Blizzard on Enrage Timers, Authenticators, Sharpshooter Bugs, and Armory Profiles

The Blizzard Diablo 3 CMs haven’t been making very many forum replies, and most of those have been “follow the rules of the forums or lock/ban/tears” type moderation stuff. But there have been a few that had game informations, of a sort.

A fan made a good argument that DiabloWikiEnrage Timers should be removed from the game with the other drop loot changes in v1.03, and earned a reply from Bashiok with his debate skills:

The loot drop change signals a shift in philosophy from a progression-reward tier system to an efficiency-reward system. Before, loot was determined by which tier you had progressed to. With the new 1.0.3 system, the philosophy is now that players should have more choices and will make tradeoffs between time, repair, gold costs, risk and reward. This makes Diablo 3 less of a WoW-type raiding game, and more of a farming game like it was meant to be.

But, chances are, if people are hitting the DiabloWikiEnrage Timers on elite packs. They are dying a lot, running back, kiting like crazy, and generally spending a lot of their time to bring down the pack. Why punish them for this with an enrage timer? The costs are already there.

The enrage timer is NOT consistent with an efficiency-reward system. It’s no longer about denying progression, but giving efficiency choices.
Bashiok: I think we essentially agree with you, and think removing enrage timers is a real possibility at some point in the future. However, it’s not a change we’d be looking to make at the same time. We want to see how the drop changes work out in 1.0.3, see how all the other changes might effect it and each other, and then make a decision and see if it’s something we can/want to do in a later patch.

Click through for the three other new Blizzard posts.

Elsewhere a fan pointed out that the Diablo 3 authenticators are sold out in the Blizzard store, and then offered to simply give away all of his equipment and gold since he was doomed to get hacked and stripped without one. Okay, he didn’t actually say that, but it was his strong implication. Thankfully, Lylirra rode to the rescue.

Any of the available Authenticators are valid for Diablo III, and can be used with Balance. The artwork doesn’t matter; they’re all functionality the same product. πŸ™‚

The following Authenticators are still in stock, Cataclysm Edition, Raynor Edition.

Also, don’t forget, the Mobile Authenticator is a great alternative, and available for free for iPhone, iPod Touch, and Android users.

I’ve been securing my Diablo 3 account with an authenticator from a past Blizzcon goodie bag and it works fine. Even though there’s an orc on it, I don’t have to like, find 14 other people to fill precise roles in the party to help me kill Diablo.

A fan asked about the long-promised browser-accessible DiabloWikiArmory for Diablo III, and got an update with a not-too-distant ETA.

Unless Blizz already announced some sort of date regarding it, then my bad.

Lylirra: You didn’t miss anything. πŸ™‚

There’s no date set, but right now we’re looking at releasing character profiles around the end of this month/beginning of next month. That time frame isn’t set in stone, though.

Finally, a fan pointed out new problems with the DiabloWikiDemon Hunter passive skill, Sharpshooter, constantly resetting, and got a Blue to blame a bug.

The first thing I noticed is with Demon Hunters. Now when you teleport (to town or new zone, such as Royal Crypts to the Skeleton King), their Sharpshooter resets. Not a HUGE deal, but an inconvenience.
Lylirra: DiabloWikiSharpshooter is currently resetting not only after teleporting, but also when moving around items in your inventory. This is a bug (not an intended change).

they nerfed evasive fire… it shoots in a straight line, not a cone
Lylirra: Evasive Fire has a rune that makes it fire in a cone (DiabloWikiCovering Fire). It also has a small, narrow range that it searches when fired, but it’s an extremely narrow range. For the most part, though, the default skill and most of the rune variants are, and always has been, a straight line.

This is how it’s worked since the game launched, and we haven’t made any changes to this skill or its skill runes that would affect how it shoots.

The Covering Fire rune in Evasive Fire is awesome, BTW. I never liked that skill in the beta and hadn’t tried its rune options in retail, but after reading the description in our recent end game Demon Hunter strategy guide, I tried it and found it very effective. It’s fantastic against any group of enemies, building Hatred while hitting three enemies with 125% damage shots that are guaranteed hits, without any projectile time, and with off-the-edge-of-the-screen range. The auto-kiting retreat when enemies are near is helpful too, now that the pathfinding works properly, as it gives you time and space to alternate other attacks, drop a Caltrops, etc.

