Blizzard on Moar Buff Icons and Taking Sever Off the Nerf List

A fan asked about insufficient space in the D3 UI to show all of the buff/debuff icons and asked that the potential listing be expanded beyond the 5 that can now display. (I edited the following white text a bit since the OP was scrawled in Facebookese and it kind of gave me cancer.)

Why are there only 5 buff icons? I get buffs from others + buffs that last 3 seconds and I cant see them because I’ve already got 5. It should be unlimited row, and not cap at only 5. e.g. nef stacks, shrines + buffs
Vaeflare: We agree that it would be great to be able to view more than five of your active buffs, and we’re currently looking into solutions that would ensure players are able to view buffs that are important to them, while also keeping UI clutter to a minimum. Ideally, we’d like to avoid situations where a portion of your screen is overwhelmed by buff icons (for example, just having your buffs stack across the bottom of your bar) and we’re experimenting with different ways to present that information in a format that works well for Diablo III.
Not this.

Dear D3 Devs… your CM’s words are fancy and all, but seriously… just show the frickin’ buff/debuff icons that are in effect. Pretty please. Don’t overthink and stall with BS about “keeping UI clutter to a minimum.” If you guys had just allowed player-made UI mods we’d have 10 better solutions already. Since you didn’t, just allow more than 5 icons to display. Players hardly ever have that many in effect at once, and most of the crucial ones only show for a few seconds, so it’s not as if people will have their whole screen covered in pop up boxes, ala a WoW healer.

If you must stress over the layout, make the long term buffs, like from DiabloWikiNephalem Valor or DiabloWikiShrines or your own skills, appear over to the left or something, while the short term buffs, and especially the debuffs from monster curses, show in the current central location.

Elsewhere, an angry fan spotted the legendary sword Sever mentioned in the v1.0.5 patch notes and grew angrier.

Really? People use Sever to “exploit” lifesteal? Is this really being labeled an “exploit”? If using lifesteal with Sever is an exploit why can Sever roll lifesteal at all?

Is using Doombringer an “exploit” because people who use it in conjunction with other legendaries have 70% or higher block?

I don’t understand this. Unlike LoH or LS, you actually have to kill them before you get any health returned. The only redeeming part of using a garbage legendary like Sever as solely for its lifesteal capabilities.

Where did Blizzard find it’s developers? Stocking the shelves at the local Wal-Mart?
Vaeflare: I just wanted to jump in really quickly to clarify that we have no current plans to change how the Legendary sword Sever or the Rest in Pieces affix functions. I can assure you there is no nerf, and none were ever announced. We were briefly looking into Sever (which is why it appeared in the Known Issues List), but ultimately decided against making any changes.

So, everything’s alright then. And I was worried for a minute, there.

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33 thoughts on “Blizzard on Moar Buff Icons and Taking Sever Off the Nerf List

  1. They could at least sort buffs by remaining time so that the ones that are running out soon are always visible, the rest you don’t care as much anyway. I wanna know when my 4 second serenity is running out, not the fact that i have 29 more minutes of Nephalem Valor ffs.

  2. The fact that they actually spent time considering changing/nerfing the item (sever) due to the cries of idiots instead of fixing more important things like itemization, makes me very afraid about the future of this game. There is too f’ing much of that WoW mentality in these developers. I hope sales of Pandaria are as bad as they seem to be, so they get the message that heading in that direction does not pay off.

    • Today Sever actually represents a minor different playstyle because of that affix. We need more of this in the game, not less. You have a very good point.

  3. I am starting to get fed up with these professional whiners. Every change Blizz makes or considers making is met with a undeserved sense of entitlement, which does nothing but obstruct the changes this game needs to be a game everyone can enjoy. This site is also guilty of this behavior. I never thought I would say this, but hey really need to stop listening to the no-lifers that only farm for hours every day and start designing the game towards the people that actually want to play it to have some fun.

    • As long as the AH exists and there is a chance that people with more money than sense may be affected by the change(s), they will never do that. It’s unfortunate, but that’s the way it is. The best we can hope for is that they balance more carefully in the future so as to avoid putting themselves in the same seat.

