Blizzard on Nephalem Rift Buffs, Nerfs, and Boredom

Blizzard on Nephalem Rift Buffs, Nerfs, and Boredom

Blizzard on Nephalem Rift Buffs, Nerfs, and Boredom. Rifts have not been nerfed, but they might need some buffs or changes. To the official statements.

I’m falling sleep while doing rifts

Am I the only one who gets very sleepy while doing rifts? There’s not much excitiement right now while doing rifts With this BoA thing I keep losing hope of finding another piece of IK set or the Eartquake or Rakanors set (w/e these sets are called). Two weeks ago I could spend like 5 – 6 hours farming straight. Today I can barely stand 2 – 4 rifts without fallin asleep lol.
Grimiku: I have some questions about this if you guys want to talk about it a little more. I’ve seen some feedback in other threads about DiabloWikiNephalem Rifts making players “sleepy” (or not exciting enough), but I’d like to focus on that topic a bit more with you. Before I do, though, I’d like to point out that there is some feedback about monster density in Rifts that we’re definitely aware of. So, density aside, what are some things that would make Rifts more exciting to you?

Please feel free to free-form your answer. If you’re not sure where to begin, though, I’ve provided some questions below.

  • Does the atmosphere in a Rift influence how exciting or not exciting it feels? If yes, what Rift environments feel exciting to you? And which ones don’t?
  • Do certain monster groups feel more or less engaging?
  • Are there any mechanics from other parts of the game that you feel would make Rifts feel more exciting? If yes, what are those mechanics?
  • What’s the most noticeable difference between a “boring” Rift and an “exciting” Rift for you?
  • I want to point out that because they are fully randomized there will be some Rifts that are more exciting than others, but we definitely want them to feel engaging and rewarding. We’d love to hear what you think would improve them in that way.

    Any action carried to a repetitive state can become soporific. This certain applies to video games, and if players are just doing the same thing over and over again, in mental cruise control, it’s going to get boring. The OP sounds like he’s pretty well geared, so only a tiny % of items in the game will be an upgrade. He’s probably playing on a comfortable difficulty level where nothing is much of a challenge or surprise, hence boredom.

    The easy and obvious solution is to change up the activity; anyone falling asleep in Rifts needs to just switch to Hardcore and move up in difficulty level. The constant risk of permanent death will perk you up considerably. And if it doesn’t, the inevitable death certainly will. Problem solved!

    Elsewhere, more Rift complaints and suspicions.

    Rift Guardian drops 0 items, 0 shards, 0 gold, 0 etc.

    I have recently run into some bad luck, maybe? And no, it isn’t that the guardian doesn’t drop a legendary or what have you, it is that he doesn’t drop anything at all! The whole mechanic of needing to be within 1 screen away is ridiculous and very frustrating.

    I understand that the way they have it now is to prevent people in town getting drops or leeches standing too far back out of danger, but this is ridiculous and has happened to me 3 times now.

    – Run with the group the entire rift from 0% to 95%+
    – “OOO, look there a conduit pylon!”
    – Time to go for it so we can have an easy win!
    – group continues running and I hit the pylon
    – rift guardian joins and instantly dies before I can catch up.
    – 0 loot and 0 drops for me.

    At first I though, meh… must be a one off unlucky situation… I just got unlucky, but there is seriously a broken mechanic when you can put in full effort the entire rift only to walk away as if there was no guardian at all due to him not dropping a single thing. Please fix this broken mechanic as it is starting to really anger me.
    Grimiku: I can definitely sympathize with you in this situation, and I agree that it stinks when you miss out on a bosses loot while actively participating. I’ll be sure to bring this up, but I’d like to know a little more about it. So, here’s a few questions for all of you. 🙂

    Have you ever missed out on Rift Guardian loot while you’re in a rift?What were you doing when it happened?How often has this happened to you?

