Blizzard on PvP and Set Item Followers

Two blue posts from late Wednesday with reassurances about PvP and considerations of Follower improvements.

PVP will be an expansion pack

$40 box sale. Its the last money grab they have, since the RMAH was no where near the success they had hoped they will now charge us for the last thing anyone wants out of D3.
Vaeflare: As we’ve stated previously, the PvP content we are currently working on will be included in a future patch at no additional cost, just like the content we provide in our ongoing patches (1.0.4, 1.0.5, etc.).

…It shouldn’t be all that hard to believe, because we’ve never charged extra for our ongoing hotfixes, patches, or features in any of our Diablo titles (Diablo III included), and PvP is no exception. In recent months, we’ve added new and improved Legendaries, the Paragon system, and, coming in patch 1.0.5, the Monster Power system and the Infernal Machine event. We want to make Diablo the best possible game it can be, and we’re committed to making PvP be worthwhile and compelling as well.

It appears that set bonuses do not apply when items are equipped on followers. Is it just gray’d out but they are actually getting the buff or is it the other way around. Seems to me set bonuses should apply even if items are on a follower.
Vaeflare: As it stands currently, in order to receive the benefits of set bonuses, the set items need to be equipped on your main character. Set items equipped on Followers will not contribute to set bonuses.

We’re aware that this isn’t ideal, and we’re looking into some possibilities that would make using set items on Followers a more appealing choice in the future.

So how about that second one? Should Item Set bonuses include items on your DiabloWikiFollower as well as your character? They did not in Diablo II and I hadn’t really thought that they would. Item set on your follower, yes. Item set on you, yes. But spread between the two of you? Seems a little iffy, though it might make for some interesting gear and Follower choices.

It would be more interesting if the Followers could wear armor, even if it was just one or two pieces each. Just hypothetically, what if the Templar could wear chest and belt, the Enchantress helm and bracers, and the Scoundrel pants and gloves. Or what if each Follower could wear one or two pieces of armor total, from any slot? That could be very interesting with set item bonuses. Assuming that v1.0.5 arrives at last and gives players a chance to actually find some Set Items, at least.


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  1. I don’t care about the follow. I’d rather put a bunch of maxed out blue magic find items on him than spend tons of gold on set items.

  2. Currently having issues logging in again.

    Blizzard is one of the last companies that does not have DLC for their games and hopefully it stays that way. We get our content for free in patches like 1.0.5 and I am happy its that way. If they do put out more content it usually comes within an expansion which changes the game in tremendous ways and adds far more then any minor DLC ever has in the past.

    • the real problem is, there wont be many players left when pvp comes out.
      I mean its October now and the feature is still not in the game.

      And when it comes now, players who ditched Diablo 3 for various reasons(only 1 is very obvious), wont play long ether cause they get pwnd by all the ubergear some guys farmed and have no interest in spending weeks for unrewarding farming.

      —> hopefully the Addon brings some Diablo back in Diablo

      • That wasnt a reply to Topkens post, but somehow i managed to f*** up 🙂

      • except in theory the matchmaking system will pit them vs people who are equally geared. So I do believe you are mistaken in that aspect.

        • Just like how their current matchmaking was supposed to be better than the named lobbys they had in d2? common man blizzard said 200000x things about diablo 3 that aren’t fully true, i wouldn’t be surprised if they botched the pvp matchmaking aswell.

      • I agree man, of all my friends I was 2300020x more excited for d3, and even I have quit playing completely since the 2nd or 3rd month since launch, I checked in for the paragon system patch, and while I did like it, it didn’t fix the other extremely large issues me and my friends had with the game.

        Me and maybe some of my friends are interested in trying d3 again when pvp comes out, but the more time goes by, the more I don’t think even an amazing diablo 3 and amazing pvp could make us come back, halo 4 and BO2 are coming out, im gonna get RE6 for PC when that comes out, and I get my diablo fix from borderlands 2 anyway, so right now I don’t really see the need to wait for diablo to fix itself, when its pretty much run its course and I actually find myself getting what I wanted from diablo 3 in other games.

        I also find it funny how blizzard says things like “We think its fine that people are stopping to play diablo, to go play something else, because we know that they will be back to play diablo, we want diablo 3 to be the game people take a break from then come back to” uhmm… maybe this would be correct but from what I understand, the 12+ people I know who bought d3 pretty much left to play… anything, borderlands 2, cod, halo, fighting games, sc2… and none of them are planning on coming back, maybe me and a buddy will check out pvp but otherwise diablo is dead.

  3. imo blizzard post is talking about separate set bonuses for you and your follower.

    so you cant combine it with yours.
    (they only apply to follower, ofc mf gf and xp still counts)

  4. At the game current state if a follower wears 2 rings of a set does he get the bonus or not?
    I think what the blue says is that it doesnt work and they think about fixing it.

