A fan asked whether DiabloWikiLoot 2.0 in the Expansion will will mean that more of what we find is useful. I think so, but mainly for a reason the CM’s reply doesn’t touch on: Diablo 3 item binding. Let’s discuss that, but first the Blue quote:

    Will there still be 99,9% of items useless?

    I don’t see it addressed at all in loot 2.0 /RoS. Correct me if I’m wrong. This is one of main flaws of Diablo3, after finding 0,1% of best items, 99,9% are weaker, and so, worthless, useless. Is it gonna change in RoS or we still won’t find anything useful after a month?
    Vaneras: Loot 2.0 is following a “less is more” philosophy and I think that a lot of people will find that it will feel like a nice improvement to the game. That being said, we should never forget that this is a Diablo game, which means that it is about hunting for loot and as such the loot will never stop dropping 🙂

    As in the previous Diablo games, gear upgrades will become less frequent over time as your character progress and acquires better and better gear. At some point around the time when your character is all maxed out and fully equipped with great legendaries, you will be more likely to find a good sidegrade than a good upgrade, but thanks to loot 2.0 as well as the Mystic, you will have some more interesting options to adjust and improve your gear.

    Click through for the full blue quote and discussion of item binding, which seems to be where the devs are putting a lot of their hopes for improving the economy in Loot 2.0.

    Once loot 2.0 is out, drops will be less “spammy” than they are currently, and the loot that will drop will more likely be something that you can find some use for, even if it is just for enchanting or transmogrification.

    So, what about items and usefulness? I have never actually counted and the OP didn’t mean it as a scientific figure, but what % of items actually are useless, and what % should be? I suppose the game could drop a lot of gear of equivalent quality, so that much of what you found was roughly equal to what you had, but that wouldn’t be any fun. The fun is finding an upgrade, and of course that gets harder the better your current gear is. And the more upgrades you find the more of your old stuff you sell off, which new players buy, thus ensuring that most of what they find is “useless.”

    There are various ways to try and break that cycle, and from what we saw and heard from Gamescom, the devs seem to be strongly considering a lot of DiabloWikiBind of Account or even DiabloWikiBind on Equip tags in Reaper of Souls. I like the BoA approach myself; if the Mystic can reroll one bad affix on any item and once she does that item can never be traded or sold, that seems a good system. You can still trade and buy and sell, but anything you like enough to customize for your own use gets locked to your account and leaves the economy.

    Plus, it’ll change the balance of what you’re looking for in trade. Now, for an item to be valuable it must have 2 or 3 essential stats (varying by the item type) and there are other things you really want, but aren’t critical. Once we can reroll one affix on an item though, that will change. Currently we’ve got “useless” items like helms without sockets, bracers without CC, weapons with low DPS, etc. No matter what other mods those items have, if they’re missing one or two key stats, they are garbage. But what happens with the Mystic comes in, with her potential to turn that frown upside down, and reroll some junk stat to the one crucial affix for that item type? It’s going to be interesting…

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