Blizzard on Latency, Inferno Nerfs, Public Games, and Nerf Warnings

Another assortment of Blue posts from a busy day on the forums.

First off, many users are complaining that their Staff of Herding has vanished between games, or even while they moved between acts after creating it and before using it. I’m skeptical about “I was hacked” claims, but these seem fairly legit, and as it’s a weird, semi-quest object it’s easy to imagine some bug in the game code. To prevent this you should not craft the item until right before you’re about to use it to journey to Whimsyshire[/wiki], as the ingredients required take some time and expense to assemble.

In light of recent hotfix nerfs to various Monk and Wizard skills, a fan makes a reasonable request; that Blizzard give some warning before they implement hotfixes that will gut various builds and render builds and the characters devoted to them, useless.

This is our goal (for some of the reasons you’ve outlined), and going forward we’ll be working with our developers and quality assurance teams closely to deliver as much advance notice as possible on hotfixes. We’ll be providing updates as frequently as possible here.

I appreciate the response Lylirra, but the goal was not met with how this was handled.
We agree. We understand the impact that some changes can have and want to provide players with as much notice as possible so that they can prepare accordingly. We were unable to give advance warning in this situation and have taken steps to ensure that we are able to do so in the future.

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide in-game notifications of when a hotfix goes live (I saw this as a suggestion earlier in the thread), but we will be updating the hotifix list as frequently and consistently as possible. Depending on what changes are made, daily updates are likely. We may also call-out certain upcoming changes separately, in a forum post like this one.

A fan pointed out the incongruity between Blizzard’s claim of 6.5m+ copies of D3 sold and the fact that there are only 15k public games available. Bashy replied.

That’s weird, I wonder if it’s based on … yeah I have no idea. It could be correct as while people play multiplayer games with their friends (and by the current stats about 1/5 are in multiplayer games) not too many open up their games to public. The rumors of public game hacking could also be scaring people away from it (which is nonsense, FYI). Anyway, hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people are currently playing on the Americas server alone, and we’re not fully into peak hours. On a Wednesday.

With that said why is matchmaking so broken? Why is it so hard to find or get 4 people to play together in public games? Can you guys fix that please..
Yeah that’s something we’re aware of. It’s actually the matchmaker preferring to distribute players out over the game servers for performance reasons, rather than make full games. Until we nail down more performance issues, it’s on the to-do list.

Another fan asked about the in-game latency indicator, which is running higher than he expected it to. I’ve seen that also; I usually had ping in the 100ms range during the beta, while I’m usually in the 250ms range now (though it plays fine). Bashy spoke:

The latency indicator in-game is not a simple ping like most games, and is actually a full process of the game sending an action to the service, the service processing it, and returning it to the client. This means that the latency indicator actually gives a more accurate account of what the experience is for game data, but in comparison to other games will seem high. We’re more interested in issues where there is actual performance degradation, and certainly there may be, but the in-game latency number is not a simple ping and therefore shouldn’t be used literally as a measurement against performance elsewhere.

Finally, a fan asked that Inferno not be nerfed, and Bashiok replied that Inferno was intentionally unbalanced and super-hard at launch, and that they’d always intended to revisit the balance post-release. Click through for the quote.

Please don’t nerf Inferno. All these kids are crying because they cant go and one-shot a difficult situation like they could in their precious World of Warcraft. You guys said before launch you had no intention of reducing the difficulty, and I truly hope you keep that promise.
There are definitely some aspects of Inferno and the way damage comes in that we’re looking at. Before we get there though we want to address the skills that are ‘must haves’, and see how the skill and gear game settles out a bit before we address content. If there’s a skill that you absolutely can’t survive without, that’s a much more serious issue to customization, build diversity, and the game as a whole than someone not being able to progress as quickly as they feel they should.

I think tweaks to content difficulty is a given, it’s going to happen in some shape or form, but we’re not there quite yet.

As it stands, nothing works well for DH past act 1 Inferno. Wizards have it just as rough. Mean while i witnessed a barb solo 3 packs of elites on Inferno on the same act i’m struggling to complete the first quest.
You should go tell the barb players that. Consensus is they’re the worst class in the game.

