Bashiok made a few forum replies today, on various issues. In the first, a fan complained about the graphics and function of DiabloWikiHaunt, a DiabloWikiWitch Doctor spell. (Haunt’s damage and function are fully detailed on our wiki page, if you want additional details.) Bashiok disagreed, sort of.

    1:22. The Witch Doctor spits out a long stream of something at the fallen and he is engulfed in a light and then dies. Fortunately, or perhaps unfortunately, I got to use the Haunt skill at Blizzcon 09 and can recognize it. And maybe now some of my followers will understand what I mean when I say it looks awful. For those that don’t want to look it up, the Haunt skill summons an invisible spirit that latches onto an enemy and does damage over time until it dies, whereby it will seek out another. The description said the spirit lasted 6 seconds, but lasted longer when possessing someone.

    Now that I think about it, It’s just a weaker and single-target version of Locust Swarm.

    Bashiok: Haunt. yes.

    It’s essentially a fire and forget DoT that jumps around once it kills something. Pretty useful to always have out there hurting dudes.

    Why does it look awful, specifically?

    Elsewhere, the same guy (Grug) pointed out another issue from the same YouTube video, but this time Bashiok had to correct him:

    2:17—I really don’t know how anyone missed this. After all the cultists exploded, a pulsing white sphere appeared which seemed to shrink into oblivion, but then burst again. None of the monsters looked like bosses, so I conclude this is some rune effect of Exploding Palm. Perhaps when 4 or more enemies explode at once it leaves behind that effect, doing even more damage.

    Bashiok: You can actually see that one of the cultists has a lightning effect around their feet (it’s faint), indicating it’s a champion or rare with an electrical affix. The effect you’re pointing out is a post-death lightning explosion from that rare/champion. The same effect happens with all of the damage types if they roll that affix.

    Rares/champions also have a faint glow to them that’s actually quite noticeable in-game (that indicates they’re not a normal enemy) but it doesn’t really come through in the quality of that video.

    Finally, Clan-iraq references the DiabloWikiLCS, the “Lying Character Screen” of Diablo 2 fame, and asks for that not to happen again in Diablo 3. Bashiok gets OT in his reply.

    Don’t be passive aggressive CI. It’s not an attractive quality. And I want to be attracted to you.

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