Blizzard on Season Legendaries – PTR Seasons are “mini seasons”

Now that the “seasons” are underway on the PTR, Blizzard posted a few notes regarding the Seasonal Legendaries and this PTR testing season which which is a “mini season” which will likely be restarted as testing progresses.

Please don’t tell me they are going to run an entire Season on PTR…

Nah. We’ll host what are effectively “mini Seasons,” but we won’t actually run a full Season (i.e. for the duration we intend to have one run in the live game) during the PTR. We’re also going to start and end a Season likely more than once during this public test. The goal here is to make sure both processes run smoothly, so we’ll want to test out each function a few times before the patch goes live.

Is the Ramalandi’s gift considered a seasonal legendary or will it be added to the non-seasonal server once the patch goes live along with greater rifts?

Ramaladni’s Gift is not a Seasonal Legendary item and will be available in all games modes (Normal, Hardcore, and Seasonal) once patch 2.1.0 goes live.

Seasonal legendaries are indeed dropping, and the Monk gloves and Wizard wand are indeed of little value and will not add to build diversity.

Thanks for the report! We’ll follow up with our QA and engineering teams. Could be a bug, could be that they were enabled a little early. We’ll let you know.

Since it’s PTR, it’s likely not a big deal that these items dropping right now, so please feel free to use them if you find one. If you encounter any bugs picking them up or using them, though, be sure to drop a line in our PTR Bug Report forum:

Similarly, if you’ve got any feedback on said Legendaries, we’d love to hear from you in our PTR Legendary Feedback thread:

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  1. Sorry to kind of be off topic, but I feel it will get noticed in the most recent of front page posts…

    In seasons, you start at paragon 0 and all the artisans at 0, but how does that work with further seasons, same as, or do you retain it for later seasons? Like SC and HC retain their individual paragon levels and artisans?

    If you do not retain them, then I think greater bonus's should apply to paragon points as not many people will reach even paragon 200 if the seasons are only so long [3 months probably?]

    Thanks in advance for your reply!

    • You start from scratch with every new season. I don't think they've said what happens to your points when you leave season though, unless I just missed it. We know the characters and gear get shifted to non-season, not sure if we retain the paragon experience and get it added to what we already have or not though.

  2. I must admit, I hate the idea of season exclusive legendaries.

    I don't really care about how well other people level up ect., but if I feel I am forced to join a season just so I don't feel like being stuck to a cage with a piece of legendaries hanging in front of me, that just breaks it for me.

    Yes, D2 ladders, I am looking at you.

    • Good thing that isn't the case then.

    • Season exclusivity is limited to the duration of that season, after that the legendary items join the pool in the regular game. If you don't mind waiting for the season to end you will have access to all the legendary items, no permanent exclusives.

    • I'm with you on the hate for season exclusive legendaries, but not for the same reason. I'm afraid that it will negatively affect balance for those of us not participating in a season.

      From what I understand the mentioned legendaries right now are kind of crap. I can see Blizz inadvertently release an item that breaks a certain class and change the class instead of the item. Those not participating in a season could feel the sting of such an action without having access to the item that necessitated it.

      It's a bit of a weird worry, but it is not something that I can shake.

  3. It would be nice if they let us know the duration of the mini seasons…

  4. Will the new legendaries actually have a higher droprate then normal legendaries?
    It would be nice if that was the case. With some badluck you could play all season but only find the same ones.
    And I'm also thinking about the future, lets say 1-5 seasons from now or 1-5 years with the legendary pool being much higher (expansion pack legs etc) reducing the chance even further at that time.

  5. If they add tons of new legendaries a year, the good ones for your build will become harder to find.

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