How many of you guys are into Inferno already, and how are you finding the difficulty? I’m nowhere near that far myself, as I haven’t had the hours to play and I’ve spent my time on all five classes instead of just powering up one, but the various people I know who are there say it’s crazy hard. Probably too hard.

I can believe them, but I hope Bliz doesn’t get too worried about balance issues for the DiabloWikiend game when the vast majority of players aren’t even there yet and big item changes are coming in patches. If Inferno is too hard for your char now, have some patience. Respec, try different skills, or just go play the other classes for a bit. I’m sure we’ll have far better builds in a few weeks or months, as well as much better gear, and things we now think are hard will be no big deal then.

I remember everyone thought D2X v1.10 was impossible for about a week, since all the v1.09 builds were useless, but players quickly tried new builds, embraced synergies, found new items, made new runewords, and a month later v1.10 wasn’t even considered difficult anymore. Accept the challenge, don’t just bleat for the game to be nerfed. Anyone who thinks they’re at the height of their Diablo 3 skill and build science after a week probably needs to take a break for some real life activities anyway.

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54 thoughts on “Blizzard on Latency, Inferno Nerfs, Public Games, and Nerf Warnings

  1. It’s not too hard.  You do need to spend quite a bit of time in hell gearing for it.  And I play hardcore for crying out loud.

    • Barb perspective – Act I inferno ? sure it’s not hard, Act II – it’s like doing hell beeing naked. If you are geared with ACT IV gear you have chance in ACT II and you can forget about ACT III and IV.
      But the whole point is in inferno you are stuck with mostly defensive setup, usually without rage spender – you relay on frenzy + revenge for aoe. Whats the point for other skills if you cant use it becouse dmg received is so retarded.

      And what’s worst becouse of crafting cost/quality of loots in ACT I (probably 20/80% chance for getting inferno/hell quality gear) there is only 1 progression route throught AH – sorry it’s just wrong design.

      • AH is not the [i]only[/i] progression route.  When I started Inferno, it took me a lot of time to kill things; I had to take on stuff one at a time, rez flop to kill most elites and made very little progression.  I went back and farmed Hell for only 10 runs and now I can pretty easily farm Act 1 Inferno without deaths.  It does pigeon-hole us into specific passives (as Barbs), but I can farm Inferno without wearing my super defensive gear that I’m saving for Act 2, and I’m enjoying it quite a bit.

        Another 10 runs through Warden and Butcher and I should be set for Act 2 progression, where I’ll do the same as before:  Wear my massively defensive gear to make progression until I get to a good farming spot, swap in some more offensive gear and enjoy the farming.

        • Amen! 

          Most of them complaining dont want to do that, they need to burst through Inferno while watching TV. Rather then stop and look for things they can improve they keep running against the wall and complain that Blizzard sucks! 

      • Hey smartass. I play a hardcore monk.  I do agree that the game is less fun for melee given how defensive we have to play.  I don’t believe the problem is with the difficulty, its with the crappy tuning blizz has done with skills.

        All our offensive skills are scaling with our weapon damage but I’m still using the same undertuned defensive skill I got back at lvl 5?

        • Don’t defensive skills also scale – as they’re often based on absorbing a percentage of damage or something similar?

          A 1.5 second stun if letting you avoid much more damage in inferno than in normal… 

    • THIS.

      You have to gear up a little if you want to survive or kill in later difficulties. You can’t just one-shot everything the first time you give it a go. You know it if you’ve ever played a Diablo game.

  2. I play a wizard.  And while I tried some of the builds centered around the hotfixed abilities, I never really liked the playstyle, so the hotfix doesnt bother me.

    I didn’t do much farming of Act 4 Hell, but I did play a lot of multiplayer games with friends to help them in the last few levels to 60 after I finished leveling. Currently I can kill anything in Act 1 Inferno, although I’d say about half the champion packs end up with me dying a couple of time, and few nasty combos require significant persistance.

    Act 2 Inferno champions are a different beast, I’ve managed to kill a few packs, but most fights end up with me running and dying before I eventually hit the enrage.  Maybe next week! 

