Blizzard on Diablo 3 Expansion Classes & Wordsearch

Blizzard hasn’t said anything about the class(es) they’re developing for the Diablo 3 expansion, but a CM did at least rule a couple of player suggestions out for lore reasons.

TyraelI would love this, to play as angel or demon and you eventually become one of the two classes i mentioned above! ( they should be hero classes) The Archangel will have for example Holy power as resource and Deathangel demonic power etc.
Vaneras: Archangel and Deathangel classes wouldn’t really fit with the lore, simply because they are not Nephalem. The Nephalem are the offspring of angels and demons, and within them is the combined essence(or spirit if you will) of both angels and demons, which is what is giving the Nephalem the potential to be even greater than both.

but what if an angel wants to become human like tyrael wanted and he still has some angelic powers
Vaneras: An angel may become human as was learned when Tyrael renounced his immortality and was cast from the high heavens, but even if angelic powers are retained after an angel become human, this will still not be enough as those powers are still “only” angelic.

The OP also suggested that these classes have, ” badass skills and spells.” Can you argue with that? No, I didn’t think so.

Elsewhere, a fan contributed a Diablo-themed wordsearch. Click through for that.

Hey.. Just finished this.. A picture for you guys to search words on if you need a break slaying monsters in the sanctuary.
Nakatoir: Printed it out just now and giving it a whirl, just found “Tyrael” while looking for “Adria”.

First word found! *fistpump*

I used to love word searches when I was a kid, and always thought about making my own, but leaving one word out. A short word that people would assume just *had* to be there… somewhere. Fortunately I matured over the decades and no longer desire to commit minor acts of evil. Let’s hope the guy who made this Wordsearch can say the same.

Diablo 3 wordsearch contains hours of fun.
Diablo 3 wordsearch contains hours of fun.
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13 thoughts on “Blizzard on Diablo 3 Expansion Classes & Wordsearch

  1. Not that I’d really want to play an angel or demon, but the ‘doesn’t fit with the lore’-argument sounds weird after they killed off Cain with a butterfly princess and they pulled the magical ‘fix-a-story’ black soul stone out of their arses like a true deus ex machine.

  2. We will not be getting new classes, the expansion will contain the content that was ready a couple of months before Diablo 3 came out.

    You can now put gems in your equipment!!!!!!
    We have added the all new Mystic!!!!
    PvP will be added a couple months after the expansion!!!!!
    Added the Talisman, it can be filled with Charms!!!!

  3. It doesn’t have to be an angel or demon class, but a nephalem that has very angelic or demonic features, including the skills.

    “Nephalem are the offspring of demons and angels and carry some of their characteristics as well.” — Angels & Demons Genetics 101 with Trag’Oul

    • How awesome would it be if the class had both angel and demon skill tabs? Could transform into something angelic or demonic just like Archon and Berserk?

    • It is possible to make a distinction between archangel (with a lower-case a) and Archangel (with an uppercase A). The former can denote the second-lowest choir (arch-angels in the sense of being just above the lowest Choir of angels that is called only “angels”) but the latter may denote the highest of all the angels (i.e., Arch-angels in the sense of being above all angels, of any Choir. The seven highest Seraphim, Michael being the highest of all, once Satan fell).

  4. Hilarious that they claim to be worried about things “not fitting into the lore” and causing damage when the core game has transformed Diablo lore into a smuldering pile of rubble. If Mahgduh was in charge she would allow it.

  5. The idea of becoming an angel or a demon sounds… like something a 11 yo kid wants. Seriously, it’d take away one of the last pieces that is remaining from the game: being a mortal in a dark world struggling with the demons to see an other day.
    Now that the good ol’ dark feeling is gone with D3, I most definitely don’t want Diablo to become a game where you can just join the demons in your shiny black armor running around the burning hells like “I’m with the demons now huehueheuheuehh!!!”
    I don’t mean to be rude here, but this idea really rustles my jimmies.

    I’d really like to see a Druid as there is no shapeshifter in the game right now. Also, Necromancer is a likely new hero as you can find one in Act 2 and you can see that’s not a five minute work npc 🙂

  6. How bout a pure bred summoner? The Witch Doctor fails miserably to satisfy my need to play as a pet master…which you can’t do with ANYWAY… Derpy giant and dogs that make insect noises…. How about some hell spawn?

    It’s not like it would be cheap or broken. Why they would even think of that, with the typical critical mass wizard or tornado barbarian all over the place taking a massive leak over build diversity. Maybe it could use some resource that you have to build up so you can’t just spam minions endlessly.

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