Blizzard on Mark of Valor Sigils, Auction House UI, v1.04 Details and more

After a rather quiet spell, the Blues have come back on the scene with numerous points on various topics.

But why don’t you guys post on the threads with like 50 pages?

Take that as a question without any sort of condescending or a-hole tone. Just curious. Do you guys just take that back to the devs without responding to the thread, do you take it back to the devs at all?

Some of the time, or maybe even most of the time, we find that our presence can actually derail or introduce external elements to conversations. These forums are really here for you guys to talk about the game, for us to watch, and jump in when we have something to share. We’re watching the big threads, we may just not have anything important to add at the time.

I would like you to respond to the suggestion of allowing more search filters for the auction house 3 just isn’t enough we need at least 6 or more.

Yeah, we know the auction house needs some UI improvements. I don’t have any specifics to share on what they’d be (although we certainly have extensive lists of your feedback) or when.


We need more room Bashiok! Can we get a response on getting a few more tab options on our stash please?

Well, storage requirements can fluctuate pretty drastically from person to person. Each storage slot takes up some amount of real world hard drive storage space (or at least a theoretical amount). We’re constantly evaluating and reevaluating current storage, versus new features, usage trends, etc. I’m not sure if any reevaluations have been done recently as we generally find the current amount of space is generally sufficient even for the most adamant players.

Some of the stress of the player base comes from the fact that we do not know what is being worked on. I think that is the hardest part when you love a serious like Diablo. Would blizzard be up to a Q & A question chat with the users of Diablo3? It would be great if we could hear from the devs. Diablo was my very first game that got me into liking blizzard games. It is why there is so much passion for the game. The players here just want to feel we matter to the future of Diablo3.

We did the AMA not tooooo long ago. I’d say we’re due for one soon, but we’re honestly trying to get a bit further into 1.0.4 so we can share more solid details on what the patch will include.

The community is also aware that a new Community Manager is being hired by blizzard. Does this mean more responses will be given to concerns or is this to just moderator the forum?

The titles are a bit misleading. We previously had a new management position open, but that was instead broken out into four new positions. The title is “Community Manager” which is misleading because most of you know all of us as “Community Managers” although that isn’t our actual title. The four new positions are actually leadership roles for each franchise (and one for social marketing) that would each lead their own small team of game-dedicated community peeps, and drive the department’s involvement in each game. Right now a lot of us work cross-franchise, but the new organization would instead have dedicated groups. It’s kind of going back to basics for us, and I think will have a lot of benefits to streamline how we work, and hopefully you all bear the brunt of the benefits.

Why are the devs spending so much time on fixing AH and very small bugs, while the bigger issues get pushed to the back-burner?

Are you just extensively testing these “fixes” for 1.04?? I think it would help to alleviate a lot of the communities concerns if we knew why the team insists on fixing minor, inconsequential details of the game while major things are still messed up.

This hits close to home for me as my main is a WD currently in Act 2 inferno. I guess I just dont understand why so many of my useless skills remain unchanged when all if would take is a quick buff to the numbers (hedge magic for example) to make it a more viable option.

The entire team doesn’t work on one patch until it’s released. There are many different people in many different teams working on many different pieces. For example, 1.0.3b was delayed by weeks for multiple technical issues, but those don’t impact the designers who were busy working on 1.0.4 and beyond.

They’re busy working on future changes, and once we’re at a place where we can share the details we absolutely will.

Would it be unrealistic to provide us with a list of changes that you PLAN on putting in 1.0.4, or that you’re TRYING to get into 1.0.4 (and so on?)

Right now, we know that PvP is coming (but not till later, in 1.1).

We know some other things are trying to be included in 1.0.4, but we only get what you guys happen to share. Why not share everything you HOPE to fit into 1.0.4, and with the obvious caveat for players that everything won’t make it due to testing/balancing/etc.

That at least lets the players know that you are addressing some of the problems/concerns we have.

I just don’t think the pros outweigh the cons. If I tell you now about a change that is ultimately cut and never implemented, what benefit do you gain? What benefit do we gain? Certainly it gives people something to use against us for week/months/years (*coughplayerhousingcough*) about how we’re dumb liars, or whatever. Certainly it might give you something to talk about for a little while. Beyond that I would argue there’s usually not a whole lot to be gained. I’m all for transparency, but there’s a lot to be said about managing when and where.

