Blizzard on Meteor, Hellfire Rings, and Panda Abductions

Several interesting blue posts on various issues. The first is a fan who complains about changes to the proc coefficient on the Wizard skill Meteor, and earns a fact-checking blue reply:

Vaeflare: While the proc coefficient on Meteor and its runes is indeed being nerfed, this change really should be viewed within the full context of the patch. Patch 1.0.5 not only introduces changes to defensive bonuses and monster damage, but also the DiabloWiki Monster Power system, and numerous crowd control improvements. Combined with the Meteor’s lowered AP cost and decreased delay between cast and impact, these changes made it so Meteor was more appealing to everyone, which is fine. But they also made the skill extremely efficient (in fact: too efficient) to get Critical Mass procs and 100% CC uptime. Efficiency is good, but there needs to a balance. The skill is still very strong, so the tuning on its proc coefficients will hardly trivialize Meteor builds, and we anticipate that it will be brought back to roughly where it is currently in patch 1.0.4.

That said, skill synergy isn’t where we want it to be for wizards at the moment, and we’re looking at ways to improve that for the future. The sort of changes we’d like to do are more involved than simple numbers-tuning, though, and they weren’t able to make it in with this patch. But are we absolutely working on them.

Next comes an amusing question about the Hellfire Ring… how do you get rid of them, since they’re account bound?

I know its not really on peoples mind right now, but in a month when you have 90 hellfire rings filling your stash and the only way to get rid of them is to create a Character, have him fill his inventory with hellfire rings and then delete that character…. seems silly… wheres the destroy button?
Lylirra: Hellfire Rings can be indeed be DiabloWikisalvaged.

Click though for one more about D3 players now busy with WoW.

I’m surprised this last one got a reply, given that the guy is overtly trolling. I’m sure it would have just been deleted/banned on the US, but EU Bliz is more willing to take on challenges from fans, so this got a reply from a CM:

I was an active player of Diablo 3 before I realized I could faceroll everything easily and still get nothing for it even if I played 10 hours a day. So I retired. Haven’t been playing actively for over 1month, only logged in sometimes to see if some friends are still playing the game and what they are doing.

Logged on today again, and this is what I see in my friends list:

The ones with red text marked: WOW

Is this proof that the game is failing and that people REALLY stopped playing this game?

In my opinion, the screen shot speaks clearly for whats going on. I know that me and my friends are not representative for the whole community, but I’m sure it looks just like this in alot of other players friend lists as well…
Vaneras: I think this is more “Proof” that we just launched another expansion pack for World of Warcraft 😉

I also have quite a few friends who are not playing Diablo III right now, and when I ask them why, the reason they give me are usually always that they are levelling their characters in Mist of Pandaria or that they are waiting for Patch 1.0.5(Monster Power, the Infernal Machine) or Patch 1.1(PvP)

There are still a lot of people playing Diablo III so the game is far from dead.

Doom and gloom threads aren’t really useful to anyone, and they certainly do not offer constructive feedback that we can forward to the developers, which is why I will lock this thread.

It’s odd that anyone would think Blizzard would be unhappy at Diablo players spending their time in Pandaland. After all, we’ve already paid all we’re going to for Diablo III, while WoW racks up that tasty $15 a month. In fact, I’d argue that this was Blizzard’s plan all along, and the scenario was pretty obvious last fall, when Blizzard announced the WoW annual pass.

If you don’t recall, the deal back then was that current WoW subscribers could prepay for a year of WoW. If they did, they’d get that year of WoW, plus good odds to get into the D3 beta, plus a free digital copy of D3 when it was released, plus guaranteed access to the WoW:MoP beta. Blizzard sold over 1m players on this deal, and while that sunk cost kept them interested, and D3 gave them some months of amusement, just as they’re sick of D3 and their year’s prepaid is out… here comes a new WoW expansion pack and they’re hooked on the game again.

We’ve all got critiques of the features in Blizzard games, especially Diablo III, but they make far fewer missteps with the gameplay, content, or marketing of their signature franchise.

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    25 thoughts on “Blizzard on Meteor, Hellfire Rings, and Panda Abductions

    1. I hate WOW, I really do. I love the Diablo franchise with every mouse click my finger has in it, but what we received is a Diablo game made WOW style.

      • The other day I was showing my friend Diablo 3, since he hadn’t seen anything about the game. And one of his first reactions was “oh, this is just like Diablo 2 – I had heard it was going to be more like WoW for some reason”.

        D3 is not WoW like in any way, shape, or form.

        • He’ll be singing a different tune once he’s gotten his mind around the itemization and class balance. TL2 is more D2 than D3.

          • i hate tl2 as much as i love d1 and d2, but d3… it’s diablo all right, just not diablo 1 or 2. never played wow so I can’t compare it. my guess is, you can’t be hardcore d3 AND wow fan, gotta make a pick.

            also captcha is life’s too short

            • If D3 is ‘Diablo’ but not D1 or D2 then what does that even mean? Without the depth of character development or the same gothic feel that really defined the originals what is left? It’s just another HnS action game like any other generic entry to the genre. My original point then still stands.