      • It’s real, but only in the since that its jammed full of mods and has way more windows open than is needed.

        And is also apparently being played in 4:3 with the UI scaled maxed so everything is crazy enlarged. Which is a terrible idea.

    • Yes. Healers don’t really need to worry about what monsters are doing in a raid – they only need to worry about keeping their party alive, so that’s why the life-bars of their allies are taking up the majority of that player’s screen.

      That said, it’s still an ugly UI. Functional, but far from ideal.

    • The WoW UI shot is at least 4 years old and specifically setup to look terrible, if the debug “Demonstration” buffs are anything to go by. It’s a joke screenshot.

    • Its real but it’s either a really low resolution or the UI is is massively scaled up as everything on it is at lest 2 times the size of mine.

      Also I doubt it would be as cluttered in current WoW version due to improvements since shot was taken making some of those ad-ons redundant (ethier by Blizzard or by an other ad-on maker).
      Based on the levels it’s really really old as in pre-WotLK old.

  4. I have to agree that the developers have the WOW mentality, and that type of thinking is part of the problem with the game. I am still playing everyday, and I am just glad to have a D3 to play. I just can’t seem to figure out why they have to keep nerfing all the proc rates and trying to force people to try different builds because they don’t like their pie charts to be lopsided. If the skills were all viable in Inferno, I am sure the pie chart would break down fairly even. This will never happen as I think it would virtually be impossible to make every skill and rune variation powerful enough to be Used in Inferno. They should know by now that we all will most likely take the path of least resistance. So what if there is a few skills that are on every wizard or barbarians skill bar.

  5. I like how an insult was used when they didn’t agree with blizzard, really?

    and I am sure the entire blizzard staff of diablo 3 is not looking at sever, they probably have teams and sets of people designated to different areas, assuming they all are after sever and ignoring everything else is probably not the case.

    as for pandas, soo…. talking goat spacemen, talking cows are ok? Pandas are part of the lore, and meh what is the big deal with all their haters?

    • Many people had a strong dislike for the “space goats” as well.

      As for Tauren, “Minotaurs” are one of the oldest forms of mythological creatures in the history of human fiction. They’re not particularly out-of-place in a modern fantasy setting.

      The thing about Pandarens is that their presence in WC3 was seen by many players as a “cute” in-joke, not a significant part of the “lore”. That said, WoW threw out Warcraft lore a long time ago, so we’re far past the appropriate time for incredulity anyway.

  6. What they don’t tell you is the reason why you can’t do it currently and why they have to struggle with the idea of expanding this while it seem like such a simple task is because their target group for D3 is age 10.

    The game should be simple enough for a 10 year old child to play the game and if you make the UI more complex their younger crowd would flee.

    This is what I call the Blizzard Delusion.
    If you think anything else you’re deluted by Blizzard propaganda. Did you know they have a list of words they can’t say on official statements such as “nerf”?

    This post is 50% true, 50% humor.

  7. 1) How does Sever’s “Rest in Pieces” affix interact with Life Steal in an exploitative manner? What does “Rest in Pieces” do?

    2) Buff icon’s needing more screen space… give me a break. I only care about mine. These display just above the skill bar at the bottom of the screen. 5 take up no space at all, 30 could easily be displayed across the width of my monitor, and I cannot see more than 10 ever being necessary. Now if you are talking buff icons to the right of the character portraits in multi-player, icons that have been broken/unseen for a few patches now, yes, more would cause clutter. I don’t more icons by the character portraits. I hope them not being shown currently is intentional. I don’t really want them back.

    • As far as I know, the killing blow landed with Sever equipped triggers a MASSIVE crit (I seem to recall a video where the killing blow was landing for millions of damage) to ensure that the enemy “rests in pieces”. This massive crit paired with life steal % = huge HP returns when you kill monsters. Even at low values, 1% of 1M = 10,000 life steal.

  8. Re: buff icons. Seems like one obviously solution is to cycle through them when more than 5 are in effect. For example if 7 are in effect, the first two buff icons switch back and forth to show two different ones.