Just be careful you don’t overuse it, since fast enemies can cause you to drain your entire DiabloWikiDiscipline bulb in about 3 seconds, leaving you no resource to cast DiabloWikiVault or DiabloWikiSmoke Screen or DiabloWikiCaltrops if you get a *real* escape emergency. I was playing around with it in the Desolate Sands in Nightmare, and enjoying the sight of repeated backflips while some comical little Desert Imps ran at me with their hands in the air, when I backflipped right into a Champion pack of DiabloWikiLacuni Warriors, who unearthed with their lightsabers aglow… just as my Discipline ran entirely dry.

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39 thoughts on “Blizzard on Enrage Timers, Authenticators, Sharpshooter Bugs, and Armory Profiles

  1. I was using shotgun-runed Evasive Fire before it was posted in a guide! πŸ˜€
    (no offence)

    Also, it was the shotgun-ish look what I liked a lot, too.

  2. I’m not exactly complaining about this, but I do find it odd that, after D2’s glacial update pace (as in, some things still don’t work and never will), D3 is getting sweeping changes already. Inferno changes, crafting changes, itemization changes, followed by class balance changes, PvP…

    Nothing I’ve seen in the upcoming change lists sounds bad. Quite the contrary, for the most part. I just hope they don’t do anything rash that has unforseen consequences. Fear of change brought about by long years of slow news days in the Diabloverse? Perhaps.

  3. Even if most people don’t like the RMAH I think that’s at least one positive side of it – Blizzard is basically forcing themselves into more patches and updates. And they also have the resources now because of it.

  4. I love how they assume everyone in the world has an iOs or Android phone…’oh, but you can get it for free for your mobile!”…sod off.

    • Dunno why they didn’t mention it but they also have the mobile authenticator for Windows Phone.

        • It’s an application on the Marketplace, just do a search for “Blizzard” and it should be the first result called “ Authenticator”.

          • You can also log into your account, hit add authenticator, and it will give you links to 4 or 5 different types of phones. Also, I would guess that 60% or more of the phone market is infact Android and Iphones. I hardly see any blackberries anymore, and almost never seen windows fones.

      • When i tried to buy the physical authenticator, they only had the Starcraft version available. I’ve never played SC and don’t have any interest in owning SC merchandise.
        Why is it unreasonable to expect that people wanting a physical authenticator should be able to purchase a Diablo-themed product rather than any old crap that Blizzard has left over from other games?
        I wouldn’t mind if there was a ‘sold out, expected restock in 1-2 weeks’ message but there was no indication that a Diablo authenticator even existed when I looked. Pretty poor.

        • It’s just a crappy little sticker on a keychain sized thing that goes around a very minimal numerical display that has 6 numbers…

          Does it really matter that it has the crappy blue starcraft sticker v. the crappy red and black Diablo sticker?

          • Let’s say you support a football team (or baseball, or any other sport). Would you be happy to pay money for a keyring with the name of some other completely random team because your home team happens to be out of stock?

          • @ daize

            As has been made quite clearly evident, we are in dire need of a rating system for how accurately an analogy can be applied.

            I rate this one a 4/10. (too generous?)

          • @xduncanx

            I dont think we need such a system, because the majority of the forum users lacks the brain capacity to determine what is and is not a good analogy would be in what case.

            As for this particular one.. I vote 10/10. I dont play football, or any sport not have I ever cared much for it. But I feel exactly the same about it. Football/soccer fans are so involved in their team of choice, they even fight eachother over it and exclude people wearing shirts of the other teams. Seeing as how passionate those people are about their team, I think it only makes sense people crave a sticker that matches their team (Diablo in this case) rather than SC2 or WoW.

          • @Kodo

            The analogy is clearly flawed because these game franchises are not opponents the way sports teams are, and liking one does not preclude you from liking the others.

            In any case it’s a dumb argument. Anyone that doesn’t want to buy an authenticator doesn’t have to, regardless of their reasoning. When they end up with a compromised account and have to deal with the headache of the character restoration process they can decide for themselves whether that sticker was really as important as they made it out to be.

          • @seven – I disagree that it’s dumb to want a Diablo sticker on an authenticator I’m purchasing in order to play a Diablo game. It’s become pretty clear that authenticators are indeed essential and not optional for anyone who cares about their account, therefore authentication becomes an integral part of the login process and it all adds to the atmosphere. It would just spoil the Diablo ‘feel’ for me if I had to look at a Starcraft picture every time I wanted to log in to the game.

            I think it’s pretty cheeky of a Blizzard rep to be pushing their WoW/SC paraphernalia on Diablo players who (using RMAH) don’t really have a choice about buying an authenticator – we simply deserve as paying customers to be able to buy the appropriate product for our chosen game!

