Today Bashiok returned to a forum thread about the DiabloWikiWitch Doctor skill DiabloWikiHaunt, which a fan observed in a gameplay movie and deemed ugly. In his first post Bashiok asked what was ugly about it, and he returned to the thread to pass along an update from Diablo 3’s Lead Technical Artist, DiabloWikiJulian Love. Here’s the new stuff:

    Julian, notorious masochist, continues to read the forums and fansites and provide more information on skills and effects.

    Re: haunt, he wanted to pass along that the effect seen for the skill was “the most ridiculously temporary graphic ever.” It was never really intended to be shown in the state it was, so it’s all a bit embarrassing. But never fear as the skill itself is seeing an overhaul (technically and visually) to better deliver the concept of being haunted.

    I’ve embedded the movie in question below, and good luck picking out what this guy was bitching about. As he says, it happens around 1:22, just before the movie cuts from the desert MP action to the Monk alone in a tomb. The WD is on the far left, and he fires Haunt after the DiabloWikiFallen Imp that’s fleeing due to the DiabloWikiHorrify spell. In the movie, Haunt looks like a spray of white foam, and no, it didn’t look much better in the BlizzCon 2009 demo.  The effect was a bit better once the ghost/spirit/whatever was in action, as it could be seen on the monsters like a white glow which transferring between them and dealt damage over time. But admittedly, it was one of the weaker graphics in the build, so good news that it was just a placeholder, destined for major improvements.

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