  3. Its good that they want stuff to settle down a bit before they start making major changes (outside of nerfing broken skills)

  4. “by the current stats about 1/5 are in multiplayer games”
    So much for defending the lack of offline-singleplayer with the argument that the game is “all about coop” anyway.

    • lol … i play a lot of single games with my main char, but hell i sure dont want no dedicated singleplayer game, when do you guys get that progression in a pure singleplayer environment cant be taken into multiplayer.

      ave you played D2 ? Public BNet ? You really want that, playing with people cheated in singleplayer, hacked the best items and took them to the public bnet ??  

    • I play singleplayer a lot currently to go at my own pace but each of my characters have played multiplayer at least once.  I would still need to play on Bnet even if they included offline singleplayer in order to mix in the multiplayer experience and I suspect a lot of others are the same currently.

  5. I play a wizard and act 1 inferno isn’t too bad.  I’ll die a few times to a nasty champion pack/rare, but I’ll eventually focus fire one down at a time between deaths.  Not ideal, no, but some of the modifier combos are just beastly. [I do not use the low health/Force Armor combo]

    The jump from act 1 to act 2 inferno is pretty drastic.  It’s not that the mob health increases so much, it’s the damage that mobs do to you.  I wasn’t expecting the damage increase to be so huge, so the first sand wasp I ran into basically one-shotted me as I was moseying along the first canyon. 

    • by “a” quill fiend… so when you run into 3 of them… instant death. 

      what I find horribly ironic, is that they took out custom stat point so everyone didn’t just throw them all into vitality because that was the only “correct way” to play, but with how much damage everything is doing, the only items worth using are ones with huge vitality boosts. 

      I have a friend who mostly ignored vitality throughout the whole game, got to inferno and was one shot by the very first zombie.

  6. I wonder when they’ll fix the latency issues some of us are having though. I get regular spikes (every few minutes) of 2000+ ms where characters start warping around, and my Wizard usually dies at that point. I’ll dispute the charge with my credit card company if nothing happens before June 5th, the game is pretty much unenjoyable at this point for me.

    StarCraft 2 works fine, no lag. All other games work fine too, and the beta ran silk smooth. Still – tech support claims it must be my computer or network. They must be doing something very special in D3! :mrgreen:

    • I get the same thing. Yesterday, I was getting lag spikes in range of 2-3 minutes! I’ll play fine for 20 minutes and then BAM. Nothing moves for at least 30 seconds. And then I’m dead.

      I’ve been playing StarCraft for a long time and I never had something in that excess. I had some lag here and there but like 3 secs at most and even that is now fixed once I learned about Vista’s wireless background scanning and fixed it with WLAN Optimizer (which I HIGHLY recommend to any WiFi users).

      My equipment is new and runs the game perfectly smooth. There are also periods when there are no lag spikes, so I wonder if it’s related to being overloaded.

      • You do realize that 3 seconds of lag is a ping of 3000 right?  That’s enormous and unplayable in D3.  Even 1000. Fix your connection, reset your modem/router, close utorrent and *everything* else that is using the connection on computers on your network, especially if it’s shared.  Same goes to the original reply.

        There are endless number of us with no latency issues playing on the very same realm and servers as you.

        • Unfortunately, YOU do not realize other people have brains too.

          I am not complaining about lags, but I have seen them, though rarely. What Michal is talking about is a situation when the game just totally stops updating, as if nothing comes from the server. You can run around, swing your hands as if you are casting something, but not projectiles come out, monsters do not move, chests do not open, items are not picked up. You can even run for some time and reach the end of the world, where no map is loaded – game does not even load assets.

          It has nothing to do with lagometer, as the latter shows the delay of normal operation. What I described is a total loss of communication of game data, but the game still acts like the connection is up, and finally (after minutes – and yes, we do know that minutes are sixty thousands milliseconds each) repairs it and catches up on game time.

          It has happened to me two times: once I’ve only had a couple of monsters, and the game admitted I’ve killed them through the lag; another time I was in a cleared dungeon.

