Blizzard on Floaty Physics

If you’ve watched the Beta videos you’ll have spotted that when mobs are taken down they can fly all over the place. When launched into the air they sometimes float down and slide. This is of course the physics engine at work, and according to Blizzard, what we see now is by no means final. As testing progresses changes are going to be made, although we may not know exactly when it happens as Blizzard states any changes are unlikely to be documented in patch notes.  Keep your eyes peeled for changes as the patches progress.

Physics in the game are a bit all over the place still, and you guys are only even seeing a very small sliver of the total available skills (character and monster) so there’s a lot of tuning all around that’s being done. You’ll likely see it being tweaked as we update the beta build. I doubt it’ll be patch noted though.

I don’t want anyone to get the impression that we’re shooting for realism here though, because our goal is absolutely to make it feel like you’re an over-the-top human god laying waste to the demonic masses and setting their carcasses flying free like so much loosed meat. Also it is absolutely intentional that the barbarian’s skills have crazier impact physics than other classes, because we think that fits with the visual and feel of the character – huge impactful strikes that send dudes flying, whereas the monk might be more of a ‘thousand cuts’ kind of fighter.

There are some just straight up issues though we do intend to correct.

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3 thoughts on “Blizzard on Floaty Physics

  1. Makes sense; breaking the world-stone 20 years ago made ordinary humans into gods even when they are at level 1, hence the ridiculous corpse physics. The lore is flawless!

    • No one is complaining about being able to knock corpses all through the air, they’re complaining that they fall like feathers and slide like they’re on an ice rink.  The OP of that thread was suggesting that they increase the gravity, friction, and force of each blow so enemies fall like a sack of bricks and tumble head over heels rather than sliding.

  2. As an aside, I really like it when debris flies towards the camera.

    I’m happy to hear corpses and chunks of corpses will fall more realistically, bodies wafting down to the ground detracts.

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