Blizzard on Legendary Items, D3CE Armor Dye, and More

Collecting some Blizzard forum posts and tweets on various matters. None of these are exactly big news, but less big news is what slow, “is it May 14th yet?” weekends are all about.

Bashiok’s and Jay Wilson’s twitter feeds have been pretty slow all week, but Bashiok did field one game question of note yesterday.

Can you guys confirm or deny that the amount of items on the website (legendary and sets) is less then final game? –TommyWierper
I can confirm it’s far less than the final game. —Bashiok

This seemed pretty obvious, given that there are just a handful of Set and Legendary items now listed on the official site, none of which have any pre-set stats, and they all say “Legendary and Set items are being worked on.” Sadly, this is one instance in which datamining can’t tell us any more, since there haven’t been any set or legendary items included (even at high levels) in the last several beta patches. Soon?

Let’s hope so, with the game coming in less than two months! A (surprising? depressing?) number of you guys seem unconcerned that PvP Arena, the hands-down crowd-favorite from the last two Blizzcons, won’t be included in D3 at launch. That said, I don’t think the “cut anything so long as the game is released soon” fans would be quite so forgiving of a Jay Wilson project update to the tune of, “Hey we didn’t get the stats for the Uniques all perfect, so we’re going to launch without them and just patch them in later.”

Elsewhere, a fan asks whether .

All of the Collector’s Edition in-game items are absolutely exclusive to the Collector’s Edition. It seems the screenshot you linked is of some datamined content, which doesn’t accurately reflect what’s available in the game.

The wings are exclusive to the Collector’s Edition.
The dye colors are exclusive to the Collector’s Edition.
The banner sigil is exclusive to the Collector’s Edition.

Seems pretty clear that these colors were among the first twenty some that were developed, and then two were selected out to be exclusive to the D3CE, and were given special names. No doubt their original counterparts will be removed from the “free” dye colors remaining in the game, to preserve their D3CE exclusivity. Comparison screens of the special dyes can be seen below, decorating a nice high level Witch Doctor gear set.

amusing thread from a fan

Click through for a couple more posts on Beta Achievements and a new bug that’s killing beta play access for most Win XP users.

An a big thread on the Beta Tech Support forumsasking about his wiped beta DiabloWikiAchievements takes a turn into, “what’s the point in a beta test” in a follow-up question.

do we really have to do all of the achieves all over again? or is blizz gona reinstate them? i had overachiever 🙁

…then why have ones that are beta specific?
In order to test that part of the game.

The beta test is an ongoing test of different game systems. Testers provide Blizzard with valuable feedback about the game.

A lot of people forget about the word “test” in beta test. They see it as a consumer preview instead of a phase of testing.
That doesn’t necessarily equate to a negative. “Consumer previewers” contribute as much as other testers in providing data to those parts of the beta test that are being measured on the server side.

Even feedback like “I wish that beta play earned me a permanent reward of some sort” is valuable, since we want beta testers to want to participate.

Blizzard included a new version of their launcher in the patch two days ago, and it’s causing problems. I’d think Blizzard QA has some machines running Windows XP, but perhaps not, as we’ve seen several show-stopping bugs inflicting just that OS over the course of the D3 beta. This one is described quite well by numerous posts in a big thread on the Beta Tech Support forums, and by numerous players in our Beta forum as well. Sadly, I am included amongst their number, as my old desktop is still running XP, and while it’s been plenty powerful enough for D3 over the course of the beta, the new launcher has proven insurmountable.

The double copies seems to be something to do with the new version of Agent. We’re seeing the same reports in the Mists of Pandaria Beta Tech forum too. Both games share this version of Agent so it seems likely to be related to the issue. QA has been notified so we’ll just need to wait until they can take a look. Don’t knock yourselves out trying to fix it.

I’d like to say something encouraging, but the “your graphic card is not supported” bug tried to stop Win XP users from running the D3 Beta for months, so if you’re one of the Win XP users, I wouldn’t advise you to hold your breath for a speedy fix to this Launcher Agent issue. 🙁

You can kind of work around it, at least some of the time, by using Project Manager to close the Agent.exe application. Players describe that technique in the forum thread, and I detailed it in the thread in our forum.

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65 thoughts on “Blizzard on Legendary Items, D3CE Armor Dye, and More

  1. Like you said, pretty obvious.  That said, I’ve seen plenty of posts where people were being overly pessimistic about the removal of certain legendaries on the website.  

