Blizzard on Season 3 Length, No Mortick’s Bracer, and more

Lots of Blue replies to questions about DiabloWikiPatch 2.2 and Season 3, so let’s get to the quoting. First up, Wyatt Cheng was part of the last Tavern Talk where he and the other devs said that seasons from now on would run 3-4 months. Today brings a more concrete prediction for S3’s length.

Great to see all the reasons people enjoy Seasons! I totally agree that it’s about the journey, not the destination, and seasons allow us to enjoy the journey again. I also enjoy seasons for the fresh start and playing with all my friends again. I love that feeling of progressing from rare items to assorted legendary items to finishing a 6-piece set.

Four months, minus one day.

Four months, minus one day…?

While we’re on the topic of Seasons, I want to share some information regarding Season length. We generally feel that Season 1 was on the long side, and that Season 2 was on the short side. We want to strike a balance between having enough points in time when we can all commence this journey together, but also allow enough time for characters to mature. Expect Season 3 to be at least 4 months long. While the exact end date is not yet known, we plan on once again giving 2 week’s notice before Season 3 ends.

Why four months and announce it now? Why was S2 just 7 weeks, and why didn’t the devs just extend it 3 or 5 weeks instead of talking about how it was too short before it had even ended? We’ve been jokingly speculating about that on the podcast lately, and guests have said maybe the needlessly-erratic season length is somehow tied to a Diablo 3 expansion pack announcement. I saw no reason why the progress of a season should have any effect on when they announce the second expansion pack, and I still don’t, but check out this calendar math.

Everyone got your shiny foil hats on?

  • Reaper of Souls was announced at Gamescom 2013.
  • Season 3 starts on April 10th.
  • April 10th + 4 months = August 10, 2015.
  • Gamescom 2015 runs from August 5-9, 2015.

  • Elsewhere, Mortick’s Brace, an awesome WotB bracer for the Barb was on the PTR and in the (initial) patch notes, but didn’t make it into the live patch. Click through for Blue explanation about that, and more Blue posts on working with the DiabloWikiWardrobe, the disappearance of DiabloWikihealing potions, and console hotfixes for v2.2.

    PSA: Mortick’s Brace was removed from Patch 2.2 and will not drop. —JohnYang

    Nevalistis: We weren’t happy with the final iteration of Mortick’s Brace on the PTR, so we have disabled it from dropping with the 2.2.0 patch. We may revisit this item in a later patch. Unfortunately, the early version of the patch notes that went out did not reflect this change. However, they have since been updated.

    We sincerely apologize for the confusion!

    Why? Because Blizzard hates Barbarians, obviously. The bracer was going to make WotB even more super awesome, if you were wondering:

  • Mortick’s Brace: Wrath of the Berserker gains the effect of every rune

  • People have been mentioning that they can’t get their stupid CE wings to show up via the new Wardrobe. Unfortunately this isn’t a feature, but just a bug and the annoying flaming distractions are still available to inflict upon the eyeballs of the more sensibly-dressed players in your MP game.

    How do I get wings / Pets in to the wordrobe? Seems like this was easy on the PTR but I don’t see how to do it now.
    Grimiku: Hey everyone,

    I’ve been seeing some questions popping up about how cosmetic items work with the new Cosmetics UI added in Patch 2.2.0. Here’s a quick overview:

  • Portrait frames
    • These appear in the Cosmetics menu once you earn them in game
  • Wings, pennants and pets
    • Once you have these in your inventory, you’ll need to approach the Cosmetics hub when you’re in any town (which appears as a mirror on your map) to access it once, then open your inventory and right click the wings, pets or pennant you want to use. This will cause them to be transferred to your Cosmetics menu, where you can equip or unequip them. This menu is accessible both in town, and via the icon at the bottom right corner of your screen, next to the Community icon.
  • Reacquiring cosmetic items
    • If you’ve sold your Cosmetics items (or deleted the character who had them), you can reacquire them by creating a new character, which will cause their Cosmetics items to be mailed to you (look for the mail icon at the lower left of your screen, which should be glowing green). Once you’ve acquired the items from the mail (using the lower left of the two icons), you can follow the steps above to gain the Cosmetic effect.
  • I hope this helps. If the above isn’t working, please let us know so we can pass it onto the development team, and be sure to include as much detail as you can. Thanks!

