Bashiok answered a question about the ongoing Demon Hunter skill changes, with some insight into the overall website update process.

    Are the skills gonna be fixed on the website soon? Cause right now it says we start off with impale with no hatred generator abilities. Also the strafe ability is listed under hatred generator but it says it costs 2 hatred per second?
    A lot of info is going to be and remain all kinds of jacked up. We’re making constant changes to skills and items. Since the website literally pulls from the game data, we don’t want it to be a metagame of watching live updates as we design and balance the game. We’ll probably only update website data at key points before launch.

    These sort of changes have gone on all through the game’s development; it’s just that we’re now getting some insight into them in semi-real time. I’d expect that to change fairly soon, and the official site will lock down the info shown and not update it until things are nearly final, much closer to the game’s release.

    Elsewhere, the “delay” announcement has driven some fans to despair.

    This is great
    Now I have nothing to look forward to, I know I won’t get into beta no game that has a set release date interests me. I also have no games to play they all sucks, by the time diablo is released the graphics are gonna be outdated even more :/ I just don’t know what to do I’m sick to my stomach now.

    Nethaera: You don’t know that you won’t get into beta. We have time and we’ll be adding more people over time.

    As you read in the post by Mike Morhaime, we are working very hard to get Diablo III ready and out as soon as possible. We’re shooting for early 2012 right now. I know some doomsayers are calling that it will be later, (and I’m not making promises), but it’s very rare that we even try to give a time frame and call it out like this. So that, at the least, should count for something or at the very least show that we have nothing but the best intent for the game and the community.

    In the end though, we want to make sure that when we release it, that it’s something we can be proud of and that you can enjoy as much as possible.

    We aren’t doomsayers because we are confused by this development. There hasn’t been any actual reason for pushing back given, only silly marketing fluff about polishing the game. You cannot tell us that you intended to put “tiny beta” into the hands of the press for 6 months, can you? We would really appreciate some communication regarding the nature of the push back. Why build all of the hype just to kick it out of your fan base a month before Blizzcon? Please give us a little respect and explain what has happened here.
    Nethaera: We’ve given enough reason at this point in time. We’re generally very careful about “building hype” “too soon”. We don’t do it with any purposeful or malicious intent. We also aren’t going to be suddenly silent. We’re all in this together.

    The purpose of the beta is the same. We want to make sure the systems and design are solid. Feedback, (constructive) as always is valuable on the experience people are having no matter how limited the beta is (content wise). And, how the game is holding up with so many people connected, is likewise important. We want to make sure everyone can get in, connect, and go slay some hellacious demons.

    We’re doing what we can to be as open and honest about this as possible because we know that there are so many people looking forward to the release. We’re equally looking forward to the release, have no doubt about that. But, we want to make sure that we’re confident in what we’re going to be delivering and then let it fly.

    Emo fan is emo! The announcement of the delay into 2012 was a surprise… but was anyone *really* surprised? Blizzard had spent the whole year making those “no expected 2011 game releases” financial disclosure statements, and all of their 2011 comments were of them, “really hope to, but it’ll be tough.” Obviously we all hoped, but it’s not like they said “November 2011 for sure!” and then changed it.

    Besides… they’re Blizzard. As the joke goes, you’ll never go broke betting on them taking longer than expected to release a game. Check the release date news items for much more on this, or the DiabloWikirelease date article in the wiki.

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