    To protect my epeen, I remember saying that some of the gear sets called from early datamined data (maybe Oct of last year) were probably inaccurate and a fraction of the actual end-game gear.  There was no way to tell if these piece codes would actually be called in the box product.  Looks like this is the confirmation that I was waiting for.

    • The only time you comment on this site is to troll hard on me or WoW topics.  You have made exactly 3 posts in the forum section.  You frequently +1 your own posts as I pointed out last week.

      You contribute nothing to diablo.incgamers except for grief.  Be. Gone. With. You. 

      • This was just a reply to a deleted comment.  I’m glad that is over.

        Back to the topic at hand, if you gained “Overachiever” in beta, my hat is off to you, and your screenshots are bragging rights.  It wouldn’t be fair for them to carry over into the game though, not with 100k US beta members facing several million box copy players.

        • Yay apprently the reply thing is broken because that was meant as a reply to Rytek’s calling out the troll post.

  2. I thought that the CE dyes contain active particle effects while the regular do not.     If this is true then they would not be seen easily in a still shot. 

    • Correct, both the normal versions and the CE versions are in the game, but the CE versions have a cloudy/smoky effect around them.

      • According to whom?
        Edit: Checked, and I don’t know where you’re pulling this info from. I’ve seen both dyes in game and they look just like the above screenshots. Mine were from a while back, too, in the dye wiki:

        • Perhaps they were just not activated fully in the beta.    When you read something like “The gentle wind of the heavens cools the air, infusing the area with a soft glow.”  to me it sounds like there will be a halation effect associated with the die to give it a glow.  

          Vs the Pale which says “Many commoners use sunlight and minerals to bleach their garments an off-white color.”

          • “Activated fully”? I don’t know what that even means.

            You can see many of the dyes on the actual live beta servers. They only describe their color. There’s no effects or anything even remotely like that. Nothing in the textures suggests otherwise, nor in the item data itself, or anywhere else.

            And yet people keep on citing quotes that don’t exist. 

          • Can’t reply to your post RisingRed so I will reply to mine but answer your questions.

            When I say activated fully it means that even though you datamined everything out of the beta client it does not mean that everything has been included in the beta client to its full working potential.   I have played in nearly every blizzard beta since vanilla wow and I can say with certainty the finished product always has many  textural and design differences from the beta client.  If they are that active or different dyes for release than great for the CE owners and if not oh well they still get a free unlimited dye.   

            We won’t know for sure till after release anyway. Since datamined beta info is just that beta info.

          • so what ? if it is an particle effect or even a shader ( like champions that glow blue and uniques that glow yellow ) ; you wouldnt find them in the texture section anyway ;because they are not necessarily  textures at all.

    • My guess is that the versions that were datamined from the beta are the base colors of the CE dyes (which are exactly the same as those other two colors) and the particle effects that are heavily implied to be part of them have never been in the beta files.

    • if the basics of the item data sets are to be believed, then the WD off hand items (wanjas? manjas? whatever) include a snake or even more than one.  it would be cool if it moved while you hold it.  im not locked in stone but i think i am going WD myself as day one char.  although i may have to go to a lottery system to make the final decisions.  then theres the sex of the char and the name.  IM FREAKING OUT!!  ITS TOO MUCH AND I ONLY HAVE 51 DAYS!! My fear is I will not start the game until 4am sitting in front of my screen waffling about what char to make and then naming my *first* D3 char.   😯

  3. You shouldn’t find those poll results surprising or depressing. Most people realize you need to level up a character in PvE before entering ladder anyway, so it isn’t a big deal.

    • Also, the poll goes from “Mild Approval” to “Anger.” I’m disappointed. You left out the most reasonable response, for me. That said, you should have decided what you were measuring before you made the poll. You have this:
      “I won’t buy the game without PvP.”
      “I will reluctantly buy the game without PvP.”
      “It doesn’t affect my purchase decision.”
      “I will reluctantly buy the game, even though I don’t want PvP.”
      “I won’t buy the game with PvP.”

      And this:
      “I understand and accept the reasoning behind this decision.”
      “I don’t care about this decision.”
      “I don’t understand this decision/know enough.”
      “I reject the reasoning behind this decision.”

      They are not the same thing. And neither is the question of whether it should have ever came down to this, developmentally speaking. I think the poll sort of measures all of the above in a big muddle.