    Rift 100% drop buff ninja-nerfed already? I did 30-40 rifts yesterday and barely got any drops. People in my clan have been saying they feel like it’s been nerfed too.
    Lylirra: No changes have been made to the Legendary drop bonus while in Nephalem Rifts since it was implemented. The bonus remains at 100% increased chance to find Legendary items* in Rifts (which stacks multiplicatively with other Legendary drop bonuses).

    If you feel the bonus may be bugged or not working appropriately (as an FYI, we’ve no evidence or data to suggest this is the case right now), then please be sure to drop a line in our Bug Report forum so our QA team can investigate.

    I always wonder what people are doing, asking if X has been stealth nerfed/buffed. Isn’t that like asking someone if they’re lying? I mean if they are… they’re not going to tell you. That’s kind of the whole point in the “stealth” part, neh?

    As for the guy missing the whole Rift Guardian drop… I don’t want to call shenanigans, but how often is anyone going to 1) find a DiabloWikiConduit pylon at +95% completion, 2) see it while everyone else missed it and ran on ahead, 3) far enough ahead that you can’t get close enough to share in the Rift Guardian’s drop?

    I guess it’s possible, especially if you’re lumbering along with the “wait for me guys” torture that is a Crusader in a Party game, but the real stumbling block seems to be step 2, since people aren’t exactly prone to running past and leaving Conduit Pylons for others to click.

    Do you guys have any general issues with Rifts? Is the big DiabloWikiLegendary drop rate bonus making them the only part of the game that feels worth the trouble? And is that making them boring since you’re doing them over and over and over again, with your attention focused entirely on the chance of a green/orange drop upgrade? Or do they remain exciting and varied and randomized, etc?

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    33 thoughts on “Blizzard on Nephalem Rift Buffs, Nerfs, and Boredom

    1. Your commentary made me chuckle, Hound. You are spot on with most of these points. I would like to add, that if one is bored with rifts or the game in general and you are soloing–Start grouping up! I find playing in groups, even with just one other person, to be much more fun over solo action. Also, I mostly play with a core group of friends and we crack jokes, listen to music and generally banter as we play. If you are going to grind, that is one way to do it. I also have a friend who likes to watch TV while he plays.

    2. I was thinking about it yesterday, that Rifts are slowly becoming stale. Good idea to spice things up would be to add events inside rifts, like in normal playthrough or bounties.

    3. I left my own thoughts out of this, so here they are now:

      1: They are repetitive. They’re random, in the sense they have a short list of preset possibilities to pick off of. You will quickly recognize the bug rifts and the ghost rifts and the troll rifts and so on, you’ll also quickly learn exactly where the stairs are in most maps and whether you should dash for them or not.
      2: Playing HC doesn’t actually change this, as the game is still spike damage prone (hi frozen + waller/jailer/arcane) and therefore HC players are more likely to outgear the content than SC. Between that and busted risk/reward, any content that is remotely challenging normally will just flat out kill you on a spike, and give you less stars in the meanwhile. Completely not worth it.
      3: Irony: Most of my sets, particularly the Torment ones didn’t drop in rifts, they dropped in random screwing around.
      4: More irony: Players wanted darker settings, turns out that promotes melatonin. Aka it really does make you sleepy.
      5: Game needs more targeted farming. And I don’t mean hunting for glorified rare mats, but not the plans themselves. I mean like a cold Wizard would kill Izual and Chilling Constructs and so forth because they have much better chances of dropping Frosties and Azure, a fire WD would pursue Urzeal and Burning Constructs and so on, someone wanting souls… I mean two handed weapons would go for SK, etc. Just about every single “I’m bored” really means “low mob density, low drop rate”. Well the drop rate would feel a lot better if you had some control over it.
      6: Blizzard brought this on themselves, with their insistence this be the only viable endgame and going well out of their way to nerf anything else into irrelevance. Ordinarily, if you’re getting bored or frustrated with doing something you do something else. If it’s just like what you doing already but worse, the only means of doing this is logging out entirely.

