A thread popped up on the Battle.net forums in which some Diablo 2 fans professed their desire to pay a monthly fee if it meant that Diablo 2 over Battle.net would get regular patches, ongoing support to prevent hacks and dupes, etc. DiabloWikiBashiok chimed in eventually, with a bucket of cold water.

    I would gladly pay for diablo lets say 3-5 dollars a month. With that they could easily stop cheating botting and duping. you may not like it but would you want this game to end up how bad diablo 2 is(d2 is a great game though). Do you want to hear spam bots trying to sell crap to you, i quit d2 for a bit just cause of that ><.

    Bashiok: I think the OP was more implying that a fee would change how our server infrastructure would work in order to avoid hacks and dupes and the like. Which would imply it would be designed less secure if no monthly fee were involved, which just isn’t the case.

    Diablo II is an old game. It was programmed and designed a long time ago. There are holes and client-server relationship choices that would not be repeated today regardless of business model. Mostly because we’re not all running around on 28.8’s anymore.

    So that’s that, then. For technical reasons there will never be adequate fixes to the dupes, bugs, hacks, and other problems with Diablo 2 over Battle.net. If you want hack-free play, you’ll have to do it with trusted friends. It says something about the quality of Diablo 2 that so many people still enjoy playing a 10 year old game, despite the fact that it’s perpetually-plagued by hacks and dupes, but it’s still sad to see its epitaph written with such finality.

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