A fan quotes DiabloWikiBashiok from an old post, talking about the concept of paying to revive DiabloWikiHardcore characters (most HC players strongly disliked the idea when Bashiok suggested it last July), and gets an update and a clarification from the Diablo 3 CM himself. The quote:

    Paying to bring back a fallen hardcore character was something I read someone here post once, and I simply repeated it to say I thought it was an interesting idea. I’m not a designer. Things I find interesting doesn’t mean they’re being implemented. I have though heard Jay (who is lead designer) say that paying to bring back hardcore is pretty much a horrible idea.

    An idea that I always liked was that the PvE world could be separate from the PvP world, where there is hardcore/softcore in the PvE world, but for PvP it would combine both.

    Bashiok: An idea I always liked is a race car made of chocolate cake, but it just ain’t gonna happen, man.

    Except… and also… oh noes! When I pointed this out to Bashiok, he clarified his desires:
    [14:41] Bashiok: no. full size.
    [14:41] Bashiok: a fully functional race car i can drive, made out of chocolate cake

    Well, in that case…

    Elsewhere, Bashiok also followed up his pithy reply (from Wednesday) to a fan who objected to a WoW pet as part of the Stacraft 2 Collector’s Edition with a couple of replies.

    He means instead of putting a wow item/product, use that spot for something that relates to diablo.
    Bashiok: Or how about we include it but add some text that says “This item didn’t increase the cost and is completely additional to the actual real Collector’s Edition items.”

    Will that make it feel better?

    It’s not replacing anything. It’s not like if it wasn’t there we’d be required to fill in the spot with something else. There isn’t a Collector’s Edition template.

    For me just sounds like a excuse to advertise WoW.

    Bashiok: Actually it would be an advertisement for Diablo III.

    And Bashiok defended the recent addition of a purely RMT epic mount in WoW.

    Well, I’ve become aware that WoW is now selling a special mount for real money ($25).

    How will this impact Diablo 3 and other new Blizzard titles?

    I used to think that Blizzard was against this sort of thing since it “devalues the playing experience” for other players. Even if it is just aesthetic, it’s still something for players to work towards in the game and can be just as much a goal as anything else.

    Leave the microtransactions that set players apart to “free” games.
    How does it even impact World of WarCraft?

    You can save 161 gold by not having to buy regular mounts! It’s an outrage.

    I don’t think anyone is concerned with people saving gold, but rather if three people are showing off in Dalaran on their mount, a Violet-proto drake, an icc frostwyrm, and a Celestial steed, a fresh 80 could be riding that steed and he’s competing in awesomeness just because he decided to spend $25 on a mount.

    But he’s not. Everyone knows where he got it. If we were selling Ashes of Al’ar I would agree. We would have just undermined the achievements of people that legitimately killed Kael’thas and managed win an extremely rare mount. But it’s not an existing mount. Everyone knows where it comes from, everyone knows what it took to get it.

    Update: Check out the post on the new mount on Lum’s site. There were over 5000 people in a 5+ hour line to buy the thing the first day it went on sale. Blizzard made well over $1,000,000 selling this thing in the first 24 hours. Talk about creating money from thin air!

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