Blizzard on Diablo 3 Real Money Auction House Gift Cards

A fan brought up the long term value of DiabloWikiReal Money Auction House gift cards, in light of the impending closure of the AH and got a prompt but inconclusive reply.

So no more auctions house cards at Walmart?

rmah-gift-cardI bought two stacks of these as gifts for my cousins birthday next year and now they will be worthless.
Lylirra: That’s super thoughtful of you! 🙂 It’s also a very question good question.

I’m afraid I can’t give you an answer just yet, though. We’re still working out all the technical details for the shut down, so we don’t have all the answers right now. But we will, and we’ll be sharing them with all of you once they’re available — likely within the same FAQ thread we posted alongside the announcement (it’s a sticky at the top of this forum) as well as more front-page blog posts. We know these details are important, and our goal is to ensure that this transition goes as smoothly as possible. That requires keeping the community informed of what will happen to things like posted auctions, items or currency in the Completed Tab, Balance, and ancillary things like auction house gift cards and cash out options. This is partly why we wanted to give players such advanced notice, as it’ll allow enough time for all the appropriate preparations to be made (both on your end and on ours).

TL;DR: We don’t know yet. But once we do, you’ll know too.

gameplay wise the loot system (aka better trading being not being forced to trade haha) is being held back by the AH and removing it has been thoroughly considered, the reimbursement is still under discussion.
Lylirra: This is pretty much spot on. The decision of whether or not to remove the auction houses was indeed heavily belabored. We notified the community as soon as we arrived at our decision, though, rather than keeping it under wraps, which means there are still some technical details (and a few gameplay ones, too) that need to be figured out. We’ll be making sure to keep players updated throughout this entire process, taking care to address questions like Zayta presented as soon as the information is available.

Those cards still exist on the Walmart website, but are unavailable for purchase. Presumably because Blizzard shut down sales of them once the AH announcement was made?

As Blizzard has said in other threads, final decisions have not yet been made on what to do with leftover money in RMAH accounts either. If anything proves that they came to their “shut it down… shut it all down!” decision quite recently, I think it’s their lack of answers on these related matters. So, you can complain that they didn’t give us the info quickly, or that they didn’t give it completely… but not both!

Inside reference here, but we’ve got all these categories for news posts, organized into hierarchical trees for ease of access and automated sorting. There’s a “Removed Features” category that’s a sub-cat in the “Controvery” tree. And as I put category tags on this post, it occurred to me that we’ll move the entire Auction House and Real Money Trading categories to sub-categories under Removed Features, in the not so distant future. Who would have guessed that even one month ago?


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    AH supporters perception of the AH being shut down.

  2. Wtf is this? RMAH balance cards in Walmart? Are you kidding me? Seriously? Didn’t know about this. What to say? A definite proof that this game and item drops have been completely designed to buying items with real money and not to finding them through playing the game. Sad.

  3. Just give them to the cousin now. This is far from the shadiest thing to have ever happened concerning games and people’s hard earned cash.

    How many people bought the “lifetime” Hellgate London account only to watch the servers shut down after 18 months?

    @delosombres – how is having a gift card any different than loading money into your bnet account? Regardless of the mechanism, this card attaches money to the account. Also your point is kind of crowns you Captain Obvious “item drops have been designed to buying items with real money”

    • yup! I remember right before hellgate came out, flagship posted a FAQ about their different membership options and they clarified that “lifetime” membership meant the lifetime of the company. The game hadn’t even come out yet and I could already tell something shady was happening.

      It would be interesting to read quotes back to blizzard employees of how they said the auction house had no impact on their gameplay & itemization decisions

      • I’d like to have a link or a quote of ANY member of blizzard who said anything remotely close to the fact that the ah had no impact on their decisions.

        You’re probably remembering the quotes about the auction house that state that drops were NOT based on what had dropped or been posted to the auction house. Each item was randomly generated and if there was an influx in any item it was random or could be attributed to a fallible random system.

        (computer generated random systems aren’t perfect.)

        So again, before stating that people have said something, find it, and link it. Otherwise, you’re just an upset member of a nonsense mob.

        My point of wanting to keep the ah is that I think in the end it keeps you in game more than not having it. But we’ll see when it closes. Because we all have opinions but when it closes we’ll have data.

      • Another unfinished game that could have been IMO… Did enjoy it while it lasted despite it’s flaws though.

        I agree that lifetime membership was little more than a quick cashgrab when looking back.

  4. I’m sure they will offer refunds, credits, etc. On account of their reputation not being able to take to much of a hit at this point.

    • I highly doubt they will offer refunds, and I highly doubt they will allow people to cash out their balance which to me is sickening. Yeah their user agreement protects them from that but user agreements do not circumvent law. Unfortunately technology has greatly surpassed law and because of that they will get away with it. Allowing people to buy into a system, with no option of ever retrieving funds and then shutting the system down? Unethical and should be illegal. I’m sure their answer will be that we can use the balance to buy blizzard games, not a just solution as far as I am concerned.

  5. Excellent Dark City reference, Flux!

  6. What they need to tell us is how much they made with the whole RMAH business.

  7. These cards may say “D3 AH” on them, but they’re really just Balance cards. That same balance can be used on Hearthstone and probably other stuff down the line. So, not the best situation, but it could technically be worse…

  8. How many of us really care that the people who supported the total screw over of the game may be getting stung? Not me :DDD

  9. Offer a one time payout through Paypal after the RMAH is closed. Done.

  10. You think blizz will give back your money so easily? When there is a volume of money on the RMAH? I’m betting there will be a choice as far as getting your money back. Blizzard is good at writing code that people will pay for, I.e. all those silly mounts in WoW (that still has a monthly fee for any one above lvl20).
    Just because the are taking away the ability to buy drops doesn’t mean they won’t put a different way of spending money on your account. Could be a monthly sub, could be silly hats, could be more tabs for your bank, pictures for your profile, cosmetic appearances (hair/skin color). All the way down to banner customizations. With no monthly fee and with all the people blizz put on fixing the D3 problem, they are counting on selling a lot of copies of the expansion. They will add some way to intake post purchase money on the game in the red.

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