Blizzard on Experience Gains in Parties

Blizzard has always said that while Bashiok is the only official Diablo 3 CM, they’ll be adding more people, or at least shifting some of their army of WoW and SC2 CMs over to help out on D3 stuff once there’s more stuff to help out on. There’s some evidence of that today, as a non-Bashiok CM did a nice job answering a question about actual game stuff. Here’s Zarhym on DiabloWikiexperience gains in parties.

I asked this question before but never got an answer. Say 4 people are playing together consistently, and remain relatively close together throughout. Will all 4 players gain experience at the same rate, or is it in any way possible one player could advance beyond the others? (either through the use of experience gain equipment or from killing more monsters)
Zarhym: If you’re far from your party while they’re slaughtering dudes, you won’t get experience for the kills. So long as you stick together, your experience gains should be equivalent. We’ve toyed with the idea of having an experience bonus affix, but we’re not sure whether or not that’s something good for the game.

Are there still DiabloWikiShrines throughout the game? In this case, Experience Shrines?
Zarhym: Yes there are. As long as the party is within the same relative area, everyone will get the shrine buff.

Will there be any ‘rested’ experience bonuses or anything like that?
Zarhym: No.

If the boss you are fighting is at 5% hp.. then you die and get sent back to town, does the boss drop any loot for you as your team finishes the boss off with out you? Or does the proximity rule exclude you from loot?
Zarhym: The way it works now, if you are dead when a boss is killed you will miss out on experience and loot. We want to make sure the design isn’t such that it becomes a standard for high-level characters to carry low-level characters through content, without risk of penalty should the lowbie die. But, there is a new resurrection mechanic which allows other players in the party to click on a dead player’s corpse to bring them back on the spot, rather than having them be sent back to town.

We’ll see how gameplay elements such as these play out in the beta test and adjust accordingly if necessary. 😉

As Blizzard revealed in one of the many interviews from last week’s event, DiabloWikirushing will be very possible in Diablo III. They didn’t reveal details about any DiabloWikiquest requirements (e.g. new char must complete quest X or Y to advance further), but they did say that there were no restrictions on using the TP RS (DiabloWikiRecall Stone).

The main limit on rushing seems to be that high level experience sharing is much limited from D2. Details are unknown, but it sounds like you’ll have little trouble getting a Clvl 5 into Act Four, but there might not be any experience-based reason to so do, since they’d just stay at Clvl 5 even if the rest of their party was busy killing dudes.

Like/dislike? Should the devs control rushing and put in more game features to make it difficult or impossible for people to zoom characters way out of the proper level progression? Or is leveling up boring and you want features that make it easy to max out your char, once you know how to exploit them?


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  1. the game is s**t. every game that employs “pay to be more powerful” is s**t
    incgamers better cease and desist d3 channel, giving room for something like torchlight 2 or grimdawn
    diablo 3 will be a massive failure

    • You know what really is shit? Your post. But I think we all knew that.

    • lol kewl username, you sound and smell like it

    • Just as expected, the community is also shit. If you dont have counter arguments for the “pay to be more powerful” diarrhea, then use ad hominem. Im glad there wont be many people like these in skyrim or grimdawn/torchlight 2  😀

      • At the risk of feeding the troll, and notwithstanding the fact that I’m not sure there will be many people in TL2 period…

        As has said many times, “pay to be more powerful” doesn’t affect gameplay because the only time non-paying players will face paying players is in PvP, and PvP will be matched such that characters face other characters of equal power.  In that case, the non-paying person will have more experience with and knowledge of their character, and will most likely win.

        As for an ad hominem attack, I can hardly think of one more baldfaced than calling the entire Diablo community “shit.”  Respectfully, I would ask you to apologize.

        • If you consider calling people shit an ad hominem, then you should stop using internet. your argument is flawed. you dont even know how equipments and bonuses will work out, specially in legendaries/set/rares
          unless they make the bonuses mediocre and so weak to the point of being unimportant, then paying people will certainly have a big advantage and in some cases guaranteed victory against people who kill for loot. also matchmaking system is shit, as can be seem in sc2

          • Are u blind or just extremely stupid? Sayimg RMAHwill ruin tjis game is extremely stupid…… What you don’t realise is that the rmah won’t net players more advantage than the gold ah will……… so saying the real money ah Will ruin this game is complete utter bullshit!

