Blizzard on Maximum Magic Find and Doggy Damage

Every WD player I’ve talked to since v1.0.4 has been very happy with the changes to pets, and thinks the class is now playing as designed. I’ve even heard some suggestions that pets might be OP now. That said, there are still some issues…

What determines the cap on the absorb of their new force armor, or how overflow damage is determined.

Some attacks still kill the dogs in one hit, including some pretty beefy ones. I’m not complaining, I think they are great and it’s okay for them to get smushed, just would like to know more specifics about how it works.
Vaeflare: Certain attacks and less-common environmental hazards — such as the fire created on the ground by Skeletal Mages – do lots of small, rapid attacks that can quickly damage Zombie Dogs and Gargantuans. We know this type of damage can be difficult to predict, so we’re looking into having these spells do reduced damage to pets, much like we did for Plague, Molten and Desecrator.

Amongst its other effects, the Paragon system has made experience gain much more interesting than it used to be. How does the exp and MF/GF equipment on Followers work though, in terms of sharing to you, and in reaction with the new 300% Magic Find hard cap? Apparently there may still be some bugs in the system.

I been looking around and from what I read people say 300 is max and that anything that says is over 300 does not count.

So Some say NV 375% mf counts some say max is only 300 so the 75 does not count as real MF.
Also the follower going over 300 was not mentioned in the notes, and so some say follower adds MF and some say its just a bug saying he does when it does not work…

Vaeflare: The Magic Find and Gold Find percentages for both follower contributions and Fortune Shrine bonuses are intended to respect the 300% MF/GF cap. Nephalem Valor bonuses will continue to stack beyond this cap, however.

That said, we’ve seen some posts that MF/GF contributions from followers may currently be stacking above the cap, and we’re looking into those reports.

Does the items equipped with exp on followers affect the paragon lvling?
Vaeflare: I just wanted to swing by to confirm that +EXP gear and gems on followers indeed counts towards your Paragon experience gains. Much like Magic Find and Gold Find, 20% of your followers +EXP will apply to your hero, although unlike MF and GF, +EXP does not have a cap.

My main MF Demon Hunter has about 280% MF right now, with Paragon Level 5 and her best (self found) MF gear on, which includes 25% from a Topaz in her hat. So I guess I’ll stick to that set up for another 6 or 7 Paragon levels, at which point I’ll be hit the 300% cap and can start switching out some of my MF gear for other items with better killing/survival stats.

That’s one approach. An alternative is to load up on +exp gear now, including a Ruby in your hat, and kill as quickly as you can, purely in order to Paragon up. That way you’ll much more quickly get to 30 or 40 Plevels and can enjoy substantial MF/GF passive bonuses, and play with better gear (with less MF) and kill more quickly and probably in a higher Act, thus boosting your chances of higher level items.

What’s your choice? Greed now? Or suffering now for better greed later? It’s intriguing to calculate the sort of trade offs your character is making; that +25% experience Ruby in your hat could just as easily be a +25% Magic Find topaz, which would give you the equivalent of 8 more Paragon Levels of MF right now… but at the cost of adding hours to the time it would take you to gain those 8 levels and their permanent bonus.

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26 thoughts on “Blizzard on Maximum Magic Find and Doggy Damage

  1. I think “Ruby in a Hat” is the best shortcut in the game. Getting your baby characters to level 60, where all the good items are, makes more sense than any amount of MF, GF, or Life.

    That said, I’ve been missing the huge +Life bonuses my Inferno chars were getting with Amethysts. Hopefully this will change with a few Paragon Levels… or ten.

  2. Fortune Shrines really should go over the cap, otherwise they will be absolutely pointless. They only last for 60 (90?) seconds anyway, so it’s not like they will break the system.

    • That was my first thought also, but it might make the shrines too critical, meaning you would always save one for act bosses. Just a thought.

    • Add to that that NV really should NOT go over the cap. I was hoping for a game state where I would actually be free to change my skills in the middle of a play session. So much for that. Dynamic builds my ass.

  3. I actually kinda like the dogs having a couple of weaknesses. With the proper spec and a handful of gear bonuses, they’re really strong as-is, and it’s a bit more fun having a weak spot (theirs are electric, fire chains, and the goblin suicide bombers) than just being strong against everything.

