Blizzard on Dropping More Diablo 3 Legendary Items

A fan used the forums to lament his woeful luck at finding good loot, especially in the form of Diablo 3 Legendary Items, and he got some decent Blueage in reply:

This is gonna sound ridiculous, but I’m beginning to think Blizzard’s got a grunge against me. Been playing for 200+ hours and I’ve found maybe 7 legendary items, 5 of them are apsolute garbage which I can’t sell for over 200k gold. Not to mention, I haven’t found a single one I could use.

This is not a fair drop rate, and I honestly can’t believe there are so many legendaries on auction house. I’m farming everyday, act 1, act 2, act 3, act name it. On Inferno of course, monster power 5, NV 5, so the MF and GF are 269 %. And I cannot find legendaries anywhere.
Vaneras: I can promise you that we do not hold a personal grudge against you, or anyone else for that matter.

Legendary drops are rare and random, and although things like Paragon levels and Magic Find gear increases your chances of getting legendary drops, you are never fully guaranteed to see a certain ratio of drops. Since drops are random in this game, it is unwise to try and rely on a system that goes something along the lines of X hours played = Y number of legendary drops.

Sometimes you can be lucky and get many legendary drops within a short amount of time, and at other times it can take a long while before you get any. Such is the nature of DiabloWikiRNG… It does seem like you are having a streak of bad luck though, which understandably can be annoying when farming for legendaries.

You are not the first one to complain and probably won’t be the last. Apparently, they are working on improving itemization right now. Even though its good news, I think It is a bit too late if you ask me.
Vaneras: We are most definitely looking into improving itemization in Diablo III, but although these improvements might not happen over night, we are fairly optimistic that they will still be quite popular once implemented. 🙂

There have indeed been other players in the Diablo III community who have posted their feedback and concerns about legendary drop rates, like for an example this thread.

Itemization is a hot topic in the community, so in addition to the developer journal on improving itemization that we posted recently, we are also seeking to answer some of the many questions about itemization from the community.

The blue reply was fair enough, but I have two quick points to add to the OP:

1) 267% MF isn’t enough to really boost your legendary drop rate. In my experience you need 300-350% to start to see Legendaries more than very occasionally, and up around 500% to get them fairly regularly. My Monk has recently geared up enough to DiabloWikifarm MP4 or MP5 pretty well, and I’m seeing considerably more legendaries than I did previously. Of course 90% of them are instant-Brimstone quality, with the rest good only for a few million on the GAH, but that’s RNG, baby.

2) If you found tons of great Legendaries at 267% MF, then those wouldn’t be great legendaries anymore since everyone would have 50 of them. The inflation/relative value of items argument can be taken too far (Azzure and I debated it on the last podcast, which I’ll post tomorrow), but a game economy must seek a happy medium. If the best gear drops too easily then everyone has it and it’s in the GAH for 100k per item and soon everyone is uber-geared and can’t upgrade anymore and the game gets very boring.

An item-based game like Diablo needs to have super quality gear that’s very rare, since that motivates players to pursue it. But the game also needs to drop enough “pretty good” stuff that players feel they’re being rewarded for their effort and so they can see their characters growing more powerful. Thus all the argument and debate falls into that gray area of “how good is good enough,” and that issue is exacerbated in Diablo 3 by the Auction House for any number of reasons.

One helpful solution (that Bliz is approaching, at last, in the new itemization) is to drop items that are fun and special for reasons other than being dream roll DiabloWikiquinfectas. These sorts of items would allow special play styles and tactics, rather than attempting to create value by simply stacking up more of the same few desired affixes we see today.

The blue poster added more about blue commenting policy and such, and that’s quoted below.

Start adressing some of the serious and in-depht posts on this forum instead of making cheap crowd pleasing posts.
Vaneras: First of all, what is serious and what is cheap is rather subjective and completely in the eyes of the beholder. You may have the opinion that this thread is cheap and unworthy of a response, that is your prerogative of course, but others are of a different opinion and they think that this is an important topic that needs to be addressed. Question is, whose opinion matters the most?

I try to address hot topics in the community as much and as often as possible, but I do not always have concrete or accurate information needed to address particular topics posted in “serious and in-depth” threads. Where and what I post of course depends on the nature of the topics being discussed in those threads and also whether or not the developers are ready to share information on the topics in question.

As mentioned in a recent thread on the topic of blue posts, we do reply to threads whenever we have some information we can share. Since I had some information I could share in regards to this topic on itemization, I posted it.

In general, if you are not satisfied with the posts that we do, please feel free to send us an email about it. In fact we would appreciate if you did so. If you feel that we really need to address any given number of “serious and in-depth” threads in particular, please do not hesitate to email us a list of said threads, and we will see if we have some information that we can post in them. But please try to avoid derailing threads with off-topic posts about where we should or should not post.

Community feedback: do you have feedback about the forums, blog articles, live event presence, contests or community staff? We always appreciate such, and encourage you to send it to [email protected] Please note that while feedback mails are all read and taken into account we can’t respond to these.

