Lylirra used her Twitter feed to reply to a few tweets with useful infos on Followers, Paragon 2.0 changes, the likelihood that all current loot will be junk in D3X, and more. Good infos galore:

    just 3 simple qns. hope You can reply to it 🙂 1. Any new followers? 2. followers new max lvl = 70? 3. any unique follower items?
    1) No new followers; we’re expanding the stories of the existing ones, though. Time to learn more about Covetous Shen! 2) I believe followers will have a new level cap, too. Don’t think it’s 70; will have to double-check. 3) None that I know of any off-hand, but our designers are still in the process of creating lots of items. So, TBD! —Lylirra

    Big pic from inside Blizzard's Gamescom pavilion.

    Big pic from inside Blizzard’s Gamescom pavilion.

    What happens to our current ilvl 63 gear, the new ilvl is 73 I assume? They essentially become worthless when RoS comes out.
    Prices tend to fluctuate, sure. In terms of power, tho, gear shouldn’t become worthless overnight to your heroes. –Lylirra
    I just don’t like the WoW Exp ilvl jump where you replace so fast. Will existing legendaries roll 67-70 like they roll 60-63 now?
    Definitely a different situation than WoW. Or should be! Still lots of testing to do. 🙂 –Lylirra

    what do you think about most of our current gear we are having atm will they be vendor trash after loot 2.0 ? not sure what to do.
    Vendor trash? Hmm, probably not. (You’re thinking of what happens w/WoW expacs?) It’s possible you’ll find upgrades via drops, tho. –Lylirra
    What happens to our current ilvl 63 gear, the new ilvl is 73 I assume? They essentially become worthless when RoS comes out.
    There will be a new iLvl, yes (because that makes the most sense w/raising the lvl cap). Currently, it’s 70, tho, not 73. –Lylirra

    Ty for all the D3 info. Seen nothing on MP (Monster Power) levels. Will they also be infinite like paragon levels?
    No plans to have infinite MP. —Lylirra

    will the new paragon system count the dead HC characters in hall of the dead heroes toward the account total of paragon levels?
    Still TBD. 🙂 Expect a full write-up/cover of the Paragon 2.0 system in the future. –Lylirra

    Female crusader looks like Buffy. Totally playing her to 60 before anything else.
    Crusaders have a pretty dark (or “Spartan,” as Kevin Marten calls it) sense of humor, too. Very Buffy-like indeed! –Lylirra

    Could you please confirm that a decimal will be added for items we are adding to auction house or trade window in game?
    We indeed have plans to add commas in the Trade and Auction House UI.–Lylirra

    The issue of current loot becoming useless in Reaper of Souls has come up quite a bit lately in comments and the forum, and it’s a reasonable fear. Reasonable since it’s almost certain to come true, as that’s how things go in expansions to loot-based RPGs. All current gear won’t become worthless at once, but it seems pretty likely that after a month or two most players will have upgraded a lot of their gear from level 60-63 quality up to level 70. I certainly hope so at least; level 70 monsters should be a lot tougher than level 63 enemies, and should drop and require better gear to defeat.

    Whether that means you should sell off all your best gear now and sit on the gold for D3X upgrades is a question worthy of debate. I’m not going to since I play and enjoy the game daily and we’ve got a long time to wait. That said, if you’ve got spare billion-value gear, you might want to start doing some liquidation while the market still values D3C gear…. and mental prepare yourself for some frantic item finding/farming once D3X hits.

    I remember spending hours running up and down the stairway in Act 4 when D2X was new, trying to get the NPC merchants to spawn Cruel Elite weapons, since good blue weapons of Elite quality did far better damage than anything left over from D2C. (Those items were very quickly outdone by found gear, but you needed the bigger damage to survive in Hell to find the new, bigger weapons — bit like D3C’s early Inferno “gear check,” in retrospect.)

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