    Nevalistis: As a few players have mentioned, logging out of the game and back in should resolve any issues in redeeming cosmetic items that were delivered to you via in-game mail. This is currently a known issue.

    Please let us know if logging out/back in does not resolve this issue for you. Thanks!

    Deleting your wings and never wearing them again works also. Meh.

    Elsewhere, someone who didn’t pay any attention to the PTR or read the patch notes has an observation:

    No biggie – but all my potions are gone

    Not that I used them any way with legendary potions, they were kinda collecting dust, but the whole stack of over 1200 or so just up and disappeared.
    Tyvalir: Hey, thanks for stopping by the forums, lpnlizard!

    It’s always a good idea to check our patch notes for changes to the game whenever a new patch launches. There are also many players here (as well as the New Player Help forum) who will likely jump in to answer your question, if you ask nicely. : )

    Now base players get like a base unlimited potion that has no affixes on it like the legendary ones have.
    BubbaGump is correct here. If you’d like to know more (cue the Starship Troopers reference) here’s the design philosophy behind this change (also in our patch notes):

    Developer comments: This patch we took a hard look at our auto-pickup rules. We started by looking at an option to auto-pickup potions but as we discussed this further we realized it made more sense to just remove normal potions from the game completely. For crafting materials and gems we want to avoid simply having them auto-pickup but with the introduction of certain Treasure Goblin variants last patch the amount of clicking was excessive. We’ve implemented what we call “vacuum pickup” to alleviate how often you have to click to pick up a large quantity of items while maintaining some aspect of the physical pickup act.

  • Regular health potions have been removed from the game
  • The health potion slot on the action bar is now a Bottomless Heath Potion that will heal you for 60% of your maximum Life
  • The functionality of Legendary potions is unchanged
  • Looting a crafting material will now also pick up all other materials of the same type within 20 yards
  • Looting a gem will now also pick up all other gems within 20 yards
  • Finally, a big list of hotfixes for the Console version of Patch 2.2.

    Console 2.2.0 Hotfixes – Updated 4/7/15!

    Greetings Heroes!

    Since the release of patch 2.2.0 on the Xbox One and Playstation 4, we have also deployed several hotfixes to address the following issues:


  • Resolved an issue that was causing the Tal-Rasha’s Elements four-piece set bonus to provide significantly more resistance than was intended
  • Resolved an issue that was causing the Tal-Rasha’s Elements six-piece set bonus to provided a damage increase to Hydra several times larger than intended
  • Resolved an issue that was allowing Broken Promises to continue to gain stacks at the same time that the crit buff proc is active on the player


  • Barbarian – Whirlwind: Resolved an issue that was preventing the tornadoes created by the Dust Devil rune from spawning near walls and other unpathable areas

    Please note that since these changes were deployed as a console hotfix as opposed to a full client patch, there are some key differences of which players should be aware.

    Parental Controls:

  • PlayStation 4 users who are Parentally Restricted will not receive these hotfixes. In order to modify Parental Control settings for the PS4 console, please refer to Sony’s Support Sites:
  • PS4:

    New Gaming Sessions:

  • On the PS4 and Xbox One, users may be required to play online* in order for the hotfix to be saved between gaming sessions. Ultimate Evil Edition games created on one of these consoles while offline may not have these hotfixes enabled.
  • On the PS4, users will only need to download and install the hotfix file once while signed into their Playstation Network account. After the hotfix file has been downloaded and installed, no additional steps will be required. The hotfix will remain active even if subsequent games are created offline.

    *It is important to note that this is not a change to Ultimate Evil Edition’s optional offline play mode. Ultimate Evil Edition games created on Xbox One which were previously hotfixed, but are no longer connected online can still be played as normal, but without the hotfix change.

    Users on both platforms must be signed into their respective PlayStation Network or Xbox Live accounts to be eligible for hotfixes (PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live Gold subscriptions are not required, however). The hotfixes will automatically download in the background when you progress to Ultimate Evil Edition’s Main Menu.