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31 thoughts on “Blizzard on Dropping More Diablo 3 Legendary Items

  1. My MF is @ 347 when I’m stacked with 5 NV and I rarely see a legendary drop. I may see one a day or sometimes not for a few days and I’m usually putting in 2/3 hrs of farming when I log on.

    • Same. I wasn’t really mad until I took into consideration that I have approximately 600 hours played and post level 60 I have not found 1 single item that I have used on any character. Now, I am pro-AH, but something about my experience does not seem right. I have now gone to the Uber-crafting and after 30-50 rolls on various pieces, I have still not found something that is an upgrade.

  2. I just found a key and a barb legendary belt last night in act 1 inferno MP0, I was testing a build out and they just dropped. The barb belt was vendor trash. That was only my 2nd legendary ever.

    I would be very happy if I could socket my rare items and stick a jewel in them to help improve their stats. They could be account bound with the Jewel in them and then back to normal when un-socketed. So many items are usable at higher levels with just one more stat boost.

    Re-rolling, socketing items, socket-able items like jewels, that’s what this game needs, more ways to IMPROVE WHAT WE ALREADY ARE USING.

    This race to the top with legendary this, and legendary that, is not going to save d3, not for the masses at least.

    Fine improve the legendaries yet again…just don’t forget about everything else in this game please…thank you.

    • Amen. Diablo gear has always been too binary; either total garbage that’s barely worth the time it takes to vendor it, or the only thing anyone could ever think to use. And this was true in Diablo 2, especially when runewords came out. The Mystic looked really good, they should have picked her over the jeweler.

  3. I find one legendary per day, and it is because I have low MF. I understand this and okay with this, because it is how the game works. When I was running with 300mf unbuffed on previous characters, I would find at least 5 per day. By day I mean 3-5 hours of play time.

    It is luck maybe, but honestly, if you are not optimizing your MF, you are hindering your luck with the casino. Maybe some day the masses will understand that RNG is RNG, and that honestly, too many damn legendaries drop.

  4. They should make a simple quest/event that allows gives us an un-auctionable item that allows us to give us an unsocketed item a socket. It should also sell for some thousand gold to vendors.

    Maybe a similar one for random enchants as well. The random nature will make sure it doesn’t replace the Mystic’s role, rather it is an cheap alternative.

  5. I do believe it’s random. Either you get nothing at all for a long time or 2 items fall within 5 minutes of each other, which is great.

  6. I have never seen a legendary drop and I don’t want to use the GAH. I think I prefer to see more legendaries, even puny ones. I can’t get more MF because my char need to focus on EHP and DPS for now. So finally, I do not care what they do to legendaries. I do not play enough to expect to see one but on blizz web site.

  7. It could totally be random chance, but kinda like Flux in one of the past podcasts. I saw my drop rate of Legendaries increase greatly when I got past magic find 350 and started playing in monster power 5.

    Of course I think only one was even decent enough to sell.

  8. So flux you are into some crazy theories of your own now? because if I have 250% MF and you have 500% then you should see double the amount of legendaries there are no magic numbers…

    There is only 1 “trick” and what causes such opinions ( like “unlucky” OP and flux ) and that is killing speed. That is the most important “stat” for finding legendaries. You have to kill many many mobs efficiently ( and the right mobs – not arreat scorpions ) to get the legendaries start showering.

    Well actually there is another “trick” and that is to play a high MP where you get a bonus % drop for an item.

    As unlucky OP claims he is farming act 1/2/3/4 so I am not a bit surprised he doesnt get many drops – he is simply inefficient.

    Of course once you do get efficient and get the legendaries running you will find out 99% of them are total crap 🙂

  9. it’s like putting a band-aid on a gunshot wound, it ain’t gonna bring players back. replace the whole team, then we can talk.

  10. Well I’ve got max MF and I speedfarm on mp4. It’s normal that I find 3 legendaries/run. Sometimes more, sometimes nothing for 2 hours.
    Yesterday I played 2 hours and got 7 legendaries.
    I can’t complain about the droprate. In fact, I wish legendaries would be incredibly rare even with max mf, but had much better quality.

  11. I get about 1 per plvl lately. I did just lose 20 MF when i switched my gloves, i guess ill see how this affects my drop rates.

  12. The problem, as always, is that there’s an inherent tension between “value” in terms of the AH, and making drops feel rewarding for people not using the AH.

    I actually find a fair bit of legendaries — one every 2 runs, and I’m not anywhere near any kind of substantial MF total – I play on MP1-4, and don’t specifically consider MF when equipping gear. Unfortunately, getting absolutely nothing every other run, and considering that most legendaries are baaaad, really sucks. While, theoretically, me getting more good legendaries with my relatively low MF would devalue legendaries, I don’t really care — I’m not ever going to use the AH, so there’s no economy for me. More reason for an Ironborn mode, I guess.

    At least with the Archon crafts, I have a very specific way of upgrading my characters – do runs for the recipes, and then try to upgrade each slot I can for each character. Once I’m done with that, I’ll probably start playing less, as I’ll have fewer carrots to chase per play session.

