

    You’d be surprised at how alien some basic concepts and mechanics can be to players who’ve never had any experience with action RPGs before. I actually had to spend a lot of time explaining skills and abilities to my mom and grandmother when they first started playing the Diablo III beta. It wasn’t about intelligence, just about familiarity — they had little to no exposure to the terminology we use throughout the game, so there was definitely some confusion around what each of their character’s skills did (or could do). I’m sure they could have eventually figured out things on their own, with the help of the Advanced tooltips, but it would have definitely taken longer and I don’t know if they would have been engaged as quickly.

    Of course, that’s just a personal anecdote, so it’s not representative of entire population of players, but I can definitely see the value in providing tooltips that aren’t as technical as the ones we currently have.

    I think the problem here is that some of the original tooltips were just written poorly so that they appear to be more confusing than they actually are.

    I’d prefer a toggle checkbox in options somewhere, but at least add a line to the bottom of the mouseover tooltips to tell me how to see the useful information.

    …these are both fair points which I’ll be happy to bring up along with the request for a option for an Advanced tooltips toggle. Thanks for the good feedback. 🙂

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