A bunch of us in the Bug Report forums are trying to get our Mark of Valor sigils. We have a thread that is four pages long. Basically, some players didn’t get any/all of the sigils and achievements if they changed their BNet email address during the promotion. Personally, I’ve received 2/5, yet did all five. We’ve been waiting for a resolution, yet it’s been 19 days since the sigils were all supposedly flagged. Any help?

I know we’ve done some investigation. I know that according to the system that sent them they were all sent correctly to the intended recipients for those that were claimed. If the database doesn’t show that someone should have a sigil, there’s no way to verify they actually should. Furthermore there’s unfortunately no easy way to flag accounts, so simply calling our customer service departments isn’t going to result in any quick fixes.

I can follow up on it though as I believe it’s still something being discussed.

Update: The blues keep on giving this evening with more follow-up responses which you can find after the break including IAS nerfing, monster affix combos and more…

In threads that I’ve responded to in the past, there were several follow-up questions and suggestions which I kept seeing over and over again. Rather than go back to those older posts and respond individually, I thought I would round them all up and provide answers here.

Since these types of posts can draw a lot of attention, please try to keep your responses as civil as possible. In the end, I’m hoping this helps provide some developer insight into a few of the recurring questions from this forum.


1) You said you’re inherently okay with players stacking certain stats over others. If this is the case, why did you nerf IAS?

One of the biggest issues we discovered with IAS was that it actively limited build diversity. While IAS was pretty strong on its own, when coupled with certain gear and skill combinations, it simply became too alluring for a lot of players to ignore. So, instead of seeing an increase in gear and skill diversity over time, what we actually saw was more and more players shifting to IAS-focused builds almost exclusively. On a scale large, it was crippling experimentation and skill diversity.

A lot of players think we reduced the value of IAS because it made characters too powerful. While that’s not a totally unreasonable conclusion to jump to, it’s definitely not true. We don’t think “doing a lot of damage” or “doing too much damage” is enough reason for us to nerf something outright. IAS was an outlier — it’s not that it made characters too powerful, but rather that it caused a few builds to become vastly superior to others. On top of that, it introduced a ton of bugs just due to how fast characters were attacking when stacked to its upper limits.

The initial iteration of IAS was flawed in many ways. So, in effort to promote skill diversity and remove several game-impacting bugs from the environment, we reduced the value overall. We’re fairly happy with where IAS is right now, as well as skill diversity in general (though we’re going to need to do some additional skill balancing to bring it up to where we want).

2) So, when are you going to nerf Critical Hit Chance and Critical Hit Damage affixes?

We’ve no plans to nerf +Crit Chance or +Crit Damage. While +Crit Chance and +Crit Damage are very strong right now, there’s nothing inherently wrong with something being strong. As mentioned above, players doing too much damage is not enough reason for us to bring out the nerf bat. Neither affix is having a negative impact on build diversity (we’re seeing a pretty good balance overall), and there aren’t any technical issues with them being stacked to higher values. It’s something we’re keeping an eye on of course.

3) Why aren’t monster affix combinations restricted in some way?

Monster affixes are actually grouped into categories and then restricted based on those categories (to a degree). Our restrictions aren’t as tight as some players have suggested, but in the end we found that adding extra limitations often made Elite pack encounters very predictable and repetitive, which kind of went against our design goal for these types of monsters.

We know that not all players will see eye-to-eye with us on how these categories are organized, and we expect some criticism and disagreement, especially from such a passionate group of gamers. While we’re happy with where affix combos are right now, we’re open to feedback and especially constructive discussion. 🙂

Here are the categories:

“Strong CC” (Limit 1):

“Defensive” (Limit 1):
Extra Health
Health Link
Missile Dampening
Invulnerable Minions

“Aggressive” (No Limit):
Fire Chains
Reflects Damage

4) Is Whimsyshire considered an Act I or Act IV zone?

It’s considered an Act III/Act IV zone, depending on difficulty. The monsters in Hell are considered Hell – Act IV monsters, and the monsters in Inferno are considered Inferno – Act III/Act IV monsters. The drop rates buffs from June 28 affect the zone accordingly.



1) Allow to gems to stack up to 100.

Totally reasonable request. We’re looking into it!