        • Unfortunately, you refuse to assume other people have brains too.

          I am not complaining about lags, but I have seen them, though rarely. What Michal is talking about is a situation when the game just totally stops updating, as if nothing comes from the server. You can run around, swing your hands as if you are casting something, but not projectiles come out, monsters do not move, chests do not open, items are not picked up. You can even run for some time and reach the end of the world, where no map is loaded – game does not even load assets.

          It has nothing to do with lagometer, as the latter shows the delay of normal operation. What I described is a total loss of communication of game data, but the game still acts like the connection is up, and finally (after minutes – and yes, we do know that minutes are sixty thousands milliseconds each) repairs it and catches up on game time.

          It has happened to me two times: once I’ve only had a couple of monsters, and the game admitted I’ve killed them through the lag; another time I was in a cleared dungeon.

  7. I just started playing inferno last night and I can only kill normal mobs. I can pretty much destroy all the normal mobs while the elite packs destroy me. the first couple bosses are also pretty easy but man those elites are unkillable by my DH right now.

  8. The only problem with Inferno is that you’re essentially permanently undergeared and this forces players into cookie-cutter specs in over to overcome their gear dependency.

  9. Am I the only one bothered by the fact that a game around which such a big hype is built to sell millions of copies is released in such a state? Isn’t it arrogant for Blizzard to admit that they released the game with Inferno unbalanced? What’s up with the “the game is young” or “the game is one weeks old” stuff? As far as I know the game is +10 years old and the concepts are +15 years old.

  10. With the items that are currently flooding the AH, inferno wont be that hard. I can so far only do the first quest with my monk, but Im undergeared and haven’t even started farming. Both my weapons have approximately 500 dps and I do have a few really old items. But if I farm in hell, it’s possible for me to earn 1 000 000 gold/day (takes some hours though…) and I would guess that if I buy 2 of those 1,2k DPS weapons for 1500000 each, I wont have that much trouble anymore. And now when more and more people are playing in inferno, more and more of those weapons will flood the market so eventually the price tags will be much lower, which will mean that these weapons will be attainable for more casual players and then everything will be MUCH easier!

  11. DH perspective, Act 1 Inferno is moderately challenging and fun. It’s fairly farmable even after SS nerf. Some packs take quite a bit of kiting, some packs (*cough*invulnerable minions*cough*) are best left alone.

    Act 2 is a different story. It borders on impossible unless you buy items that people got from Act 3-4. I doubt I can ever farm gear in Act 1 that is good enough for Act 2, and that’s a problem.

     Another peeve of mine is that some boss packs in inferno enjoy complete immunity to slows. I had an Extra Fast mob run through 80% caltrops while being Rapid Fired for another 80% and it didn’t slow him at all, not even a bit. That makes a lot of DH skills completely irrelevant.

    • I’ve had similar problems snaring as a wizard, which lead me to switch to a build that favored Mirror Image – I distract the monsters for 7 seconds instead of slowing them, which lets me (more or less) safely deal damage.

  12. there have been a lot of good threads on why inferno is the wrong kind of hard on the official forums. The problem is that it doesn’t require skill it’s just tedious and not fun. I can live with being one shot so long as it was my fault. inferno is like you can play perfectly and through no fault of your own be one shot every time until you can drag the pack to a corner and move past it.  Belgian fight is what inferno should be like.

  13. This all in line with Bashiok had promised us though… He said that Act 2 Inferno will take us WEEKS to get through… People don’t believe him back then and said it was just his hype.

    Now we got what we asked for and it’s exactly as Bashiok had said, and people already cried about it? C’mon this work as intended and the way it should be! 

  14. 59 Barb currently.  Just beat Act 3 HELL (Playing with a group of 3 friends almost exclusively).  I took on the roll of TANK as best I could.  I mean I bought SO MUCH gear from the AH, focusing pretty much only on VIT, ARMOR and RESISTS.  My armor is pretty damn high and almost every piece of armor has 1 RESIST + RESIST ALL.  My lowest resist is 160, highest 222.  Does this help at all for tanking mobs??  NO.  My VIT drops like a stick of butter in the microwave.  Most of my skills have some sort of life leech (Frenzy, 8% HP after kill; Revenge, 5%; Rend, with Bloodlust) . 