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    1. Mortick's was one of the few things I was excited about since it made a lot of new builds viable and competitive with Vile Charge. Removing them so abruptly instantly killed all my hype since Barb looked like it was fun to play again. Not even sure I'll bother with S3 now.

    2. A quick trip to the official forums (always a bad idea .. but i’m waiting for s3 to start) and your confronted by the amount of threads dedicated to Mortick’s Bracer. Tbh the bracer seemed way overpowered imo.. most peoples complaints i’ve read seem to be focused around the survivability having all the runes provided when running gr45+.

      Perhaps reinstating the bracers with a random single additional wotb rune? much like a hellfire ammy and passives. That seems alittle more blizzard dev friendly – even adds a new layer of rng.

      • No. They were fine as is. Devs need to stop going around talking about "powerful heroes" being one of their design pillars, then sh1tting their pants whenever someone gets into GR 50.

    3. They could add “wotb gain the effect of striding giant”. I would also like to see a fist weapon / bracers with “epiphany gains the effect of desert shroud”.

      I added some ideas (Madmartigan#2545) to this thread.

    4. what a joke.. ok i refuse to play until morticks will drop.. blizzard fking idiots sigh

    5. Reason for removal was not that Mortick’s being too powerful. Proc bug with mirinea / slaughter / arreat’s wail. Though it doesn’t seem likely that we’ll be seeing morticks any time soon.

      It’s a bad decision nevertheless, both IK and WW were balanced around builds with mortick’s in the mix. Especially IK seems royally gimped now without Mortick’s. Say hello to Raekor’s for S3, AGAIN. I’m sad.

      • An Item named "morticks" produced too much ticks under circumstances? Is that what you'd call irony of life? ^^

        • This mentality of "mor, because mor" ticks me off.

          • Yeahh … Am missing the "not all attacks are hits" from the old gen. A "De-tick" skillsystem, you'd have to place your characters strength to decide where – and where not – you'll be able pull out 100% of your damage output (, or where you'd have to trade output against flexibility), would be something to behold.

          • Or a skillsystem, taking the skills as are as baseline and allowing players to gradually shift skills into different direction:

            Let's say, a non-wizard character would have a beam-type skill. The player could then decide to turn the beam more into an arcane torrent (, by first making it more like a magic missile, ) or into more of a bubble "carried around" (by first turning it into a kind of Slow Time variant). (Or, or, …) While no variation comes close to the originals specialty, of course, but may offer different quircks worth aiming for.

            The InBetweens would perhaps be hard to balance, but ground for more fun in experimentation, than simply being under the dependence of rng-luck.

      • Yeah, I was sad to read that too. I was looking forward to running IK/WW. Since my monk died my barb really took over as my main and I'd like to play something other than a Dashing Strike Barb.

    6. Four months is too long. I got bored of season about 4 weeks mark and jumped right back into my non-season toons. For me the season is more about getting the rewards.

    7. This is why I don’t play PTR. I never tasted the 500% damage IK 6-piece bonus, or the Mortik’s bracers, therefore I’m not salty about their removal, I take what is in live now and move on.

    8. I'm very excited to hop in this evening and play some new patch as the changes are awesome. That said, it's pretty obvious that they pushed out the patch before it was ready with Morticks. I mean I know Blizzard moves at glacial pace pushing out content but I don't think season 2 lasting a couple of weeks or even a month longer would have ultimately mattered to get 2.2 properly balanced and our before the 3 year anniversary. 3 month seasons feel about the right length in my opinion and hopefully they'll release the next PTR with plenty of time to balance things properly.

    9. Meanwhile, at Blizzard HQ…


    10. They need to cut the bandwidth for the live game to what the PTR has, and increase the bandwidth of the PTR. Or at least leave the PTR up. Live is so sh1tty, and the PTR is WAAAAAAY better.

    11. 4 months is too long. 3 Months would be more appropriate.

    12. why would Season 3 need to end for them to announce an expansion?

    13. PTR is the only time the game is fun. Just look at Wizard sets.

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