Blizzard has committed to making major changes/improvements to Diablo 3 classic, even as they’re putting all their effort into making the expansion pack. Most fans view the upcoming patch changes as good news, but it’s created some confusion about what exactly we’ll see in D3C and what will only be in D3X.

    Ok, so some things will come pre-loaded when expansion comes out and then if you want the “rest” you will have to buy it.. i.e. crusader and act 5
    Vaeflare: Before the expansion is released, we intend to have a pre-patch that will implement many of the new systems and features we’ve talked about for Diablo III for free. We want to make improvements to the core gameplay experience for all players, but at this time we don’t have a full list on which features will be included in this free update and which will be exclusive to the expansion.

    The features we’re looking to require the Reaper of Souls expansion are the new Crusader class, Act V, the Mystic, and progressing beyond the current level cap (level 60).

    It’s funny that we’re seeing this issue, since it’s one thing Blizzard North didn’t have to worry about back in the D2 days. They put out a couple of patches for D2C right after release and that was it; subsequent patches fixed some bugs, but all effort went into D2X and if you wanted new features, skill changes, new classes, all the new items, etc… you bought the damn expansion. It’s been years, but I can’t recall anyone asking for, much less expecting, big patch changes for D2C, and not because that game was perfect, but because it was just expected that all the teams’ effort would go to creating the expansion.

    Thinking back on that… is it actually a good thing that Blizzard wants to change so much about D3C right before the expansion is released? The game has changed a lot since launch, but it’s pretty well stabilized since DiabloWikiPatch 1.0.8 back in May, and perhaps the devs should just leave it as is? After all, the online-only means that you can’t just keep on playing v1.07 or v1.08 forever, if that’s the version you like best. So why force players to swallow the major system changes in D3C, when those same changes are coming to D3X not so much later?

    Click through for additional questions and Blue replies about possible upgrades to crafting legendary items, and another request for D3C changes sooner rather than later.

    I’m curious, since it’s been said they’re revamping ALL legendaries, if crafted legendaries are included in the patch/expansion discussion? I don’t know if anyone’s asked this already, and if they did, if it got any solid answers.
    Vaeflare: We’ve certainly discussed the possibility of adding in some new craftable Legendary items into the expansion, but we don’t have any concrete plans just yet.

    What kind of Legendary items would you like to be able to craft? If you had full control over the system, how would you want that process to work?

    Another request for patch content sooner than later was heard on the EU forums.

    until the expansion get released next year somewhere, that system can easily be included in a patch.
    Vaneras: I can certainly see how you would think so, but the truth is that it is not really that simple. Loot 2.0 will be quite an immense update that is co-dependent on several other core gameplay features of the game, some of which are expansion features that are still under development.

    Will you remove anything from game?
    Vaneras: A tough question to ask right now, because I can’t say no and I also can’t say yes 🙁

    The thing is that there are still so many things about the expansion that are up in the air, so I can’t really answer this question until more things have been set in stone… sorry for being so vague.

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