Another assortment of Blue posts from a busy day on the forums.

    First off, many users are complaining that their Staff of Herding has vanished between games, or even while they moved between acts after creating it and before using it. I’m skeptical about “I was hacked” claims, but these seem fairly legit, and as it’s a weird, semi-quest object it’s easy to imagine some bug in the game code. To prevent this you should not craft the item until right before you’re about to use it to journey to Whimsyshire[/wiki], as the ingredients required take some time and expense to assemble.

    In light of recent hotfix nerfs to various Monk and Wizard skills, a fan makes a reasonable request; that Blizzard give some warning before they implement hotfixes that will gut various builds and render builds and the characters devoted to them, useless.

    This is our goal (for some of the reasons you’ve outlined), and going forward we’ll be working with our developers and quality assurance teams closely to deliver as much advance notice as possible on hotfixes. We’ll be providing updates as frequently as possible here.

    I appreciate the response Lylirra, but the goal was not met with how this was handled.
    We agree. We understand the impact that some changes can have and want to provide players with as much notice as possible so that they can prepare accordingly. We were unable to give advance warning in this situation and have taken steps to ensure that we are able to do so in the future.

    Unfortunately, we are unable to provide in-game notifications of when a hotfix goes live (I saw this as a suggestion earlier in the thread), but we will be updating the hotifix list as frequently and consistently as possible. Depending on what changes are made, daily updates are likely. We may also call-out certain upcoming changes separately, in a forum post like this one.

    A fan pointed out the incongruity between Blizzard’s claim of 6.5m+ copies of D3 sold and the fact that there are only 15k public games available. Bashy replied.

    That’s weird, I wonder if it’s based on … yeah I have no idea. It could be correct as while people play multiplayer games with their friends (and by the current stats about 1/5 are in multiplayer games) not too many open up their games to public. The rumors of public game hacking could also be scaring people away from it (which is nonsense, FYI). Anyway, hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people are currently playing on the Americas server alone, and we’re not fully into peak hours. On a Wednesday.

    With that said why is matchmaking so broken? Why is it so hard to find or get 4 people to play together in public games? Can you guys fix that please..
    Yeah that’s something we’re aware of. It’s actually the matchmaker preferring to distribute players out over the game servers for performance reasons, rather than make full games. Until we nail down more performance issues, it’s on the to-do list.

    Another fan asked about the in-game latency indicator, which is running higher than he expected it to. I’ve seen that also; I usually had ping in the 100ms range during the beta, while I’m usually in the 250ms range now (though it plays fine). Bashy spoke:

    The latency indicator in-game is not a simple ping like most games, and is actually a full process of the game sending an action to the service, the service processing it, and returning it to the client. This means that the latency indicator actually gives a more accurate account of what the experience is for game data, but in comparison to other games will seem high. We’re more interested in issues where there is actual performance degradation, and certainly there may be, but the in-game latency number is not a simple ping and therefore shouldn’t be used literally as a measurement against performance elsewhere.

    Finally, a fan asked that Inferno not be nerfed, and Bashiok replied that Inferno was intentionally unbalanced and super-hard at launch, and that they’d always intended to revisit the balance post-release. Click through for the quote.

    Please don’t nerf Inferno. All these kids are crying because they cant go and one-shot a difficult situation like they could in their precious World of Warcraft. You guys said before launch you had no intention of reducing the difficulty, and I truly hope you keep that promise.
    There are definitely some aspects of Inferno and the way damage comes in that we’re looking at. Before we get there though we want to address the skills that are ‘must haves’, and see how the skill and gear game settles out a bit before we address content. If there’s a skill that you absolutely can’t survive without, that’s a much more serious issue to customization, build diversity, and the game as a whole than someone not being able to progress as quickly as they feel they should.

    I think tweaks to content difficulty is a given, it’s going to happen in some shape or form, but we’re not there quite yet.

    As it stands, nothing works well for DH past act 1 Inferno. Wizards have it just as rough. Mean while i witnessed a barb solo 3 packs of elites on Inferno on the same act i’m struggling to complete the first quest.
    You should go tell the barb players that. Consensus is they’re the worst class in the game.

    How many of you guys are into Inferno already, and how are you finding the difficulty? I’m nowhere near that far myself, as I haven’t had the hours to play and I’ve spent my time on all five classes instead of just powering up one, but the various people I know who are there say it’s crazy hard. Probably too hard.

    I can believe them, but I hope Bliz doesn’t get too worried about balance issues for the DiabloWikiend game when the vast majority of players aren’t even there yet and big item changes are coming in patches. If Inferno is too hard for your char now, have some patience. Respec, try different skills, or just go play the other classes for a bit. I’m sure we’ll have far better builds in a few weeks or months, as well as much better gear, and things we now think are hard will be no big deal then.

    I remember everyone thought D2X v1.10 was impossible for about a week, since all the v1.09 builds were useless, but players quickly tried new builds, embraced synergies, found new items, made new runewords, and a month later v1.10 wasn’t even considered difficult anymore. Accept the challenge, don’t just bleat for the game to be nerfed. Anyone who thinks they’re at the height of their Diablo 3 skill and build science after a week probably needs to take a break for some real life activities anyway.

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