A fan asked about if the benefits of DiabloWikiarmor will vary between the classes. Zarhym replied:

    Let’s say a tier 10 chest piece gives 500 armor. Will a barbarian and a witch doctor benefit equally from it i.e. they get the same amount of damage reduction from those 500 points armor?

    Each class gets equal base benefit from armor value on items, however, there are DiabloWikipassives and DiabloWikiskills which could allow one class to benefit more from armor than another class. For example, DiabloWikibarbarians have a passive available to them called DiabloWikiTough As Nails which increases the barbarian’s armor by 100%, among other things.

    This answer is accurate, but a little incomplete. As or more important than the potential passive bonus is the character’s attribute. And thanks to the auto-attributes in D3, a Barbarian of the same level as a Witch Doctor would necessarily have much higher DiabloWikiDefense, which is the character attribute that determines your damage reduction. To paraphrase the in-game tool tip:

    • Each point of Defense gives:
      • +x Damage Reduction (based on class)

    Thus, barring huge bonuses from equipment, a Barbarian will always derive considerably more defensive benefit than a Witch Doctor does, from the same piece of armor.

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