    This is only HELL mode and the game is already at a point it can be so frustrating it’s not fun.  The Monk in our group constantly rage quits after we wipe multiple times.  Our Wizard pumping out 16k DPS is a killing machine, but still not fast enough for these mobs…  There is no way I’m going to take Inferno mode seriously until they fix some things. 

    What I would like to see is ARMOR and RESISTS actually working properly.  My character should not be able to be destroyed so quickly, it just doesn’t even make sense.  My friends and I would be fine with a long battle against tough mobs if it weren’t like our HP orbs were f***ing YoYos.  When I’m tanking a group my HP drops instantly, then shoots back up to half way with the Life leech skils, then drops more, then back up a little, until I’m teetering under 20% HP and relentless kicks so I can continuously spam REND. Thanks blizzard for all these awesome skill options which I can’t even consider using.

    • You are thinking it’s a MMO where you have these roles, TANK, HEALER and DPS. 

      It’s not.

      Consider pumping your damage, so you’ll get your life leech up as well. Also use crowd control skills, like stuns and slows. What would help your party is minions, also. 

      • Minions? That’s a joke right? I guess they might absorb one good hit. I think the fear of seeing a mob in inferno may instantly kill my dogs considering how well they survive in hell. They probably die in town. A double sacrifice is about the only thing to make dogs useful, so much so that I feel like sacrifice should just be built into the original skill so as not to bother using two slots to make one skill useful.

        I’m not really sure how blizz claims there is so much build diversity when the majority of skill/rune combinations are not viable. The only buff I want is true build diversity. Make the currently useless stuff as viable as the must have skills are now. It should be difficult to pick between skill/rune combos. It seems though that the must haves will just get a nerf.

      • Don’t get me wrong.  I never intended to play JUST the roll of tank.  But, as a Barbarian, my DPS was not even coming close to matching that of my Wizard friend and even my Monk friend.  My first 45 levels were mostly just for fun and DPS and it was a blast.  I was whirlwinding, and dropping my Ancients.  It was great until I realized my time would be better spent keeping the mobs off my wizard so he could unload his DPS that was 4 times my own.  Also I was getting hit so hard I had to, out of PURE NECESSITY, switch to almost all defensive build.  I focused mainly on DPS for a while and I can attest that Life Leech and Life on Hit is an UTTER JOKE.  It’s not nearly viable to keep you alive long enough to actually play the way you want to.

        So yeah, now I use ground stomp for stun and it pulls in all the mobs on me.  I use Threatening Shout with demoralize, so I taunt them (3 seconds whoopie!).  My base DPS is a lowly 4k and am just waiting to hit 60 to upgrade from 367 dps axe, to something with a LOT more bite.  (Hello 1,000 dps magic swords).  Luckily I’m like 59.4, so I can hold for another day.

  15. I think inferno is the right kind of hard. Sorta.

    I like that it’s a real challenge, and boos mobs are hard to do, but then again i only just began act 2 (Barb player)

    What i really, really dislike, is that I can’t play the way i want to, I can’t do the Glass cannon thing, because i will simply die. So 80% of my spells is defensivly oriented, the same with my gear. If i wanted to focus so much on defense sans offence, I would have picked Hardcore, even tho that would be even worse! 

  16. Well as a witch doctor speaking, there arent many builds , 4 or less ( VQ almost a must have) that can run inferno. Too many skills or runed skills dont have any use yet in inferno, pets anyone.. Ill just wait and see what they make of it though, not going to whine yet  😀

    • Yep, sadly I started with the WD thinking I’d be well off with Jay’s: “Pets scale pretty well into inferno” comment thinking that meant something other than “completely worthless”.  Since I can’t even play him the way I intend I’ve taken a break to level other characters until Blizzard gets things together.

