DiabloWikiBashiok fielded a question about random monster encounters and turned his reply into one more focused on DiabloWikiscripted events. But he was informative while doing so!

    I’d like to see much more of that.

    Bashiok: Cool. We like them too. Just because of the nature of having those types of scripted scenes in random environments it’s going to be more of a flavor thing. We wouldn’t want to get anywhere near replacing random monster spawns in randomized environments with scripted scenes. But having cultists chanting, zombies eating a corpse, monsters terrorizing townspeople, etc. all that stuff definitely helps the world feel more alive.

    Ugh. That was written… just terribly.

    Or Bashion will there ?, this is till the answer we need. I know that there will be single monsters crawling on walls, but that wont make a REAL different to the actualy game structure.

    Bashiok: I think I can safely and accurately say that the amount of scripting will be appropriate to the area and story being presented.

    Which gives you no real information. My favorite type of post! MIYAAHAHAHAHA!

    I do think we’ve shown some pretty in-depth examples of the scripting possibilities, but it’s possible most people haven’t seen them as they were within playable demos. There are some videos available that show some of it off though.

    We’ve got a whole page of DiabloWikiscripted events described in the wiki. What I noticed, from my playtime at the last 2 Blizzcons, is that there were many more “random” scripted events in the Blizzcon 2008 build, than there were last year. From that I concluded that the quests were more developed in 2009, and so almost all of the scripted events, like the sleeping fallen, or the encounter with the gigantic Sand Thresher, or the Lacuni invasion, were going to be part of quests in the final game. Which is fine, and fun. It’s just a change from the more chaotic nature of “random scripted events all over the place” we saw in Blizcon 2008, and in the WWI 2008 gameplay movie. (DiabloWikiSiegebreaker grabbing the NPC through the wall, DiabloWikiThousand Pounder‘s summoning, the Goat camp ambush, etc.)

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