(We originally set the stack size to 30 so it would fit in with the other “3” gem values. Now that it only requires 2 gems to combine into the next tier and the pattern has been broken, we’ve no issue increasing the base stack size. Good suggestion.)

2) Allow players to create multiple gems and items with just one click, if you have enough materials.

No plans right now to implement this kind of automated queuing for crafting.

3) Allow users to buy multiple health potions with one click.

Also a cool idea! We’re looking into it.

4) Allow the Town Healer to heal your active follower too.

Ditto. We’ll definitely consider this.

5) Add an option to block follower conversations.

Understandable annoyance, but no plans at this time to add in an option. Still good feedback!


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  1. Im honestly amazed how much hatred this game is recieving (especially by me)!

    I have never encountered a game launch, with more forthcoming or vocal devs (yeah yeah, CM’s i know) than D3… God’s honest true!

    Most of us must come off as spoiled brats (again especially me) 8)

    “I just don’t think the pros outweigh the cons. If I tell you now about a change that is ultimately cut and never implemented, what benefit do you gain? What benefit do we gain? Certainly it gives people something to use against us for week/months/years (*coughplayerhousingcough*) about how we’re dumb liars, or whatever. Certainly it might give you something to talk about for a little while. Beyond that I would argue there’s usually not a whole lot to be gained. I’m all for transparency, but there’s a lot to be said about managing when and where.” –>

    Kinda sums up my thoughts

    • To be fair, this entire set of blue posts is entirely without substance.

      • How come? cause they differ from your opinion (as they do mine)?

        • No… because there’s literally no other information beyond “we’re working on things, promise!”

          The nonsense about hard drive space is probably the most egregious thing. They used the same excuse for D2 a decade ago. I’d guess your average email takes up more space than a page of stash storage.

          • Especially since it would be technically trivial to store the character data as sparse sets so that physical memory is only consumed if the player is actually using that much space.

            Reading sparse data can be expensive, but there are also trivial methods to solve that problem that are well described on the internet.

            So yeah, it is pure laziness. I imagine they have one dev doing maintenance for d3 at this point.

          • Yeah, imagine, it must take a whole KILOBYTE to store stash information for one account! Blizzard already can barely afford to store and manipulate that much data!

          • Yeah really. An entire D2 character was 8 KB. A FLOPPY DISC… those things most computers made in the last decade don’t even come with a drive for anymore can hold hundreds of them.

            Even if we assume D3 characters take a hundred times more space even home computers regularly come with hard drives with spaces measured in terabytes. A dedicated server will of course have much more.

      • We’ve been waiting for weeks for a Blue to acknowledge the Mark of Valor sigils bug… getting a Blue response on the issue is huge for those affected. I was really pissed off last night, seeing my tool Call of Duty friend with all 5 sigils and me, the hardcore obsessive Diablo fan who can recite NPC speech on command, with no sigils. Grrr…

        • I did each sigil at least twice, so I have like 10 emails from that mark of valor event, and I still haven’t gotten a single one. I find it quite stupid that somehow their database didn’t register my account.

  2. “Certainly it gives people something to use against us for week/months/years (*coughplayerhousingcough*)”

    Hey now, don’t try to pass that one off as mere years… it’s been over a decade now =(

  3. “I just don’t think the pros outweigh the cons. If I tell you now about a change that is ultimately cut and never implemented, what benefit do you gain? What benefit do we gain?”

    I think they missed the point entirely. It is not a case of said features not appearing in the patch release that will cause backlash, rather if said features they are working on now suck, they have no way of knowing until they release the sucky features – resulting in greater backlash.

    It is not as if they haven’t done that already (repair costs, not removing enrage timers for 1.03, AH search suckiness etc). Perhaps if they actually involved the dedicated and experienced D2 community in patch notes they would not be nerfing systems that work fine and leaving sucky features untouched.

    Path of Exile seems to be able to do it, so what is your excuse Blizzard?

    “One of the biggest issues we discovered with IAS was that it actively limited build diversity. While IAS was pretty strong on its own, when coupled with certain gear and skill combinations, it simply became too alluring for a lot of players to ignore.”

    Case in point. They nerf one stat while stats like resists and vitality are out of control, killing build diversity beyond Act I inferno. Whithout resists/vit/main stat you get nuked, forcing you to build a defensive build instead of any other build (if you want to live, that is).