    • Actually the blue post was not accurate enough.

      Not only Android and IOs (Ipads, Ipods, Iphone) work, but since shortly also the Windows Phones are supported and the Blackberry OS

      Also the latest Android phones can be had for UNDER 80 Euros.

      I mean people will complain about anything these days. I think the market covers around all brands these days…

    • I don’t see any assumption on her part that everyone has an iOS or Android device. She said “Also, don’t forget, the Mobile Authenticator is a great alternative, and available for free for iPhone, iPod Touch, and Android users.” That is a true statement. It is a great alternative and it is available free to users who own a compatible device. Lots of people DO own those devices and so may be helped by her advice. Why would that upset you?

    • That’s because most people in the world do. They also have Blackberry and Windows Phone I think. If you don’t have any of those 4 types or no phone at all, get the physical one. They don’t even make money on them, people did a basic analysis of the costs.

    • And from what I’ve experienced in the butcher, pretty effective. I definitely did NOT attempt again to beat the butcher by charging and falling back to heal over time. As soon as the fires start burning all over the place, it’s total game over.

      • Not necessarily. On Inferno Butcher a couple of nights ago a barb in my party refused to die after the enrage timer. Four person game, 3 of us died (we got him to ~20%) to stupid reasons. The barb only did like 4k DPS but tanked the Butcher in the fire for 10 minutes until he finally killed him.

  5. Thread Stealer.

    Flux! Podcast!
    So stop playing Diablo all the time and get to work. Wait a minute, I think I have something backwards… πŸ™„

    • Trying to line up 2 guests for recording this week, actually. I might need to do open casting call for new talkers, as none of the long time guests are throwing up ideas of eagerness for podcasting since release, and Elly’s never available to do a news attack.

  6. Enrage timer is another WoW mechanic that does not work in this game. In WoW, because there are basically three roles (tank, healer and damage dealer), you need to make sure all are more or less important to a party. Without enrage timers, a party would pick up tanks and healers only (or mostly). This doesn’t work in Diablo because the game is both single and party play, and the three distinct roles do not exist.
    Also, the current enrage mechanic on champions is implemented in a different manner compared to WoW. You can die and respawn for another try, but the enrage timer is running all the time. This means after a certain amount of tries the boss enrages and now you have no option but to pass them by or create a new game. The equivalent of this in WoW would be if you entered a raid, wiped on a certain boss a certain number of times, and then have the boss enrage for all subsequent tries, which means you can’t kill the boss until you reset the instance (or wait for the weekly reset if you can’t).
    Copying things from WoW doesn’t work.

    • FYI… Enrage timer resets after the mob regen to full health. But ya… it’s annoying..

  7. I haven’t played the DH yet but isn’t Sharpshooter that ridiculously overpowered passive that adds 3% crit chance per second and is pretty much a prerequisite in every DH build? That one needs a massive nerf imo.
    And the enrage timers NEED TO GO. After an epic fight in a public game Blizzard decides that now it is enough and we all must die? Fuck off.

  8. Btw, OP, did someone have similar problem as me with posting items with gems to chat? Now instead of a link to that item, it posts actual code (I think) with no option to click and see that item.

  9. Enrage timers really need to go. There is nothing worst than kiting shielding, reflect, mortar, jailer and hitting enrage timer. Also, the “when you die, packs gain life regen” needs to go. At least for extra health, where packs get very mean with like 9mil HP+. This was cleary a bad design choice that makes already hard elite packs even harder.

    • Yep. Extra Health + Shielding + Vampiric writhing deceivers or demonic tremors… You can’t hurt them when invisible / turtled. You cant hurt them when out and shielded. And when they hit you they heal…

      Doesn’t really matter in inferno since you would just have to leave and create a new game anyway if you run into that pack…

  10. Took almost 2 weeks to get my authenticator. I got lucky and got a D3 themed one.

    And please get rid of enrage timers. I play solo most of the time and it sucks.

  11. nuke the enraged timer!!! PLEASE

    wow, i am struggling in act 2 inferno i swear i have died about 60 times at least. no joke. and killing elite packs are a bit of a chore. now i am not godly like some other people here who will call me newb. But nothing sucks more then seeing the enraged monsters chase me and kill me much quicker πŸ˜› leaving me to have to move them out of the way so i may progress, but in dungeons where i can not do that, I am f#@$#$#Ed

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