Two blue posts from late Wednesday with reassurances about PvP and considerations of Follower improvements.

    PVP will be an expansion pack

    $40 box sale. Its the last money grab they have, since the RMAH was no where near the success they had hoped they will now charge us for the last thing anyone wants out of D3.
    Vaeflare: As we’ve stated previously, the PvP content we are currently working on will be included in a future patch at no additional cost, just like the content we provide in our ongoing patches (1.0.4, 1.0.5, etc.).

    …It shouldn’t be all that hard to believe, because we’ve never charged extra for our ongoing hotfixes, patches, or features in any of our Diablo titles (Diablo III included), and PvP is no exception. In recent months, we’ve added new and improved Legendaries, the Paragon system, and, coming in patch 1.0.5, the Monster Power system and the Infernal Machine event. We want to make Diablo the best possible game it can be, and we’re committed to making PvP be worthwhile and compelling as well.

    It appears that set bonuses do not apply when items are equipped on followers. Is it just gray’d out but they are actually getting the buff or is it the other way around. Seems to me set bonuses should apply even if items are on a follower.
    Vaeflare: As it stands currently, in order to receive the benefits of set bonuses, the set items need to be equipped on your main character. Set items equipped on Followers will not contribute to set bonuses.

    We’re aware that this isn’t ideal, and we’re looking into some possibilities that would make using set items on Followers a more appealing choice in the future.

    So how about that second one? Should Item Set bonuses include items on your DiabloWikiFollower as well as your character? They did not in Diablo II and I hadn’t really thought that they would. Item set on your follower, yes. Item set on you, yes. But spread between the two of you? Seems a little iffy, though it might make for some interesting gear and Follower choices.

    It would be more interesting if the Followers could wear armor, even if it was just one or two pieces each. Just hypothetically, what if the Templar could wear chest and belt, the Enchantress helm and bracers, and the Scoundrel pants and gloves. Or what if each Follower could wear one or two pieces of armor total, from any slot? That could be very interesting with set item bonuses. Assuming that v1.0.5 arrives at last and gives players a chance to actually find some Set Items, at least.

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