      • I’d prefer targeted farming to be linked to some quest or NPC talking instead of being forced to kill the same monster again and again. Talk to “Frozen Nick”, “Arcane James” or “Hot Jessy” to enable directed drops…

        • That would be a great idea. To allow us to stack the deck on our adventures for what we are looking for. That would allow us to the the game what our goal is.

    4. Rifts are not boring at all to me. Some Rifts needs a buff in density as mentioned, but overall, they are fun and varied, and the increased legendary drop rate, and blood shards/forgotten souls makes them always rewarding.

      I feel no pity for those that take one character to 70, play it for 6 hours a day for 1 and a half months and then complain that the game is boring.

      Try gearing up another char? Try a new build? Try hardcore? Do something else for a few days and come back?

      “NO, I shall play this effing game the same way I have always done for 8 hours straight and it’s Blizzards job to make it fun to me.” lol

      • I’ve contemplated that “I play 8 hours a day and now I’m bored and it’s your fault” mentality, that we often hear from the more intense and free-time-blessed of video gamers. Do people not feel any agency for their own amusement? Nothing is fun 8 hours a day every day. Not even drugs or sex. (Or drugs and sex.)

        If you’re a little kid and you go to the park every day and shoot baskets alone at the hoop, and you come home and complain to your parents that it’s not fun, are they going to blame the basketball court for not being more exciting? Or tell you to do something different, to vary your activity, to find friends, etc?

        I guess it’s kind of flattering to blizzard that people think their game could/should be endlessly diverting, but I think it’s ultimately unrealistic and doomed to disappointment.

    5. “I don’t want to call shenanigans, but how often is anyone going to 1) find a DiabloWikiConduit pylon at +95% completion, 2) see it while everyone else missed it and ran on ahead, 3) far enough ahead that you can’t get close enough to share in the Rift Guardian’s drop?”

      This can happen more often than you think. I always play with friends and co-ordinate before we use Pylons, but even like this some of missed the Guardian a few times. It doesn’t happen often in our party because communicate and teleport to the player that’s closest to the Guardian, but I’d imagine this doesn’t happen as quickly or at all in public groups.

      • One thing I forgot to add is that the drop distance is greater than one screen. I don’t know the exact distance, but people don’t have to be *that* careful about this.

      • I’d agree with this. It’s happened to me a few times, and it always feels really bad, but the only times it’s happened are when we have a four-man party, with three people (including me) in a skype call, and the fourth person running ahead with a fast build. Twice it’s happened with Conduit Pylons, and the third time it was because the fourth guys DH (who was geared for T4/5, but playing with us on T1) strafed through a ton of packs and killed the guy far away from anyone else in the party.

        I think the easiest fix for it would be to make the Rift Guardian drop for everyone in the same level of the Rift. That way, even if you have a dirty cop who doesn’t play by the rules, you still get the completion benefit. It’s also probably not too difficult of a change, as other things like Keywardens function like that already, so the code could probably just be copy/pasted and changed a bit.

      • This happened to me a couple of times. But it was the other way around. The group was running through and one guy was doing whatever the hell he was doing back on the other side of the map and it was near the end of the rift.
        The group of 3 found a conduit pylon and for whatever reason the boss popped on the lone warrior and he was the only one that got loot…

    6. The rifts are in general a huge improvement to the game experience and the most fun thing to do ingame, imo. Minor tweaks are welcome, but I find it weird that players complain on boring rifts. If that is the case D3 is probably not the game for you.

      Where I would like to see improvements is:

      1.I want more options on public games. For instance: “bounty”, “rifts”, “jerk around in tristram”..

      2. I’m not very impressed about the build options I have for a barb on high torments. Too few build changing legendaries that will make your character powerful enough for higher T’s. Since gearing up equals stacking the same affixes just higher values (-> linear progression), the game is heavily depended on as many unique legendary affixes as possible to have diversity.
      This was supposed to be the big thing with the expansion – build changing legendaries. If this indeed has been in blizzards center of attention for a year or so I’m not extremely impressed. They could have added so many cool things. I’m only seeing this from a barb perspective though.