      • ye the problem is that flux always tries to portray stereotypes in his polls ; or he tries to muddle 3 completely different question into 1 single poll ;  which results into poll choices which are the equivalent to ; ” you want to buy that lamp ? its in a bundle with this toaster , you can only buy them together or not at all.

        • Well it doesn’t seem like it is every time, but there are a few like this on that didn’t have good options. If it is purposeful bias, I don’t know.

          • I’d say about 60% of the polls have a less than ideal muddle of concepts in their answers. Flux is just trying to add some flavour/interest in the poll options and probably doesn’t take it too seriously, when many other people do.

          • Flux is certainly taking this whole PvP thing way too seriously. He mentions it every chance he gets like it’s some great crime that not everyone is freaking out like him. 

          • Yes, the general reaction to the removal of PvP has depressed me.

            1)  The level of Stockholm Syndrome-style fanboyism is disheartening. This is why Blizzard feels they can do anything and get away with it. Because they can. Because so many of their “fans” will happy gobble down any shit sandwich they’re served up, so long as it’s still fresh and hot from the kitchen. “Scratch any number of features! Hit me again! Just get the game out sooner!”

            2) All the people who haven’t played a second of D3 PvP and yet feel they have a right to offer opinions on whether it’s a good game feature. Imagine that sex had just been banned, and virgins and asexual monks were noisily defending the decision since they didn’t really want it anyway?

            Wild analogies are fun!

          • It is no secret that Flux is bias and don’t admit it. Voting option ranging from “mild approve” to “anger” goes to show you it. To him the only right opinion and the only one that can exist is his own. Therefore, he have to insult everyone that doesn’t share the same idea. How professional and mature. I guess the other media, look down upon gaming media for a reason, and I’m afraid that this time they might be right.

      • You’re complaining about a vote that we never held. As the first two paragraphs of the vote post explain, the whole point was to try reframe the issue to measure fan reaction to PvP’s removal WITHOUT the release date factor. Including that variable would make the vote pointless, since most fans will (apparently) accept any feature cut when it’s offered with the rationale that including X means months more delay. As the results show, 17% of people STILL voted with their calendars.

        5) I reject your reframing effort. A SOON release date is all that matters. Cut all the features! (17%, 1,376 Votes)

        The vote wasn’t meant to measure fan approval of Blizzard’s PRfu explaining this latest feature removal. Had we run that vote, one option would have been something like, “I blame their terrible project management time skills that resulted in a game that’s a year late and still stripped of major features.”

        That might have been an interesting and quite divisive vote, but wasn’t the one we decided to present. That hasn’t stopped people from still trying to vote in it and argue about it, though.

        • The problem as i see it is that sometimes people have to decide between multiple options that do not reflect their opinion with the result that there never is a clear vote against approving Blizzard’s blunt gamefeature abortion.
          It would be better if you have 3 votes:
          1) I approve
          2) I do not approve
          3) I don’t care

  4. “Hey we didn’t get the stats for the Uniques all perfect, so we’re going to launch without them and just patch them in later.”
    Items are the core of the game, PvP is just a bonus. Remember that.

  5. Im lovin´ the blue smokey dye on the feet!
    Actually i cannot really distinguish them  🙄

  6. ….i am sry but i dont see the difference between the 2 left  or the  2 right pictures,
    smoke or not smoke?      …..but i am collor blind…..well not (too) much but still am

      • What effects? I keep hearing this but nobody can substantiate anything, and I’ve seen nothing in the files to indicate it’s otherwise.

        • We’ve never seen them, that’s why.. It’s like some clouds around you one would assume, considering the names. It would be white and black clouds, accordingly.

  7. I’m on W7 and haven’t been able to play for a few days.

    The stupid fucking pandas broke the D3 beta. 

  8. It’s not that I’m unconcerned about PvP, but I don’t think it needs to be in the release in some half-assed way. If they’ve decided they want to balance it, and make it cool, then I’m all for that. Take your time, do it right. 

  9. i hope i will distinguish myself as a ce player from regulars not just in my imagination 🙂 At least the skull with the soul usb stick ehm soul stone will show my nerdness. Hell, i am still more fired up for gw2 all the while being also a D3-geek….

