A couple of Blue posts of note, re: the digital prize from the CE of the SC2 expansion, and a Magic Find myth debunked. First:

    Gimme my Wings.

    Bought HotS, how do you actually get the code for the in-game items?
    Vaeflare: When you upgrade your StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty account to the Digital Deluxe Edition or Collector’s Edition of Heart of the Swarm, your Diablo III characters should immediately receive their “Blade Wings” and Diablo III Zerg banner sigil.

    These items will only exist on the characters on your account. They cannot be traded, and you will not receive separate codes for them.

    Elsewhere, one of those amusing Magic Find theories popped up and got swiftly debunked. (At least that’s what they want us to think!)

    Multiplayer loot decided on highest DPS/crits over MF

    I couldn’t find any other topic covering this. I’ve been testing it for some time and noticed when playing multiplayer that if another player is getting higher damage critical hits than i am, he gets significantly more loot when the pack is killed. When he stopped using skills that would crit so high i started getting 2-3 more yellows and legends dropped more frequently.

    I have significantly more paper-DPS (about 150k more) and about 60% more mf than the other player and still get shafted when playing with him. Playing alone or with others who don’t get critical hits as high gives me far better loot as well. Frequent and high damage critical hits appear to make more of a difference than MF.

    Has anyone else tested this or confirmed it?
    Grimiku: I just wanted to drop by and clear this up for anyone who is unsure. The amount (or kind) of damage you do does not affect the loot dropped. If you’re interested you can read a little more on what does affect loot drops (and how) in the Magic Find and Nephalem Valor sections of our game guide.

    The “official” page is useful, but I’d recommend the DiabloWikiNephalem Valor and DiabloWikiMagic Find articles in DiabloWiki.net, as they cover everything you’ll find on the Blizzard pages, plus lots more. Including interesting rumors like this one.

    I’m actually surprised we haven’t seen more of those, “I did X and it made my MF roxor/suxor!” type rumors with D3; they were like memeroaches in the Diablo 2 days, constantly scurrying back out from under the fridge no matter how vigorously we, game code experts, and even Blizzard tried to squash them, and many (most?) of the D2 scams and tricks were predicated on tricking the unwary (greedy) into doing something stupid by promising there was some secret trick to cheat/hack/dupe/boost MF/etc the game. See numerous examples on our old Warnings! pages, which are archived in the Diablo 2 section of the wiki.

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