Blizzard on Beta Invite Sending

OK so your mailbox was empty when the first wave went out and you want that Beta key. Blizzard posted a reponse the constant “Where’s my key Blizzard!” and “Are you sending more keys today” comments. The answer is what you’d expect, as has been stated a million times, they will go out in waves 🙂

This is something we aren’t likely to answer during the beta test. Ever. I know everyone’s aching for a piece of the Diablo III action, but the testing process won’t be well served if the forums are flooded daily with questions about beta invite waves.There is no predetermined schedule for the rate at which players get invited to test the game.

The Blizzard folk who are monitoring the concurrency trend of people online and playing, as well as the stability of the game servers, will do waves of invites as needed. When I say “as needed,” I mean when the servers are stable and we’re comfortable with the room we have to get more people in the game. We won’t do waves of invites if we feel our infrastructure at any given time can’t handle an increased concurrency.

Beyond that, there’s really only an extra morsel of information — small though it may be — I can provide as to when invites might go out. They’ll go out, as I said before, when we’re comfortable with increasing concurrent players online. And they’ll typically go out during standard business hours (9 a.m. – 6 p.m. Monday – Friday, North American Pacific time).

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    20 thoughts on “Blizzard on Beta Invite Sending

    1. Nice of them to actually say they don’t have any sort of pre-determined date or time for them to be sent, just that they’ll go out when whoever is in charge of the servers thinks they should send out more.

      Hopefully they’ll just say this up-front for all of their future betas and avoid all the repeated questions in the first place.

    2. So it sounds like there will be a slow trickle of people added every few days, rather than a flood every couple of weeks. In other words, time to press refresh from 9a to 6p pacific m-f…

      • Atleast some people wont be hurting their finger spamming refresh every other second 24 hours a day. Now it’s only from 9-6 lol.

    3. Blizzard…amazing company……needs to hire better PR ppl…this whole thing was handled terribly.  How hard is it to have some level of clarity with your mass customer base.

    4. What I would like to know is when the invites are coming to EU, are the invites only for America? Or are the invites worldwide?

    5. I also do hope that Blizz will include some 3rd world countries for beta (like Kazakhstan for example  :wink:) to test how game will run in those regions. Along the same lines I also do hope that the final cut will be available in ENG other than local language (or at least some way to choose this preference).

    6. Since the EU announcement got online as well, I hope EU players can expect an invitation too. Invites should be sent from Blizzard HQ between 18:00 and 03:00 CET if I’m correct. Let’s wait and see.

    7. Hope they toss Betas around South America and Asia, since Blizz themselves showed that less than 1% of the F&F testers were from those places. After all, they need to check their lagginess everywhere, since they placed this always online condition.
      And I also hope the game is available in english everywhere, cuz the brazilian names so far are a bit lame. And this from a guy who actually liked the SC2 translation

    8. I heard someone took a screenie of only 60 people online during the F & F, what are they up to now 100? They better get a bigger number in there, or it will be WoW vanilla all over again! They’ve seen the lines at their cons for this game, people post 24 hours a day on their site. They better have more then 200 people at a time, at launch thousands will be pouring in!

      • I agree with VortexDragon above. If Blizzard does not really stress thier new battlenet, it will be a huge crash fest upon release. Lets say everyone that plays WoW buys a copy upon release. That is 11 million people logged onto battlenet.

    9. I tried posting on the battle net and wasnt able to… it says my profile is a test profile? What does it mean?
      I have SC2, and a profile with pics and achievements and so on… do I have to “tie”  it to D3 in order to post?

      • I am also unable to post on the Blizzard.Net forums since I cancelled my WoW subscription. However my account is not identified as ‘test profile’ – Do you have a Wow account active?

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