  13. Who cares about how many legendaries do you get, they are bs at best. There is a point when its not worth playing because:
    1-You will not loot an upgrade within the next 100h.
    2-You need XXXX hours playing the game to get enough money to buy an upgrade or craft a Marquise.

    In resume, it’s not worth playing/farming the game(AH farming apart). That’s where I am, I only play for fun. Progression is not an option. Paragon 100 with not enough money to upgrade my gems to Marquise and not enough money to buy upgrades…the hell I can’t even buy some pieces of my own gear xDD

    In resume v2.0 play only for fun if you are in this situation, don’t expect nothing in return, GAME OVER.

  14. For the fun of each individual player, it’s probably pure venom to argue that Legendaries must be that rare, so that THE ECONOMY can work. I think it’s the very bane of D3’s failed core system that everything wasn’t designed with the individual player but a millions-of-players-audience grand total in mind.

    Hopefully, their planned Legendaries revamp (No.37, or whereever we stopped counting), includes BoA for 90% of all items.

    That being said, I’m actually ok with the drop rate of Legendaries as it is right now. 99.9999% of Legendaries not even being worth picking up (wrong standard affixes, affix ranges and randomization beyond good and evil, apparently millions of items specific for classes I’d never consider playing, …) is a far more dire situation.

  15. How many people actually found 1 windforce in d2? I played over a thousand hours and never found about 50% of the tc87 uniques.

    What about a legit obsidian ring of the zodiac? Ever find one of those??

    Anyway, I think people are suffering from nostalgia again. D3 is a little different – legendaries drop MORE often, but the chance of the legendary actually being great are small. At least they do drop. Do you really want to see isenhart’s case everywhere?

    With paragon levels, it is cheaper than ever to assemble mp1 farming set with good mf on it. The people complaining about drop rates are the ones farming too high mp at low paragon. Its all about kill speed and stacking as much mf as you can without losing speed. When you get high paragon, you can focus on kill speed alone at high mp. It’s a balancing act.

    • To clarify my comment – d2 rained set and unique items, but they were almost always low treasuclass items – ie isenharts, magefist, etc. D3 does not drop these low level items, but max level ones that have a high chance of being bad. Overall, the odds of fidning something great are similar, its just that in d3 the feeling you get when you see an end game set item is not like what get in d2, where you don’t jnow what you have until you ID it.

      • In D2 – you killed Baal with 0 MF and 3 uniques would drop sure they were crap mostly but in D3 they are crappy too.
        But do tell, who exactly in D3 I have to kill to get a legendary drop?

        • I got a dex/phys mempo off inferno diablo with zero stacks once. Its called RNG.

          I’ve seen baal drop 2 mana potions and nothing else with 100mf.

  16. The last time I played (a couple of days ago) I found 2 legendaries and 1 item set in about 2 hours. It never happened to me before, nor I believe it will happen again. One was Tal Rasha´s helm with very low stats (and I mean very), a hellcat waistguard (a belt, which was not bad, but not better than the belt I had) and the other I can´t remember, because it was real bad. So
    Also I remember one time having two legendary gloves (the same gloves but with slightly different stats) to drop one after another with a time frame of half an hour, but that months ago.
    I guess it really is random.

  17. Yesterday I’ve found a Dead Man’s legacy with 190 dex/ 195 vit, 9% crit, 20% IAS, +3% crit for rapid fire, +8 maximum discipline and increased hatred generation by 1.22.

    I though I hit the jackpot right there. Then I looked at the AH and saw 50 pages of equal items worth 3-5m.
    Apparently this item drops frequently with really good stats and that makes it worthless despite being so good.
    I fear this might happen with all legendaries in a future patch.

  18. Instead of a Ironborn mode which won’t suit blizz and their casual user friendlyness, they could multiply the drop rates by 100 with 99% being BOA (or 10000 and 99.99%).

  19. I had horrible luck in the beginning with drops, but it seems to be a little better now. I can have a run with 2 or 3 legs/sets and then go a few days in between finding them. I used to keep them in my stash until I accumulated about 10-15 good legs and then ID them. I stopped because of the disappointment of ID’ing that many and they all being junk. I finally found a Witching Hour, and hung onto it for about a week and a half before ID’ing. I know the market has went down on them, as a few months ago, even a shitty one was going for 20 mil. But, the roll I got was absolutly horrible, and similar belts were going for 3-5 mil. I was really hoping for a better one than I already have, but it was not to be. I wanted to have another thing on my Wiz that I actually found or crafted, but oh well.

    I am past the point of worrying about getting rich. I have played everyday since lauch, and I am yet to find a awesome rolled item. I know it should be rare, and I am fine that it is. I played D2 for alot of years, and never found a Windforce, Zod, and only found 1 Griffons. Even if I did find something awesome, I would more than likely keep it, as I have done with the pretty decent stuff. I am a hoarder, and I know there will not be any rerolling going on, so I cant figure out why I am still doing it.

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