  17. Got level 60 monk, act III hell. I’m always underpowered and I find it impossible to get good gear. My best stuff comes from shops. This is what I don’t like, grinding for gold not gear. The game has changed drastically and not for the better. Still I stick to it cause there’s nothing else to do, certainly not going to play D2 now. Its just annoying the loot pool is so shallow and the monsters you’re meant to kill for loot just -self censored- you completely. There’s no loot!

  18. \Respec, try different skills, or just go play the other classes for a bit. I’m sure we’ll have far better builds in a few weeks or months, as well as much better gear, and things we now think are hard will be no big deal then. \ I love how we’re being treated like retards. Gaming has evolved, gamers have improved. The optimal builds aren’t hard to figure out at all, so no, I doubt \we’ll have far better builds\. The only factor here is gear, but even then, Blizzy acknowledged that it wasn’t properly tuned. Besides, they keep good gear drop rates low, just to inflate RMAH prices. Which means that the really good gear is scarce, and expensive. Hardly the player’s fault, and hardly again for how many skills and runes are absolute garbage.

  19. Man i wish i could see the peoples Spec and Build who are complaining. Probably most of them stack wrong Stats, have Nightmare Items on them and want to use all 6 slots for Damage Skills! Seriously stop complaining that the HARDEST difficulty is to hard, i get my ass whooped in FIFA even by the default difficulty and its not because the game is broken, its because is suck at FIFA… come on, the game is a week old, give me a break … i’m fine with the difficulty i dont want to rush through Inferno like i did on Normal

    • stack the wrong stats?  

      its not like there are that many choices

      duh, let’s see, I’m a Witch Doctor, so I guess I should stack Dexterity
      my char sheet says Intelligence is my primary stat, but duh, I’ll go with Dexterity anyway.  

      yeah, right, it’s the players fault  🙄

  20. “Unfortunately, we are unable to provide in-game notifications of when a hotfix goes live”
    Seriously ? !   🙄
    How difficult is it ?   

    • I know.  How hard is it to send a system message or put the info in the breaking news area of the game launcher?

  21. Haha i love that last comment about wizards and dhs strange that me and my brother wiz/dh can easily solo act3 inferno now even after the nerf and neither of us got really good gear, act4 is abit harder tho but doable, i can even solo stuff on my half geared barb in act3.

    Its way to much casuals and crap players in this game hence the whine. 

  22. Tell your monk to use healing aura with sustenance, Breath of Heaven (with the bigger heal rune), and serenity (with heal rune). Also sweeping wind, blind/mystic ally, and that should do the trick 🙂  Also, there is a GREAT synergy between barb and monk, as when you hit inferno a2 he will be forced to go with dodge mantra (armor rune), giving you lots of stats, and he will have stacked up enough res that your shout makes him very tanky. There are no problems here 🙂 (except for the little build diversity, but i suppose that will come later). 

    Ps: that was an answer to a post on the first page :/

  23. It sounds from the posters; YouTube vids: Blizzrd; Biashok; that Inferno cannot be played as a single-player solo. Esp. without any investment in the AH. The gear drops aren’t leveled for the challenges of the asst’d mobs, Champs, etc. What is the point of playing the level if your not interested in co-op? I’ve been burned on BN with 3 GREAT characters in D2LOD. I’m esp wary of BN hacks, cheats, exploits, and PK’ers. I did fine in D2 solo till level 87 with one Barb (Max MF too! I might add) and it was extremely difficult; but do=able wich made in enjoyable. It just seems that Blizzard has gearded Inferno to be a MAX LEV co-op over BN; with zero hope of any single player advancing to/thru Act 1

  24. The farther into D3 I get, the more annoyed I get annoyed at the game design.

    – The affix pool is terrible.  To play the game and survive, every item in every equipment slot needs to have +damage (when the affix can spawn on the item type), +primary stat, +vit.  Beyond this, the only other useful affixes are +sockets, +ias, +life returned on hit, +health globe life, +gold/health globe pickup radius

    – Item drops are terrible.  95% are all salvage/vendor fodder, and I have found no set items and only 2 legendaries.  Now, I have not found any set items because they are all level 60 items, but I miss finding set pieces while leveling up.  Legendaries are to rare as well, especially when comparing the rarity to the usefulness of the item.  The 2 legendaries I found both sucked.  One because it just sucked.  The other because it dropped at a point in the game where I was 10 levels above the item’s level.  I mean, WTF, all the other items being dropped in the area are 8 or more item levels above the legendaries item level.  This legendary item should have been in the drop table for the previous act.  There it may have been useful for awhile, which brings me to my next point.  Item drops for first-time Act Boss kills suck.  Not only do we have to deal with potentially not getting any rares and the terrible affix pool, but we have to deal with the Act Boss dropping items well below our current level, similar to what I mentioned above regarding the legendary being dropping in the wrong Act.

