Several useful Blue posts this afternoon, touching on a variety of current game issues.

    I am not sure if it is intentional or not, but the act 3 key warden seems to have a much lower drop chance for its key? (…) Can someone tell me if it is supposed to be a different drop rate, or broken, or just Terrible RNG luck?
    Vaeflare: The Keywardens all have the same innate drop rates. So, as some players in this thread have already mentioned, the variation you’re experiencing is due simply to the nature of RNG. The only MP strength in which the keys and organs are guaranteed to drop if you have a full five stacks of Nephalem Valor is MP10 (100% drop chance).

    If I only played a Monk…

    I applaud your effort in calling out legendary drops. Overall it is a great addition. That said, the mini map ping is very underwhelming.
    Lylirra: We agree, and we’re looking into making the mini-map ping more visible. While I don’t think we’ll change the graphic or add in an alert dialog (we might, but it hasn’t really come up in discussion), we definitely do want to make the ping last for a much longer period of time.

    We know you have to have 5NV when you *kill* the target, but do you have to have 5NV when the target is first hit?
    Lylirra: Confirmed with our developers: you only need the full five stacks when you kill the target. The game checks for that requirement when the target dies, not when it’s first engaged.

    NV 5 stack and fighting a pack, if you die then finish the pack does this impact the quality or quantity of drops or is it still the same RNG %?
    Lylirra: The loot gods care care not for your sacrifices. (Or, in other words, your character deaths do not affect item drop rates or quality).

    There are people who believe that some servers are tuned to drop tons of legendaries and some that are tuned to drop nothing at all. They have absolutely no proof. But a nice big blue post stating the theory is false would be nice. Although, those people who believe this would most likely just think you are lying…
    Lylirra: While there are a number of factors which can influence what kind of loot you get (Magic Find, MP level, # of NV stacks, etc), they’re all character-based. Which server you play on — or what game you join — doesn’t really have any bearing on your likelihood of seeing a Legendary item drop.

    Sure, you might have an easier time farming some games than others based on what monsters spawn, which means you’ll probably progress a little faster and kill more things (killing more things = more chances for loot to drop), but that’s about it.

    Thanks for the input Lylirra, what about if your dead when they die? also what about if your in town?
    Lylirra: In order to be eligible for loot or experience you need to either a) tag the monster in combat or b) be in proximity when the monster dies.

    So, you could technically hit a monster, die, TP back to town and flirt with Leah a bit, and you’d still be eligible for loot when that monster dies (even if it dies when you’re not nearby). Similarly, you could charge in headlong into combat ahead of your friends, die before they get there, and when your friends saunter up and kick the monster’s bucket, you’d all be eligible for any loot the monster drops.

    The blues are simply reporting the coders’ solemn belief that they correctly executed the design they were given. Of course, just because the coders believe they successfully implemented the design team’s vision doesn’t mean that they did. If that were the case, there wouldn’t be bugs. But there are.
    Lylirra: It certainly possible there may be an issue we’re unaware of. If that’s the case, players need to post in the Bug Report forum and provide as much evidence as possible so we can investigate.

    The design intent, however, is as I stated before. 🙂

    We should run a vote at some point to measure how you guys feel about your item drops. Whether you think you’re lucky, unlucky, or conspired against by some shadowy demonic forces. (Not the kind that lecture you in Diablo III.) The whole RNG thing basically turns us all into digital pigeons in a Skinner Box, as we create our own rituals and rites to appease the mighty and inscrutable item dropping gods.

    Also, if you’ve been wondering, RNG does not stand for “Rares Never Good,” though perhaps it should…

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