    • Agreed, yet another post by a blue saying they didn’t like the way we played the game and so they nerfed IAS. I wasn’t even using IAS so it had no impact but I had just hit 60. Now I’m cornered into 1 or 2 builds at best and that wholly depends on whether or not I’ve spent 20M+ to survive Act 2. IAS promoted build diversity, it didn’t take away from it. Anything that makes the character more powerful allows for more breathing room with your skill choices.

    • Nobody expects anything good out of PoE with the various things I have heard. Maybe that’s why they are able to do it. Tell me when the Torch Light group does the same.

      • Being subjective is one thing, but basing claims off hearsay is another thing entirely.

        I am playing the Beta at the moment and I see very little – if anything – to substantiate the claim that nobody expects good things to come from it. That’s just nonsense.

    • meh, i wouldn’t call stacking item affixes a character build. There are no builds in this game

  4. Well…. That was useless…. as always.

  5. How is waller not a “strong cc” The monsters can build walls that completely prevent me from moving. Then desecrate on top of me and oh, I’m dead.

    • Agreed. Waller sticks out like a sore thumb in it’s current category. It’s definitely one of the affixes I hate the most as you can’t destroy the walls and neither can you ignore them with Smoke Screen or whatever so you have to keep enough discipline for a SS and a couple of Vaults, then it’s run run run …how fun is that?

    • thats no strong cc ! you are supposed to teleport / vault / dash / leap out of it np ! wait you cant …

    • It’s not a strong CC in the sense that you still retain control of your character, allowing you to Leap/Vault (or whatever) out of harm’s way. But yeah, depending on the environment, it can lock you down completely and kill you without you being able to do anything, so kiting the elites to an open area is the key.

    • Waller is a pain, but none of your comments make any sense in terms of the categorization. If they put Waller into the Strong CC group, that would just mean it couldn’t spawn on the same monster with Knockback, Nightmarish, or Vortex. And Waller + any of those isn’t a big deal. Maybe Vortex Waller, but only if there are other AoE mods like Molten or Plagued.

      I think there’s an argument to be made, but it’s that some more mods should be limited in what else they can spawn with. And for that we need more categories or a lot of reorganization, since plenty of the most dangerous monsters have 4 from the last category. Maybe a 4th category with all of the big damage AoE stuff, so you couldn’t get Desecrator, AE, Plagued, Molten type stuff that’s just about impossible to melee.

  6. Wait, so we are getting player houses in Diablo? 😛

    I’m shacking up with Leah. Alive Leah, not dead Leah nor spiky firebreathing Leah.

  7. Everyone praise Bli$$ard!
    And be thankful!(aren’t you???)

  8. Cost of a 2TB hard drive ~$120, that makes $0.06 per GB. How much space does it take to store an item? And how much money did they make with 6 million+ copies sold?

    • Yeah, the storage space comment is the least believable statement up here. The real reason they took out some of the storage space was so they can use that as a “feature” in the 1st (and maybe 2nd!) xpac.

  9. I think periodic design previews would be nice. Just showing a more general idea of what they’re looking at adding/fixing/changing/removing.

    Yeah, you’ll get people who complain about things that are changed or not done, but most rational people (e.g., not the ones crying on the forums) understand that not everything included in the next patch can be the exact same as what is mentioned in a design preview. And if nothing else, it gives players some changes to look forward to.

  10. “I’m not sure if any reevaluations have been done recently as we generally find the current amount of space is generally sufficient even for the most adamant players.”

    This seems short sighted. No matter how small the limit you put, even the most “adamant” will be forced to adapt and fit their playstyle to the constraints. I’m of the type that could use 3x the stash size, yet my mules and stash obviously aren’t 100% full. How would i move things around otherwise? Just cuz my stash and mules aren’t full to capacity, doesn’t mean i don’t need a fuckton more space.

  11. How is jailer not strong CC?

    • Apparently, anything that can be teleported/vaulted/etc out of is not considered strong cc. Nevermind the fact that this way, you force every wizard/dh/etc character to use a specific skill. Screw teleport. I don’t want to play with that the way it works in d3. Well, screw me then as well, since that sure as hell makes jailer a strong cc, even waller comes close. But it doesn’t matter anyway, since “they’re happy with where affix combos are right now”, which is absolutely laughable.

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