    • Personally I’m not getting the CE because $40 is a lot of money just for some dyes and an art book (the 2 I’d only really want).  USB skull is kinda silly looking imo and just takes up more desk space.  Only figurine I have on my desk and I’m still not sure I like it that cluttered is a 10″ Bumblebee because my boy wanted it there.  More power to all of you that like that extra stuff but it simply is sorta lacking (to me) for a whopping 66% increase in price.  I guess in my younger days the CE might’ve been a auto buy but old age tends to make you frugal.  Still looking forward to playing with all you smokey winged bastards.   😀

      • I’m pretty frugal myself and still think it is worth it, but I actually care about more of the physical items than just the art book so…

  10. “A (surprising? depressing?) number of you guys seem unconcerned that PvP Arena”
    Well, four reasons immediately come to mind (for me, anyway): 1) still never even played the game; so, obviously, never tried/got excited about the arena, 2) don’t like playing with strangers; WoW cured me of that 3) very few of my gaming friends are still interested in D3 (a few left with each annoying decision made (we all know the ones, not going to rehash here)), and 4) of the few friends that might be left, none really like to PVP.  Sad, but here we are.

    • You can put the wings in your stash after enabling it on your character.
      If you didn’t put it in the stash then it’s gone and your own fault.

      • i got the idea from a blizzard post/reply that the wings were toggle-on/toggle-off from within the ingame character screen, not a physical item, and were bound to your account so every single character you made could use it?

        • They are an item (like the dyes) that start off in the inventory of every character you make just like those 5 health pots you start off with. If you want to put them all in your shared stash and have duplicates then that is your choice to make…

  11. No I don’t care that PVP was dropped.  I will never PVP so why care about it?  Now before you use the stupid argument of “what if legondaries were dropped”, well obviously I would care as that is something I care about.  duh.

  12. “Even feedback like “I wish that beta play earned me a permanent reward of some sort” is valuable, since we want beta testers to want to participate.”

    I’ve got a better idea, replace anyone that demands recognition for being in the Beta with one of the tens of thousands of other people that want to be in the beta. You want a reward for being in the beta? Your in the beta you greedy mofo.

  13. Runic is busy making emotes for TL2  🙁
    Blizzard has dyes for D3  🙁

    no wonder these games are taking so long to complete 

    I just don’t understand the attractiveness of either feature 

    whoopee !  I can dance and laugh !   
    whoopee ! my armor is a shade darker than yours !  


    • Customization. If you don’t get that idea then you shouldn’t probably play either of the two.

    • Um… what? The dyes in D3 were in there looooong ago jamesL, and they probably didn’t take that much longer to develop if they made all of the armor models with dyes in mind…

  14. Can anyone answer this for me: Will the Beta Achievement be carried to the full version? Sort of a “reward” for those lucky enough that got into the beta, a Feat of Strength if you will. Has there been any announcement regarding this?

    • 99% sure not as with SC2. People asked for a ‘I was in the beta!’ achievement to be added but they didn’t, probably because inclusion is so random and many beta testers never actually post any sort of bug report!

  15. Dozens of people write well thought out posts with legitimate problems and get zero responses.  Some douche writes a moronic question in broken English and Bashiok feels the need to respond.

    • The problem with the well thought out posts is that they hit on topics which Bashiok can’t/doesn’t want to touch.
      But if you write “derp please don’t wipe my beta progress” well that has a clear and obvious answer.

  16. Diablo is a dungeon crawler. It always was. I didnt play D1 and 2 because I loved pvp. It’s not what the essence of the game is about. It’s an added feature. The fact that pvp isn’t in realease doesn’t phase me one bit. I am not going to play Diablo 3 because I love pvp.

  17. Maybe PVP will be like in d2. hostile while in town… and the ears will drop.. I dont mind it.

  18. Ha! what a fail.. “what is the point of a beta test”, well obviously not to give them a head start on achievements 😛

  19. We get it, Flux.  You don’t like that PvP was dropped for initial release.  Do you have to be such a drama queen about it, though?  Your sensationalist writing is one of the many reasons why Blizzard ignores this site.

    This placed used to be GREAT.  Now, because of Blizzard turning their nose up at you, and a few game systems changing, you’ve turned into this massively negative whiner.  It’s okay to disagree and foster discussion, but it’s NOT okay to call someone a “fanboi” just because they agree with Blizzard’s choices.

    You sound like the type of people who post on the D3 forums, and it makes me not want to visit this site anymore. 

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