    Letting you mix items with a follower ( he wears a ring and you the other parts ) to complete a set sounds to me a very stupid idea , 1st it does not make any sense and 2nd it will make public games even more pointless.

    • Exactly, and public games are pretty worthless atm.

    • If your follower wears a complete set (as mine does) – s/he does NOT get set bonuses. That’s what the post is talking about – not being able to split sets across you and your follower, but a follower wearing a set on his or her own. It’d be logical if that was changed.

      • I agree, but then Flux started this silliness with asking what we thought about splitting set bonuses between followers and ourselves. I would say most of us will think this is a stupid idea. Maybe Flux can create a poll to find out.

  5. getting set bonuses would be fine by me, but i would honestly like to be able to equip my merc with armor and help like in d2.

    and the 40 bucks for pvp? nice troll try with the rumor.

  6. I just looked at blizzards stock, i think they slowly should start to make good decisions again …
    If they are not, i dont see a bright future for the company

    • game company stocks have never performed well. They have no competitive advantage over one another thus their prices are always going to be low and stagnant. You will not get rich off of game company stocks unless you get lucky on an IPO and get out while the going is good.

      Competitive advantage is massively important. If I want to play an MMO I have many choices. If I want to play an FPS, I have many many choices. Whereas, if I want to buy a Coke, I must buy from Coca Cola. Pepsi from Pepsi. Combined with their other flavors, those 2 companies have a huge competitive advantage. The soda market is huge but dominated by 2 companies.

      You want competitive advantage when looking at a stock. Another example I discovered a couple years ago (but didn’t have the money to invest unfortunately) was AutoZone. Think about it, if you need an auto part and you are a do-it-yourselfer, where do you go? There are 2 well known stores. AutoZone and NAPA. At the time AutoZone was trading at about $120-130. It is now ~$350. There are of course other factors when measuring a company, but competitive advantage is huge.

      Combined with other factors, I thought AutoZone was about to have a really nice run. Going back to Coke vs Pepsi tho. I say they have huge advantages, but at the same time, neither of them is going to run away from the other in stock price. They do however pay good dividends and are worthy stocks of buying when their prices hit 52-week lows. You won’t get rich, but over time they are great investments and probably fairly easy to hit a 10% return on.

      Also, Blizzard is part of Activision. In terms of game release numbers, Blizzard has 3 IP’s. The rest of the company has dozen’s. Thus the stock price is going to be a measure of Activision’s performance far more than it is of Blizzard’s. In fact I’d argue that Blizzard has helped buoy/inflate the stock price.

      • Your last sentence totally contradicts your first 😉

      • I know that the stocks of gaming companies mostly stay flat and dont outperform, but there are some which lose a great amount of value in short term.—> well i did make some money with the last positions ActivisionBlizzard was in.
        Still the companies stock prices as we both know kind of reflect the peoples trust in the stock. And yes i still think that blizzard is one of the companies which can exceed our expectations in long term, it just doesnt look like it atm.

  7. Still can’t understand why followers are so much worse in this game. I didn’t feel any “less heroic” with my kickass paladin loaded down with uniques in D2. If I did I would have fired his ass and gone without one. I actually got some kicks out of making him a badass and watching him go on his own little rampages through the levels… Hell I remember joining games that were dedicated solely to having merc duels. The great buff the paladins had was just icing on the cake.

    Yep just one more simple thing they could have expanded on but instead watered down. Ohhhhhhhhhhh we all feel so HEROIC now thank you Blizzard for revolutionizing the Diablo franchise… lol idiots.

    • Remember d2 without LOD. The mercs didn’t have an equipment window, didn’t have their random spells or auras, you couldn’t even give them potions. I think it’s fair to say D3 out-of-the-box has a more in-depth merc system then d2 did when it launched.

      • While I agree, that was back in the early 2000’s, aswell dude they had about 4x more time to produce diablo 3, imagine what diablo 2 would have been after 5+ years of production and way more money and resources.

    • Totally agree with you.

      @FlyBoyG: So after D2X they should have known what a good mercenary system requires, yes? This is in no way any excuse. Trying to reinvent the formula instead of taking the things about it that worked and expanding from there is just horribly stupid. And didn’t work out so well.

  8. “…and the Scoundrel pants and gloves…”

    Scoundrel would prefer to not wear pants… and gloves too (in some cases)

  9. Allowing followers to duel would be pretty hilarious. I loved golem battles in D1. Mercenary duels wouldn’t make any sense lore wise, but it would be fun.

  10. FYI, guys: ist still reported as attacking website at google.

  11. Get ready for pay to win pvp!

  12. huh? Do they mean bonuses for sets distributed among character and follower? That should not grant any bonuses, it doesn’t make sense. The bonus should only be applied for items worn by the same character. For sure they should apply to the follower but only if he’s wearing the parts and vice versa for the character.

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