            • meh… i dont think its any more of a diablo game than any other current ARPG being produced by other companies. so theres cain, and a big devil that takes over a person…. thats as close to diablo as it gets.

              and to the post a few above… while the gameplay is nothing like WoW, itemization in diablo 3 is MUCH closer to an MMORPG than it is to ANY other ARPG i have ever played.

            • i keep forgetting cain is even in diablo 3 lol. i really do enjoy d3 but story wise its nothing like the old diablo games which i really thought it was going to

            • well i play both games and i like them i dont need to pick one over the other no rules saying you have to have a fav

        • “he hadn’t seen anything about the game”

          has your friend been in jail for the last 5 years ?

          how could anyone who knows what D2 is and not have seen anything about D3 ?

          you just made that story up didn’t you?

        • I have a coworker of mine who plays WoW along with his son. I told him about Diablo and it’s similarities to WoW and it convinced him to try out the Diablo 3 starter edition. His noob comments to me made me cringe. As he’s never played an ARPG in his life before, the view was the first apparent shock that hit him. He goes on to speak of how great WoW is since you can see like, infront of you, and like your view is directly behind the character so you can look all around in 360 degrees. And like, yeah, totally, WoW all the way.
          I was like, *sigh*, if your complaining about the isometric view, you don’t deserve to be playing any ARPGs.

            • But I guess that just means you think that’s like WoW as well.

              I personally don’t see much connection to WoW; and for the record I don’t really see the alleged connection as something very negative irregardless. It’s true I haven’t played WoW since TBC, but much must have changed if it’s like D3 now. Either way I loved vanilla WoW and TBC, I loved D1 and D2. And I think D3 has much potential and can become just as good as the above mentioned.

    2. I was so annoyed by the last statement concerning WOW and it being Actiblizz’s priority that I forgot about my issues about meteor. This guy acts like they are helping us out so much. The AP cost at 60 was already to high, and the delay of 2 seconds was already to long. All they did was make a change that should have been there to begin with. Somehow that is supposed to make it OK that the proc rates are almost non existent on 3 of the best runes. I really doubt there is going to be a huge swing in people adding Meteor to their skill bar. I just love how they always say that the skill was to good, so we had to nerf it.

    3. Well, the massive D3 hype guaranteed pretty much record sales for a game that (I think) required far less resources to develop and maintain than WoW. In the short term, D3 is a success from a business point of view, but WoW is probably far more profitable because even if it requires much more resources its subscription volumes are huge (decreasing maybe, but still huge).

      So yes, Blizz nailed it, they got customers pay up-front what they would pay monthly thus generating a massive cash advance in a period where the subscriptions were decreasing.

      Also it looks like the Monk class in MoP is far more balanced than the Monk class in D3 (joke. but maybe not).

    4. Monks suck.
      Playing a monk for sometime now and I can’t bear to go through a3 again with the same skillset, hoping for a good drop. Dropped fitl for sss, tried dropping cyclone/boh for ep and its soo ineffective… I want to hurl my mouse at the screen. For trash sss and ep together are great, a large pack decimated in seconds but elites wont even notice it.
      I’ll just go play borderlands2 and try to forget all this.

    5. Tried to get into BL2 and stay there like you but… I’m sitting in that game at level 50. Every multiplayer game I going is populated with people either opening the epic loot chest and tossing purples around the map OR people blowing through the game with the best of the stuff they got through the various duping and chest key exploits. Can’t find a “normal” game anymore so I just quit that. Guess I’ll just have to go into hibernation again till the “next big thing”.

        • The cheats are present on both PC and console, but I am on the PC version where I believe that it’s far more widespread. It’s a real shame because the multiplayer mode is the best part of the game.

          • Been playing borderlands 2 with solo or with a friend quite a bit. About level 24 and finding it much more fun than diablo. Probably wont last as long, but at the moment most things are just done better all round. Diablo 3 is fun still and i do enjoy it (using DarkD3 cause the game looks like turd without it) but diablo 3 isnt anywhere near as good as 2 was.

      • I’m playing only singleplayer in BL2 and just getting started at lvl 12. I like it – humour, art style are good.
        Totally offtopic but does anyone know if firechains can be dodged in 1.05? I’m used to spamming evasion mantra when fast fire chain nasties merrygoround me. Refect can’t be dodged, does this fall in the same category?

    6. I find it funny that he says the guy doom and glooming is trolling, when I actually feel/my opinion is almost identical to his, the difference is I stopped playing 2 months after launch instead of 1 month ago, all my friends quit, just like his, but now that MoP is out I see a couple of my d3 friends (RL friends) playing WoW, and I asked them about d3, and they pretty much said either PvP is good enough to get them to play diablo again or their pretty much done with it.

    7. My uncle used to call these things death with wings, are you serious ? Anyway, looks like they are screwing up my meteor build. Good job Blizz! Anything good they nerf. Instead of nerfing everything to holy hell why don’t they give us an optimization patch that actually makes the game run a lot smoother for everyone. Less nerfs more optimization…

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