DiabloWikiBashiok added some useful info on Diablo III’s UI controls, after a fan asked about the hand-cramping issues of using the Alt key to show items on the ground.

    We have a few different options you can pick from to display item names while they’re on the ground.

    The default option is that names will show for 10 seconds when the item drops, and then the name fades out. You can hit Alt again to show them for another 10 seconds. (Diablo III default)
    You can also forego showing item names automatically when they drop and choose to just use Alt to show item names while it’s held down. (classic functionality)
    You can also choose to always show item names, and hold Alt to hide them. (I’m not sure how useful this is, but it’s there)
    There’s also an option to make Alt toggle showing item names on/off. (my personal favorite)

    We’re also looking to bring back the /nopickup option from Diablo II, but it’s currently a nice-to-have feature and so may not make initial release.

    Additionally you can rebind any and all keys in the game, so you can easily make something like the Tab (for example) key show item names instead of Alt, if you prefer.

    Sounds like that would work well being bound to a mouse button. While we are talking controls any word on just how much support for mice you’ll have? Will it natively support tilt wheels or am I going to have to jump through hoops once again and have to rebind those outside of the game?
    Bashiok: Good question. I don’t know and don’t use a mouse with a tilt wheel. I can try to find out.

    Question, will there be filters on what kind of items will be shown when using the Alt feature? For example, can we filter out the lowest quality items (I think they were greys) so that they will never show up when we pressing Alt?
    Bashiok: That’s not an option currently and as far as I know we don’t have any plans to implement. I think the argument against such a thing could be that since you’re able to pick up and immediately salvage/sell any items without going back to town, as well as just having a great deal more storage space, means there’s a good reason to pick up everything. I suspect that may not hold true for all levels of play, but we’ll see.

    Also, I believe gold is automatically picked up when you walk towards it. My question is, will there be an option like this for loot? And if so, can the filters effect this? In other words, if I have greys filtered out from the Alt feature, will it ignore grey loot and automatically pick up everything else?
    Bashiok: No, we want players to be clicking on items still to pick them up. Gold is auto-pickup because there’s never a reason to not pick it up, but creating ‘loot vacuum’ mechanics for actual items removes several layers of player decision and interaction.

    Player-made UI mods would handle all of these issues effortlessly, as they do in D2 and WoW, but for various debatable reasons the Diablo III team is choosing not to allow such extensions in D3. I’m not entirely opposed to their limitations; Part of the skill (a very small part, admittedly) of the game is actually looking around and seeing what’s on the screen and what’s dropped on the ground. If you’re playing so hurriedly or unconsciously that you don’t even look at the item drops, then you probably didn’t deserve them anyway?

    Note that this issue has come up twice before, and received similar forum posts from Bashiok. The problem, then as now, is if some areas in D3 have so many monsters that we get the “you must pick up and drink 40 potions and all the gold before you can even see the other items that just dropped” phenomena that was common in 8 player games in D2. Hopefully not, for reasons I outlined in the second of those previous posts:

    1) Lower player cap (4 instead of 8). 2) We’ll each see just “our” item drops, rather than everything that falls. 3) Gold is picked up quickly/automatically. 4) Potions are responsible for a lot of the loot spam in D2, and they’re very rare in D3.

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