        • @Sentarius: It’s not worth it.
          There’s douches like him, and douches like me. The difference is that I will listen to what you have to say. Anything else is just trolling.

    • I think I speak for the rest of the internet when I say that we’re all glad that you won’t be seen marring the community of Diablo 3.

      Also, don’t feed the trolls.

  2. if they have enough content for it to be interesting, i don’t mind leveling the hard way.

  3. There isn’t much reason to “rush” the game now that we have infinite respecs and no skillpoints right?

    • Enh, not entirely.  Higher level skills and higher difficulties still need to be unlocked.

    • It seems rushing for the purpose of fast leveling is gone (can turn out to be rather unpopular in the end?). But rushing to reach a boss/area with good loot might still be possible though.

  4. i can see this from both sides.. i for one am really intrigued by the story and I sat through every dialogue with every NPC in D2 multiple times. I kinda wish they wouldn’t have taken that away from D3, to where you can kill while the dialogue plays, but hopefully the conversations in town will be the same.

    Anyway, rushing is more of an endgame thing for me. In D2 i played through the entire game at least once with each different class, and I only wanted to rush when i made my 2nd or 3rd of that class.

  5. So they still use shrines. I always felt shrines were rather non-important.

    • haha, i kinda like that shrines are still in the game. yeah they are a little silly and non-important, but it was little things like that which added to the charm of Diablo 1. kinda like the outline around an enemy when you hover over it, can’t take that away.

  6. “But, there is a new resurrection mechanic which allows other players in the party to click on a dead player’s corpse to bring them back on the spot, rather than having them be sent back to town.”
    Another wow-ish shit… this is not Diablo anymore
    we’ll see some auto-kill boss mechanic or auto level 60 mechanic near future to make the game EVEN more “casual”
    ( instead of casual put easy for 6 yeard old )

    • Can you direct me to anywhere in WoW that has a mechanic even remotely like that?
      Or were you just being super cute?

      • There is limited battle-res in WoW (i think 5 per encounter), which yes, brings up a dead player on the spot. All battle-reses are 10 min cooldown. In 10 man raid, you will likely have just 1, maybe 2.
        Zarhym isn’t telling us everything though, I have a feeling. Simply clicking on a player to res is… silly. I’m guessing it’s either limited (e.g. 1 per boss encounter) or has some sort of penalty.

        • Limited battle rez? Since when? I’ve been playing since release.
          All I’m aware of is the druid ability. But I don’t raid anymore.

          • they changed the dk’s raise ally and the warlock’s soulstone to act like the druid’s battle rez so there’s 3 classes that can do it now and there’s a cap on how many you can use per boss fight… only 1 for 10 mans and 3 for 25 mans (not including the shaman self rez)…

          • Oh, so it hasn’t actually changed then really. They just let other classes have the ability to do so, so you don’t NEED a druid there.

          • well it changed from wotlk and before where you could use as many brez’s as you wanted and the only limit was the cooldown…

      • jordepootah was just talking about how this game is slowly losing what made diablo, essentially diablo.  this insta spawn is bs and i agree with him.  how you fail to see that an insta rez is not coming from wow is beyond me.

        part of d2 and dying was making those corpse runs or you lost 3 days of leveling.  Or fighting the ancients with hella pots on the ground over and over and over.  Fuck that instant spawn b-rez

        • thank you, just one of you understood wth i mean. Its no so hard to get that acti-blizzard is making diablo 3 easier each month, update by update, post by post.
          Infinite and insta skill reset, RMAH, now this kind of resurrect wich has no sense… etc

        • wow has corpse runs too… and you lose durability just like in d2… to tell you the truth, i’d say wow has more in common with d2 now than d3 does, so yeah… the whole “d3 is turning into wow!” arguement is idiotic and so are you for making it…

      • classes that can resurrect on the spot ( no mean under a boss encounter, or with items) : paladin, druid, shaman, priest.
        resurrect bring a dead player back to life in the same place, is that so hard for you ?¿ i tought u were playing since release.
        in case that theyre gonna add this silly feature also in combat with a boss, it is even worse.