  4. Getting more MF early on makes more sense as legendaries were and still are to a degree overpriced so if you hit the jackpot you have plenty of gold to buy insane items that will let you easily lvl up. That’s on theory, at least. Personally I had done 5-6 A3 runs with MF gear and no legendaries, so I decided to drop the MF and got a (mediocre) Hellrack. Random numbers, eh?

    • Droprates are still far to erratic and unpredictable to get you that early expensive legendary due to the extra MF, without just being extremely lucky.
      I say go full DPS with ruby in hat, get 5 NV stacks as fast as possible and burn through the entire act as fast as possible. This also has the added benefit that you’ll go through white mobs that much faster than with MF gear on (atleast when i’m playing for example a barb, dunno about other classes) and it’s not uncommon to find rares from them now.
      I hope in a next patch level 60+ gear will have really good +exp affixes.

      • Unlogical, consider a name change. Again, I fully agree with you. Killing mobs faster increases the chance of getting good items so much more than any MF, Paragon or shrine could give. Explaining this to people can be extremely hard though… Anyway. it is pure and simple logic!

      • NV is of course the exception, because of the guaranteed rare. But dying too often in the process getting it also doesn’t help…

  5. if you already have good gear running act 3, then do a ruby in hat is better to just power level. But if you are still stuck in act 1/2 like me, it is better to still keep some MF and hope to get good gears while getting those levels so you can move up the act sooner.

  6. Does the +EXP on items actually matters at paragon levels? Aside from a Ruby in the helmet every other slot seems to cap at +24 EXP, so even if you stack it on almost every item slot and the follower items it doesn’t feel like it’s adding much…

    • +exp other than the ruby wasn’t even worth it for 1-60. I have 200k lifetime kills. If I had +200exp on every one of those, I’d have got something like three extra paragon levels over 260 hours. Getting those three levels normally is maybe about 6 hours of playtime. 2% time saved woot!

  7. I’ve choosen to keep my MF gear. Im at 230 mf without valor. Im doing act 3 runs and loving it.

    Like SWalker pointed out – finding good legendarys and sell em now, will give you a lot of gold. I found 3 legendarys so far. One worth 500k and another 1.5 mill. Then the other night, I found a set armor with almost max dex and max vitality. Sold it for 69 mill. Wich is by far my record selling item 🙂 The person who bought it, is not trying to sell it for 300 mill. Dunno if that is possible, if so – I’ve made someone really happy.

    So I’ll stick with MF for another 30 days or so – then phase it out for crit dmg and a ruby in my hat :O)

  8. Incidentally, something I stumbled upon today that I don’t remember reading about, NV now provides +15% XP per stack too. It’s a little odd considering the vast majority of people will be spending as long as possible with 5NV so will have +75% XP most of the time.

    • I just noticed that a couple of days ago. Obviously exp on NV meant nothing prior to v1.0.4, but now it’s 15% exp bonus per stack. But that’s almost a pointless bonus, since virtually everyone over level 60 is going to have 5 stacks most of the time, so it’s like you need that just to feel like you’re progressing normally?

      Played tonight with some friends in a 4p game and used my wiz and barb and kept switching skills every time back in town to try out various new skill changes. And every time I shed a little tear while changing out skills with 4 or 5 stacks, purely for the sake of research.

      • I’m pretty sure they did this so people wouldn’t do short, quick runs in order to gain quick exp (sort of like Baal runs).

  9. I really want to go back to a Ruby, but I need to take advantage of the item improvements first and get some more vit!

  10. I am rocking out my MF gear in A1 as per always, 304% with my follower is what it shows in my character details before stacks… whether or not that 4% is being factored I cannot say but it is showing my MF at 304%.

    I will not be going with a Ruby, do not think the payoff is high enough with the sheer amount of experience needed to gain a paragon level, plus a ruby only adds +x% to your current experience based bonus, not to the overall, which works out to an extremely minor bonus IMO. +150xp a kill with exp gear and a ruby in the hat just doesnt seem worthwhile to me.

    • Yup during that run I just did I gained a plvl and my MF with 5 stacks went up to 382% with my enchantress at my side. Whether its just displaying wrong or is actually going beyond the cap I dont know but its showing higher than it should be for sure.

  11. The suicide mobs in the act 3 bastion one-shot all of my zombie dogs plus the gargantuan (WD has 50k HP!).

  12. Alas, my monk is too fragile to have to do this sort of trade-off calculation. Amethyst hat or bust.

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