    Re: flat difficulty. Really like it.

    IMO D3 is getting better with these patches. It already had great graphics and good skills. They are now getting the loot and monster difficulty tuned better. I’d still like to see the following 3 enhancements though:

    1. Offline mode. I don’t care if I can never join a public game and never use an auction house. Just give me the option of creating and playing a local-only character. I know this one will never happen but a guy can hope.

    2. Move more stats from equipment to built-in character attributes. A level 60 should be fairly decent w/no armor. Even if they keep the ‘dummy mode’ of allocating stat points for us, give more on level ups and make it less required on equipment. This will reduce the current issue where equipment is both boring and difficult to improve because every item must have +primary, +vit, +resist all, +life on hit. This would free up equipment for more interesting affixes like freezes target, crushing blow, increased attack speed, +damage, etc.

    3. Provide some way to make permanent choices that improve skills. For example, from levels 1-59 keep the system the way it is. At level 60 offer the possibility of ‘mastering’ a skill. You permanently allocate a skill bar slot for it, and in return it becomes significantly more powerful. Players that want optimal flexibility master nothing. Players that want to personalize and maximize their character in a certain way master quite a few skills. Would make characters feel less generic and would give you a reason to play another character of the same class.

    • PS: I know a few people reading my opinion about offline mode will think ‘noob’ or whatever. I started RPGs with Wizardry I on the Apple IIe, played all the Diablos, etc. You may not agree with me, but people wanting offline mode are not noobs.

      • I do not think your a noob, but whether it is online or not is irrelevant to me. Really do not care.

        Most games are like that, and it does not phase me. If I can connect cool, if not, I will furiously pound the server until i have access or do something else. But then, years of MMO’s will do that to you.

    • I would love a skill mastery system. Give each skill it’s own 10 level experience bar, improving it by 10% each level, thereby making a level 10 skill twice as good as a base skill. I don’t think it should reset if you were to change it out, but the level should decay while unused (you never forget how to ride a bike, but you definitely lose some of the technique if you don’t ride one for years).

      In regard to permanent stats, my personal opinion here is that elixirs should make a comeback. Make them rare, make them crafted, make them whatever, but make them permanent! If my DH finds an Elixir of Intelligence that adds permanent +5 to Int, great! Extra resists, a little! Or a +10 Physical Resist elixir. Or a +2 All Resist elixir. Or a +1 to all core stats elixir. Etc., etc., they could be varying qualities, they could add to more than one stat, the options are limitless. I wouldn’t make them tradeable, as then the gold hoarders would just buy their way up, which eliminates the gradual development.

      Introduce an Alchemist dammit!

  9. The problem I have with buff/debuff icons in D3 is that, at a glance, they tell you nothing.

    This isn’t so bad with buffs from your own skill. You picked the skill, you’re familiar with its icon, so when you see that icon again on the bottom of your screen it’s not a big surprise what it means.

    Compare that to the debuffs placed on you by the succubus monsters in Act 3. The icon is totally nondescript, so just looking at it tells you nothing about its function. Then, if you hover your mouse over the debuff, you get a huge wall of text that’s pretty much impossible to read before the buff falls off. If you get the debuff and make efforts to read it enough times you can eventually figure out what it does, but that’s a very inelegant way of communicating information to the player.

    • I use blazing fists as a monk and that adds another buff. With NV and BoH buff up I can’t see serenity with 2 aura buffs present from spamming aura.
      What is the succubus debuff anyways? Never found that out. It would be cool if it was as dangerous as iron maiden in chaos sanctuary, for ww barbs at least. Now THAT was sadistic.

      • The succubus debuff actually does different things to different classes, which is part of the reason it’s impossible to read the wall of text accompanying the little icon.

        If memory serves me, it reduces the armor of Barbarians and Monks, and it makes Wizards, Witch Doctors, and Demon Hunters take damage whenever they spend AP/Mana/Hatred (Baal and succubi would use this sort of curse in D2).

  10. The buff icon thing is pretty annoying as a monk when you can get 5 buffs on your own and sometimes 6 for short duration stuff. Atleast make it 8 or 10.

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