A fan made a post in which he dares make the WoW comparison, in a way of asking Blizzard not to be too responsive to fan complaints, since the WoW team has been (in his opinion) and has made it so that even PUGs (Pick Up Groups) can now band together to finish the hardest areas in the game. Bashiok replies at length, but all by arguing about a WoW design decision. How far his words can be extended to Diablo 3 design theory is unknown.  Here’s the quote, and an image to go with the OP’s thumb typing.

    I know diablo 3 should be playeble for everyone, everyone must be able to do cool stuf. But if you make something like uber tristram, make it uber! And hell should be hell! don’t nerf it till everyone can do it. Don’t make the game to easy!

    This did not rlly happend to diablo..but i’m just abit scared they might make the game to easy

    Bashiok: PUGs are not PUGs any more. The only difference between a PUG for these end game raids and a guild run is that the people don’t always know each other, and they’ve maybe never done this specific instance with the same group before. And that’s not always the case either.

    You have vent, you have experienced leaders (ideally), you have requirements to link achievements that you’ve finished it before, you have gear scores validating that they at least have the stats to be able to contribute, etc.

    These aren’t a random smattering of players, these are hand picked people that are able to be verified that they know the content, have completed it, and are geared to a reasonable level.

    Anyway, even being a “PUG” I doubt many if any are attempting hard modes. But I’ve been away a month or so, so maybe they are now.

    But I would argue to the ends of the earth that there’s nothing wrong, and a lot right, with allowing as many people as possible to see the conclusion to story archs they have been following for years and ultimately the conclusion to the expansion they purchased.

    That’s not to say there shouldn’t be content that’s very difficult and maybe only the best and most organized teams can complete it, and I believe there is that content, but should it take the form of content that completes a story arch that started with WC3 and that many if not most players are playing to see play out?

    The analogy isn’t exact, since the highest level content in WoW is designed for large groups; it’s literally impossible to do it solo, or in a group that’s a lot smaller than the ideal. Whereas Diablo 3 is set to continue the series-long convention of making everything doable for a solo player, at least one who is very well kitted out. But is that what the fans want to see? Would you enjoy some content that was essentially impossible for a solo player?

    With Diablo 3’s (likely) four player cap, there won’t be “raid” type instances (unless they put in some special, B.net-only content), but should some end game events require multiple players (such as pressure plates on a dungeon floor that require multiple players to trigger), or else be so insanely hard that a solo player would be certain to die multiple times in the attempt? (Incidentally, this issue was discussed in detail in the second installment of On the Drawing Board, where it garnered very mixed player opinions.)

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