  7. Well atleast he answered the questions instead of giving a vague baskiok style answers. And honestly I’m getting tired of people complaining about this game is becoming a wow clone. yeah they took some ideas from wow. but wow took from the diablo series as well. wow is still an all right game but i got bored with it rather quick after cata and wotlk. but this is blizzard and its their game. if you dont like dont play it and stop b*tching about it. and please take you’re traffic else where.

    • I don’t mind negative comments so long as they have a shred of originality or constructiveness.  I totally agree with you on getting tired of the same old complaints.

    • ^ That, and so much of it. 

      This game isn’t D2.5, it’s a totally new game. D2 purists are really getting annoying with all the complaints. Corpse runs may have been a part of D2, but they were still annoying. Just because a mechanic sucked doesn’t mean it’s canon for the whole series. :p

      • How about always walking everywhere?  They totally nerfed D2 when they added running!  Good thing no one purchased the game as a result…

  8. Regarding rushing – Im glad its still in. Any attempt to curb people from doing it would have just been annoying, and lets be honest, we already have to repeat the game 3 times to finish the game with one char. After the third or fourth its nice to have the option to skip the running around.

    What Im more interested in is whether Blizzard will be vigilant at trying to keep certain areas from becoming major xp runs (Baal anyone?)

    • They’ve said statements about how they’re looking into addressing it, and how they did view it as a problem (limited XP areas). Wyatt Cheng recently spoke on the matter as well, so it’s still on the table for them.

      I don’t really care about rushing. I never rushed or grushed, but I don’t really blame people who wanted to. It doesn’t seem to make a big impact on the community in a negative way, at least. I don’t entirely see the point of it now, but I also see no reason to harm other gameplay/co-op systems just to put it down.

    • May even have to finish the game 4 times…Inferno anyone? (Unless they renamed the two difficulties, that is.)

  9. I used Rushing almost every time after my third death in hardcore XD

    I don’t mind if they remove it though, it just makes every new character more special and precious!

  10. Interesting that Zarhym (who is one of the full-time wow cms) started answering Diablo 3 questions… but I wonder if there will ever be full-time cms for D3 like there are for wow and SC2… maybe Bashiok will stop being on both when beta starts…

  11. Freespecs + 10 character limit per account = why rush?  You only  get 10 level up experiences in the first place.

    • I was just in the middle of typing a similar comment (only much too long). Although yes, you can (I assume) delete a character to level up a new one…so I guess for those cases, it would be nice to be able to rush.
      <turn on troll voice>Of course, rushing is also just a means to an end. Since I can buy items from the auction house, why won’t they allow people to buy experience/levels? If they’re allowing players to buy items because a lot of people don’t want to waste time farming items…why leave in rushing? If I don’t want to waste time rushing, why can’t I buy may way to the end-game?</turn off troll voice>
      Seriously though–I discovered the other day there are actually third party services to level a character in WoW, and a lot of accounts with high-level characters for sale. Because some people don’t want to spend time rushing. If that’s a service people are willing to pay for, and if Blizzard’s goal is to eliminate third party game services/items, I don’t understand the logic of allowing rushing to stay in the game.
      I definitely expected them to say you could automatically start at the maximum level after having already done so with another character of the same class. Or maybe after having done so, and with a fee in in-game gold (which may be purchased with real money, of course). Seriously, why not?

  12. This Zarhym guy just gave straight info without some stupid design nonsense than Bashiok who has been talking about some design nonsense only to deny himself after a few months.

  13. He was fairly vague on the battle ressurrection stuff. I am guessing there will be a system that makes sure that you can’t just zerg the boss with one of the party memebers running around clicking corpses to ressurect them.
    We’ll have to wait and see how this works out.

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