    – The best items are attained by shopping instead of monster kills, which ties back into the two points above, and made worse by the auction house. I want to kill monsters and find my own epic equipment thank you very much, not scrap/vendor everything and go shopping.

    – All these skills and passives, and every class is pigeon holed into a single build.  Find me a Monk that doesn’t use Breath of Heaven, Serenity/Peaceful Repose, Seize the Initiative, and a single Spirit Generator which is usually Fists of Thunder, that then doesn’t use Mantra of Healing or Mantra of Evasion.  If you do, you will have found a Monk that dies all time and complains about the game difficulty.  The build diversity in this game is fail.  Yes you can choose other things, but the end result will be you are dead, especially in the later game difficulties.  For the pigeon holing of the other classes, just read what Blizzard is nerfing or look at the builds being used by the players that are laughing at the players who are complaining the game is too hard.  Again, we have no choice really.  Every class has at least 3 actives and 1 passive that MUST be taken or you will die…. regularly.

  25. While running normal/nightmare, I noticed I was unable to join public games for quests I was on, and several quests before that. It was the level requirements and they aren’t posted until you reach that level. It looks like a bug rather than an intentional level requirement.

    1. Show public game level requirements for all quests.
    2. I think the minimum level requirements need to generally drop by 5 in NM difficulty at least.

    I also open my game up for the public and no one joins until I complete a quest. Then a whole group of people may join. I think this is because I am on Act 2, Q5, Part 2/4 on that quest (made up numbers). If one resets the quest to Act 2, Quest 5, it starts over on Part 1.

    What I have to do is reset my quest to Act 2, Q5, Part 1, and then people may join. 

  26. The difficulty itself seems fine enough. It really seems that getting ver good gear will make inferno reasonable to do. And it it perfectly fine if it takes months to get that gear.
    The biggest issue here was the fact that a bunch of skills and exploits made Inferno way too easy, allowing everyone to get access to better gear much faster than intended.
    Some of the elite spawn attributes aret okay though. People shouldnt die to losing control over their characters. Probably vortex, jailer etc shouldnt be able to spawn together with “AoE shit on the ground” abilities (Arcane, Molten etc).
    Maybe enough gear really will make us able to survive being dragged into a molten, arcane, poison infested spot on the ground in act 4, but I’m not exactly convinced. Seems better to remove these combinations of elite mob attributes, and maybe increase the damage of those abilities to compensate or whatever.

  27. Why are there not so many public games?
    Because people are avoiding them to avoid getting hacked. 

  28. I don’t know, personal opinion is Inferno is tedious and not very fun. Part of that might be that my WD pets were supposed to be useful, not die in seconds and be a waste of a skill slot.

  29. “Bashiok replied that Inferno was intentionally unbalanced and super-hard at launch, and that they’d always intended to revisit the balance post-release. Click through for the quote.”

    Err unless i’m missing something (didn’t clickthrough to bnet or anything), that’s not a fair summary of the quote at all.  Your above summary made my eyes go fucking wide with rage at Blizzard!  Reading the quote i was calm again.  🙂

  30. It is so funny…before release everyone wanted Inferno to be super hard. Now that people realize it really is hard they act surprised and angry.  Wasn’t Inferno designed for the top players?  maybe some of you need to realize that you are not among the top players (I certainly am not).  For the players who want to face the challenge I really hope they don’t nerf inferno.

    If you find inferno frustrating an not fun…don’t play it!  Nobody is forcing you.  go play where you can have fun.  

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