A fan goes sarcastic about the missing commas in the Auction House issue, and gets back what he put in.

    I am a genious. Super easy fix to the comma dilemma

    Make commas have a 50% drop rate chance from elite packs. Players then can use them in either the trade window or AH. Of course commas must be bound on account to encourage play time.

    Comma drop fan art. (No, really.)

    Comma drop fan art. (No, really[.)

    Vaeflare: Ah, the rare and elusive comma!

    We agree that the lack of commas in both player trade windows and the Auction House is not ideal and that is can lead to some very bad experiences for players, and it’s definitely on our radar as something we would like to change. We have concrete plans to do this (seriously), but we don’t have an ETA on when we’ll be implementing this change just yet. As it stands, it’s something that is likely to coincide with other changes relating to the Auction House and itemization, so hang in there!

    Other suggestions include commas generated by salvaging brimmies, introducing a punctuation affix that generates random commas, periods, semi-colons, tildes, etc, or adding a scientific notation passive for more mathematically-advanced users.

    As we’ve heard many times, any fixes that involve Battle.net programming take a long time to occur, since the B.net programmers cover all Blizzard games and online infrastructure and it’s a perpetual “rebuilding the ship while we’re still afloat” sort of problem. On the bright side, we’ll probably see commas at the same time that max prices increase above 2B, so not only will you have larger numbers, but you’ll be able to read them too!

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