DiabloWikiBashiok is back at it in the forums today. First off, he replies to one of the most common questions about DiabloWikiFury and other “charging resources.” What does a character do when they’re just starting out in a game (especially in PvP) when they’ve not had a chance to charge up anything yet?

    Well there are skills that generate fury, as was said, and there are skills that don’t require any to be used. It’s not going to be a situation where you get into a game and have to lumber around using your normal attack until you have enough fury to actually start dealing real damage. That wouldn’t be very fun, and we don’t like things that aren’t fun

    Another thread was started by a fan who dearly wants to call his Monk a “crusader” and who lists a bunch of reasons why. Bashiok replies in Unitarian fashion:

    You can call him a crusader if you want to.

    .Bashiok also joined in with some humor on a “my perfect fifth class” thread, which became genuinely funny when someone pwned Bashiok in a reply. Click through for that.

    A thread full of, “what I hope the 5th class is” earned this reply from Bashiok:

    My perfect 5th class would take me to my favorite restaurant, and we would feed each other creme brulee while a table-side violinist serenaded us. Then we’d go to a fair or amusement park, so I could see their playful side. Then they’d walk me home, and who knows…

    Walk you home?
    So you’re the chick in this relationship?

    Bashiok: Uhhhh… .. . uhhhhhhhhhhhhh … .


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