    7. It’s more because of the players. People running act1 bounties for the ring o n normal. Just to get it. And then you have it, people are complaining that act1 bounties are useless. I think you should just play and see what the RNG has to offer. Switch between bounties riftst hardcore and softcore and you can have a lot of fun for a while. Oh en think back to d3v sometimes, man that sucked…

    8. I got a “boring rift” yesterday, at least the first level. It was the queen aranea dungeon (yes the boring bounty) and I had to explore everything to find the exit. But the monsters contains worms and the three elite/champions packs I got there were “bonus life” worms which kept hiding in the earth… Boring…

      I’d like to have side quest and cursed chests in rift to make them again more varied.

      I’d like “all monsters” levels where you could find any monster from diablo (do not know if it is technically doable or if the memory cost of all the monsters textures would be to much)

      I’d like “all elite” levels (Have I heard someone talk about high elite density level? Never seen one), with reduced difficulty so that we do get instantly killed

      I’d like “pylon fest” levels

      I’m sure we can find other ideas…

      • “Have I heard someone talk about high elite density level?”

        I don’t know if you heard it from me, but I did mention this previously. My friends and I found quite a few levels where on almost every an Elite attacked our party. Also, there are Rift levels where Elites seemingly spawn in groups of two. Maybe map size affects this somehow, so it could happen more often on smaller levels, but it definitely happens on the larger, more open maps as well.

        Just today we had a Briarthorn Cemetery map chock full of Elites. It was the first time we weren’t happy about this since this was also our first foray into T5. Each of us died a couple of times (our Crusader handled it the best, they are so underpowered), but I think all of us got at least one Legendary out of that one level. 🙂

      • My and my buddies have played many rifts where we faught 3-6 elite packs at once. Shitload of elites. Damn that was fun and epic in itself and really tested our charas.

    9. I would like to see:
      1. Much greater gold drop (piles of gold equal 50k+ or something like that) from rift guardian.
      2. More horror stuff:
      -random scary ghost and so on or crawling bodies yelling in agony(this algorithm could be added after 22:00p.m ^^), more intresting details like fleeing goblin droping set item, something what suprises player.
      -modified goatam slinger monster (exchange his spear on bow)-imo it is crazy fun, jogging bow evil man.
      3.Random gotic fortress where rift guardian resident or elites?, beyond normal appearance of map. Group have to destroy stronghold, then rift guardian fall down and fight is engaged. Expand rifts, becouse those rift are most importent content in game now.
      4. One day, but not on monday, i would like to see rift… Tristram designed in the same way as Diablo 1 with Church, Catacumbs, Cave and Hell. One level each. Elites like Pepin, Ogden, GIllian… ^^

      Im agree to attach items to boss drop rate by steven hazani. This is kind of achivement after hard work, to get what u want after killing of houndred times same mob.

      Crazy fun is appreciate btw : )

    10. This Diablo 1 Tristram designed rift:
      -One map with 5 sub level as:
      5.tavern of the rising sun?

      Same town but created based on D3 engine. Have fun Blizzard ^^.

      • This could be a really cool easter egg kinda thing. Me like, make it happen Blizzard. 🙂

      • Good question. I like when town areas show up in Rifts. Worthham and the path up to the start of the Spider Caves was a common one I saw in the beta, but I don’t remember if I’ve seen it in Live. It would be fun to see other towns too, or more of the preset levels, like the opening section of Act 5 in Story Mode.

        My impression is that Bliz removed most level that can’t be randomized from Rifts, which took out the towns and other such areas.

    11. I’d like to see some objective driven rifts. For example, the rift leads to an area with sub levels/dungeons and has numerous tasks – 1) kill monster A in cave A; 2) complete event B; 3) kill a certain number of monsters. The guardian spawns when all goals are met.

