Blizzard has always said that while Bashiok is the only official Diablo 3 CM, they’ll be adding more people, or at least shifting some of their army of WoW and SC2 CMs over to help out on D3 stuff once there’s more stuff to help out on. There’s some evidence of that today, as a non-Bashiok CM did a nice job answering a question about actual game stuff. Here’s Zarhym on DiabloWikiexperience gains in parties.

    I asked this question before but never got an answer. Say 4 people are playing together consistently, and remain relatively close together throughout. Will all 4 players gain experience at the same rate, or is it in any way possible one player could advance beyond the others? (either through the use of experience gain equipment or from killing more monsters)
    Zarhym: If you’re far from your party while they’re slaughtering dudes, you won’t get experience for the kills. So long as you stick together, your experience gains should be equivalent. We’ve toyed with the idea of having an experience bonus affix, but we’re not sure whether or not that’s something good for the game.

    Are there still DiabloWikiShrines throughout the game? In this case, Experience Shrines?
    Zarhym: Yes there are. As long as the party is within the same relative area, everyone will get the shrine buff.

    Will there be any ‘rested’ experience bonuses or anything like that?
    Zarhym: No.

    If the boss you are fighting is at 5% hp.. then you die and get sent back to town, does the boss drop any loot for you as your team finishes the boss off with out you? Or does the proximity rule exclude you from loot?
    Zarhym: The way it works now, if you are dead when a boss is killed you will miss out on experience and loot. We want to make sure the design isn’t such that it becomes a standard for high-level characters to carry low-level characters through content, without risk of penalty should the lowbie die. But, there is a new resurrection mechanic which allows other players in the party to click on a dead player’s corpse to bring them back on the spot, rather than having them be sent back to town.

    We’ll see how gameplay elements such as these play out in the beta test and adjust accordingly if necessary. 😉

    As Blizzard revealed in one of the many interviews from last week’s event, DiabloWikirushing will be very possible in Diablo III. They didn’t reveal details about any DiabloWikiquest requirements (e.g. new char must complete quest X or Y to advance further), but they did say that there were no restrictions on using the TP RS (DiabloWikiRecall Stone).

    The main limit on rushing seems to be that high level experience sharing is much limited from D2. Details are unknown, but it sounds like you’ll have little trouble getting a Clvl 5 into Act Four, but there might not be any experience-based reason to so do, since they’d just stay at Clvl 5 even if the rest of their party was busy killing dudes.

    Like/dislike? Should the devs control rushing and put in more game features to make it difficult or impossible for people to zoom characters way out of the proper level progression? Or is leveling up boring and you want features that make it easy to max out your char, once you know how to exploit them?

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