The Blues made a bunch of replies on Wednesday but they were mostly short answers to to non-new questions. There were a couple of issues addressed I thought you guys would want to read though, so here they are:

    So what type of 2 handed items will he be able to wield. So far we know 2hand flails will be able but what else? Swords been seen in 1hand options gameplay vid’s.
    Grimiku: We wanted to make the Crusader a walking arsenal of war, so they’re able to wield almost any melee weapon that’s not class specific. Here’s a list of weapons they can use.

  • One or Two-Handed Flail
  • One or Two-Handed Axe
  • One or Two-Handed Sword
  • Dagger
  • Polearm
  • Spear
  • *Note: Crusaders are unable to dual wield, but are able to carry a 2-handed weapon in one hand (and a shield in the other!) when using the DiabloWikiHeavenly Strength passive.

    Why aren’t you adding adventure mode to vanilla? You still have the restriction to playing only to act 4, so what is the problem in including it to vanilla as well?
    Vaneras: It has yet to be decided if you will need the expansion to get access to Adventure Mode.

    When you say, “There will be new higher level patterns available for level 70 crafting”, do you mean that post-RoS we will be able to find Level 70 versions of existing plans, or that there will be entirely brand new plans of items we haven’t seen before?
    Nevalistis: A bit of both!

    New plan spotted!

    New plan spotted!

    Leveling up the Blacksmith in Reaper of Souls will unlock new recipes for 4-6 property items at all new item tiers. In addition, we’re bringing forward many of the existing legendary and set crafting plans and upgrading them to level 70. The Cain’s Fate set is one such example. When you acquire this new pattern, you can use it to craft the items at level 70 with appropriate level 70 bonuses. As we’ve talked about before, these items will also smart roll to the character who is currently crafting them (so a Wizard who’s crafting will generate items with Intelligence on them).

    We’re also tinkering with some legendary plans to theme them up a bit. Crafting certain items, especially legendaries, should feel like they take a real journey to acquire, and targeted slaying with a variety of goals is an important part of the Diablo experience. To this end, some legendary patterns will require specific materials in order to craft them, and these materials will drop off of certain monsters. If we go back to the Cain’s Fate set as an example, one of the crafting materials required is an item that only drops from Maghda. There’s a variety of these kinds of patterns, and I hope you’re as excited as I am about collecting and crafting them all. =)

    I was kinda let down by the whole Hellfire ring. I mean, you need to find plans for the ring, find plans for the machines, collect 9 keys, make 3 machines, open 3 portals, kill 6 ubers, get 3 organs,…in order to make 1 ring.
    Nevalistis: We learned a lot from the DiabloWikiInfernal Machines and DiabloWikiHellfire Ring content, and the crafting changes mentioned above are the result of that learning process. In addition, it allows us the opportunity to iterate on this content for Reaper of Souls.

    I’ve so far found two new legendary crafting plans. They make lvl 70 quiver and lvl 70 mighty weapon, require a lot of mats, and are not as special as I’d like them to be. Click through to see screens and more details.

    I was shocked to see the first one drop from a monster since I’ve never found a legendary crafting plan in all my time playing D3V, despite spending hundreds of hours playing Inferno with 450% and higher Magic Find. Many other players I’ve talked to about it have never found one either, so it’s not just RNG; they are actually meant to be ultra rare.

    I thought maybe the first find in RoS beta was just luck, even if it was the first day of the beta, after a few hours, when I’d only found 3 or 4 legendary items. And then I found a second one today in less than an hour of play time, and it dropped from one of the Horadric Goodie Bags that you get for completing Bounties. Which makes me think that the drop rate is quite a bit turned up in RoS, and we should learn to expect these not all that infrequently. I guess time will tell.

    As for the stats… meh. I’m sure both could make a pretty good item, but I’d like to see something a bit more special than just one default property and 6 random affixes. If that’s all they do these don’t even really deserve to be orange; why not just make them yellow, as they’re not even as good on the guaranteed roll as the current D3V Archon recipes.

    One note — Quivers are not amongst the items you can gamble for in RoS. You can do every type of armor, including shields, but on the weapons page there’s a slot for one-handed weapon, two-handed weapon, orb, and mojo. No quiver, which I assume is just a mistake that’ll be fixed. If it’s somehow not, then this quiver recipe would actually be quite a bit more useful, if someone who plays a DH could ever find it.

    I haven’t made either one yet to try it out, since Forgotten Soul continues to be quite hard to come by, since most of the few legs I’ve found so far are too tasty to salvage.

    Night’s Reaping one-handed Mighty Weapon:

    Archfiend Arrows quiver:

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