    12. Rifts are still new. They can still change/add lots of things. I’ll just wait and see for now, having plenty of fun regardless.

    13. To be fair I have also had conduit deny me rift guardian loot twice now. Once last night and once the day before that so it does happen.

    14. It would be cool if they added some old-school D2 mapsets to the rift lineup. It seems like it would be pretty easy to do. Maybe make one where you find the cairn stones then fight through old tristram. Maybe have a straight up D2 secret cow level. Just a thought.

      I wish they would do something to make the Pandemonium mapset better. I hate getting those. Sometimes it feels like you just walk through a whole level and find nothing worth fighting. I think monster density should be looked at because it sucks getting a rift that feels like it wasn’t worth it.

      • Just remove the fortress map. Even if you could get high density, no one wants to deal with 3 elite packs on those narrow walk ways while getting frozen by those traps.

    15. Removing the fortress map and adding chest events would be an easy start to spicing things up. Giving the boss a chance to drop set tokens which can be traded in 100 at a time would be another thing to do.

    16. You open rifts by opening a trade window with that ghost guy.

      Put in 5 tokens: Same effect as now.
      Add in a rare: x% chance any item in the rift is converted to that type of item, for you only.
      Add in a legendary: x% chance any item in the rift is that type of item IN ADDITION to all the normal drops. Significantly higher chance, as well.
      Add in a legendary mat: Substantial buff to legendary plan drop rate for you only. Stacks up to 3 times.
      Add additional tokens: Bonus legendary drop rate dependent on difficulty and tokens added. Maximum bonus: 20. Sharply scales at T1 and higher.
      Add a Marquise gem: Items drop as though you were a different class corresponding to gem type. For example, a Demon Hunter using a Ruby would find items as though she were a Barbarian or Crusader for that rift only. Higher quality gems increase legendary and class specific drop chance. This stacks with bonus tokens. This also works if you select your own stat gem.
      Add gold: Remove select enemies from the selection pool, or certain stages, or make certain stages more likely. Cost scales up with each modification. (Just “Remove ghosts” is cheap, removing everything but skeletons and zombies and the cemetery map will cost a lot.)

    17. Why not take a page from Path of Exile? Let us “craft” our own rift by using rare/legendary material.

      Not limited to gems, for example combining a rift key with Reaper’s Fear would spawn a rift consist of mainly Angel of Death type mobs and with Maltheal as the rift boss.

      I got a bunch of legendary crafting materials sitting in stash that I won’t ever use due to the RNG of crafting, make them useful Blizzard.

    18. The problem with rifts….are rifts themselves. By making them so exclusive they completely killed the variety in game play.


      Rifts are boring, rifts are dumb
      When I play more than 3 my legs go numb

      For the all powerful legs its the only game in town
      If you try anything else your just being a clown

      And all this time I just wanted a choice
      I am so glad blizzard never listened to my voice.

      • I mentioned this on another post. Label one thing as reward is just killing variety. You feel bad if you decide to take a break and make some runs on crowded areas (no, I’m not talking about chest runs 🙂 ).

        Not trying to be harsh with Blizz, but it shouldn’t be very hard, really:

        – They want variety – “what I want to do today” -> Rifts drop 100% more loot = Variety dies.

        – “Diablo players like to tune the difficulty, they want a challenge, but nothing too hard, so difficulty selection…” (I think Josh or Travis said something that) -> they make some annoying rift champions, a little harder than the rest of content on the same difficulty level = people play on a torment level lower than the one that they would like to, in order to have some challenge, but not too much on the guardian, making the entire path boring, getting less legendaries.

        My machiavellic brain would like to dream with they finding a simple solution, but it just doesn’t believe on that. For some weird reason they set a goal, then they come up with a plan that clearly will do exactly the opposite. I think they should hire evil people – ASAP… 🙂

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