Blizzard on Diablo 3 Monster Density

A couple of informative Blue posts about the increased Diablo 3 Monster Density monster density that all decent people are enjoying in v1.08.

But if I use MP10, will that grant me MORE density than MP5?
Vaeflare: In patch 1.0.8 we adjusted the monster density of various areas of the game for players playing on Inferno on Monster Power 1 through MP10. While Monster Power offers some added perks to those willing to tackle the challenge of playing on higher MP levels, the monster density of areas does not scale upwards as you increase your MP level.

Leveling up a new character is one of the most boring parts of this game. So much time spent running through dead zones. Why did they only apply this change to Inferno? I was planning on leveling up some of my other champs after 1.08, but now I don’t know.
Lylirra: The reason we didn’t apply monster density changes to Normal, Nightmare, and Hell difficulties is because we felt this would be detrimental to the new player experience. Players who are just entering Sanctuary for the very first time have different needs and less skills and tools at their disposal, and they require the opportunity to get their feet wet before being assaulted with the additional challenges that higher monster density offers. At the same time, we also agree that this isn’t ideal for players who have already gone through the game and are looking to start up new characters and are ready to take on additional challenges and faster pacing from the get-go.

Along these lines, we’ve considered ideas such as enabling the higher density for MP1 and higher, or simply making higher density a checkbox option. We’re currently working on some other concrete ideas, but we don’t have anything to share just yet, but this is definitely an aspect of Diablo III that we’d like to improve in the long-term.

As we’ve talked about on the Year One podcasts this week, Diablo 3 was really hard in the early days. That was mostly because the game was nerfed quite a bit in DiabloWikiPatch 1.0.4 and DiabloWikiPatch 1.0.5, but the fact that we were all noobs who were using horrible builds and strategies was certainly a contributing factor. If the v1.08 Increased Monster Density had been in place last May and June, it would have been traumatic. Not to mention unbalanced, since characters would have leveled well above the designed experience curve. (As most of us do intentionally these days, via +experience gear and Monster Power.)

Perhaps the IMD could be a check box a bit like Hardcore. It’s reasonable to keep a brand new player from enabling it since they’ll just hurt themselves, but once you know what you’re doing you should be able to choose your own poison.

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16 thoughts on “Blizzard on Diablo 3 Monster Density

  1. Kind of silly, because the increased monster density actually creates a non-linear difficulty scaling based on your damage.

    I suppose if you’re really struggling with white mobs at any point, then yeah, more monsters = harder go of it. But if you have any decent LoH/LS, a build with proc effects, or can kill mobs relatively quickly, you actually gain from having more targets to leech from / proc off of than you lose by receiving more damage.

    I’ve found that after 1.08 I can play on an MP setting 1 higher than previously, simply because I can leech more easily and take advantage of the additional health globes that drop and play more carelessly without dying.

  2. I’m all for options, but although I didn’t grind hard since the patch, I kind of agree with Ivan E here.
    Top priority should be the itemization though. Those are non-issues IMO because when leveling a new char you could mostly zerg through acts and then grind A3 at whatever MP you are doing until reaching the level threshold for the next difficulty. However, with HF ring, Ruby and whatnot odds are you won’t even have to grind because you’ll already be over the required level.

  3. “Players who are just entering Sanctuary for the very first time have different needs and less skills and tools at their disposal, and they require the opportunity to get their feet wet before being assaulted with the additional challenges that higher monster density offers.” stop thinking for players blizz. just make games ffs

    • Blizzard cater way too much to the mass and new players….if those aren’t happy, the MP option is pretty much that, optional, so just disable it if the game is too hard for you…

    • I wasn’t buying this response either. Density increase is only MP1 and higher. New players won’t be messing with it, so they’ll have the standard (non) density of MP0. For this reason, density should have applied to all difficulties.

      • There are no new players at this point, are they kidding me, whoever wanted to play this shitty game, already played it. I really feel sorry for anyone who is going ‘oh I might play D3 for the first time, I heard it is quite good’

  4. Yeah I am exactly in the situation mentioned by the poster in the official forums. I started playing again the game 1-2 months ago. I wiped my account clean and started a brand new self found character. Now that I want to level up some other characters, the three first levels of difficulty really are a chore (30 hours per character to arrive at the inferno level for me). I had hoped there would be the possibility to play with the increase density of monsters in acts 1 and 2. Especially, as this only takes place in MP1+, so it would not affect new players to allow people to have it.

  5. Maybe we’re all just past the need for a leveling mechanic? Leveling is another word for time sink, simple as that. If they had any guts, they could have used Rune items like Mega Man weapons; instead of grinding time to level up, you actually had to kill bosses/quests/find secret dungeons to grab your skills and runes.

  6. Love the check box option. Been asking for that since day 1 of the new monster density. Turn it on for leveling, turn it off for running keys and doing Ubers.

  7. Blizzard are trying too hard to please everyone. Find the middle ground. You can’t please everyone Blizzard.. We don’t need a check box option. It worked just fine without in d2.

  8. Well, the whole lvl 1 to 60 experience has to be seriously revamped. It was fun first two times, but then it got boring. For start, introducing nephalem valor to all difficulties and levels would be good. Without it, you never get anything worthwhile to be excited about slaying the hordes of monsters on road to level 60.

  9. When they first announced Inferno, it felt like it was different to the other difficulties. It wasn’t going to require us to progress though the story again.
    Now it is just a 4th difficulty and feels like a chore. It is redundant.
    It should replace Hell, but that require them changing xp rate from 0-60 and I don’t see it happening.

  10. There’s really no point in increasing the monster density for normal through hell. If you go through it as fast as possible without killing any extra monsters, you’ll be pretty close to 60 by the time you finish hell. If you use monster power, you’ll probably be 60 before you finish hell, or if you have a ruby in your helmet. Adding monsters just further pushes players towards aoe spam facerolling, which there’s already plenty of at the max level.

    I actually thing the game is more fun when you’re worried about positioning, potioning, and health orbs while fighting small packs of powerful champions. Fighting large packs and hoping your mass lifesteal sustains you while doing tons of aoe damage and hitting a mitigation cooldown when needed isn’t nearly as interesting. I enjoy the increased density for 2 reasons: 1. some areas were too good compared to others, and 2. most people were already taking advantage of extreme aoe for grinding. Increased density simply means more exp and drops for everyone and more efficient grinding, but it also means even more of the less interesting and simplistic combat that is whirlwind or similar ability spam.

    • I do plenty of monster grinding in normal through hell if I feel underpowered for where I’m at. In those situations, monster density would be great.

  11. KISS – keep it simple stupid
    No check boxes, no more hidden settings, no changes in how it works between Inferno and the other difficulty levels, just have monster power always also include higher mob density.
    New or poorly geared players will play the game as originally designed, no monster power and with the lower mob density. Players who want the additional challenge and rewards of higher monster power will also get more mobs. Everyone wins.

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