A survey of some interesting Blue forum action from yesterday, grouped into one post for ease of consumption and to fight our self-inflicted main page mega scroll.

    A fan sipped a little too full of the conspiracy Kool-Aid and made a post ranting about how Blizzard Authenticators don’t work since he could use one in prison where all wifi is blocked. (Yes, prison. He must be a DiabloWikiJailer?) Another fan straightened him out, and got a Blue assist.

    An authenticator is a secure random number generator based on the current time and a secret (the ‘seed’) that only your authenticator and blizzard know (you had to enter this when you added an authenticator). It doesn’t need an internet connection…
    Zarhym: This is correct. It’s why you have to attach the serial number of the authenticator to your account before using it. The code isn’t being generated on our end and transmitted to your authenticator, regardless of whether you use the fob or the mobile app.

    As much as they’ve been in the news, here are some links for more info about Blizzard authenticators. The actual devices are Vasco DIGIPASS GO 6 authenticators. Check out the the Wikipedia two-factor authenticator page for info about the technology. If you’re wondering about how much they cost, and if Blizzard’s $6.50 price really is their cost… there’s no way to know. Individual units are more than $20, but to operate your own authenticator system you need expensive software to set up the number codes that are tied to the devices in the first place. The software plus 25 clickers costs thousands of dollars, though the costs per unit drop with larger orders.

    Click through for more Blue on tooltip updates, patch issues, chat text size, and other general fan bitching.

    A fan angry that tooltips weren’t being updated along with skill functions ranted about it, and got a short Blue reply.

    Who is directing the team that maintains Diablo 3? I’m just curious to know who is responsible. The technical handling of server downtimes and patches is simultaneously hilarious, sad, and abysmal.

    So there was a patch a few days ago to change some skills…Then there was a patch today to change their tooltips?

    Like did someone forget to change the tooltips? If the changes had already been made, please tell me (I really want to know) what possible reason there could be for not just changing the tooltips in the patch that made the changes.
    Bashiok: Tooltips can’t be changed through hotfixes.

    Tooltips, like most other game assets, are stored on your machine. So it takes a patch with downloaded content to replace the texts that you see in game. Slightly OT, but I quoted that bit about D3’s technical coverage being “hilarious, sad, and abysmal” to Elly last night, and she felt total agreement. Not that she cared about tooltips, but it was while she was dying to play, and unable to since even though her main characters are on the US server, and that server was up, her game client is EU, and thus the game was unplayable for hours while the EU servers were down. This after she was unable to play on either the US or EU server all day the day before, since like many others, her client tried to DL the patch from the US realm and was then disallowed by the EU server.

    Global Play does have a few issues with patching, just yet.

    If you were wondering if there was anything in Diablo III about which someone had yet to complain bitterly…. the answer is yes. I can’t think of anything off the top of my head, but I”m sure at least some feature hasn’t yet been lacerated in a furious forum thread. We can tick one more item off that rapidly-shrinking list today, as some hyperopiac son of a bitch made himself heard loud and clear.

    Chat text is too small?

    I still don’t understand how they missed this because it’s a basic feature in WoW. The font size in Diablo III is WAY too small to where i have to strain to read it if it is on a compromising background. There should be a way (JUST LIKE IN WOW) to adjust the font size, boldness, and opacity of the background.
    Zarhym: We plan on allowing you to adjust font size and probably resize the chat window in an upcoming patch.

    EVERYTHING is coming in an upcoming patch. Say WHEN these patches will approximately be please instead of saying that!
    Zarhym: Our internal patch schedules are relatively rough. We don’t give out times because, as you might imagine, estimates sometimes evolve into gospel. Rather than committing to a time, I’d prefer to at least communicate our intentions to commit to a design change. 🙂

    Any chance you plan on giving people the option to permanent delete or atleast log out of the annoying, item spam selling, general chat we have to look at when we log in?
    Zarhym: Yes, I posted about this yesterday but it probably got buried. In a future patch we’ll be adding in the functionality for your chat settings to be saved. This means you won’t automatically join General chat when entering a game if you left the channel in your last game.

    I don’t understand how blue’s have time to respond to posts about the size of chat text, but they can’t update us on or even ACKNOWLEDGE the fact that the auction house is unusable for so many people because of this bug. ” STASH LIMIT Only 0 items are allowed in your stash at one time. Please send items to your shared stash and try again.
    Zarhym: Hey there, friend. If you’ve noticed there are quite a few threads being created everyday. Instead of following us around and contributing nothing relevant to the topic of a thread to tell us where we should be posting, you should let conversations flow and gain traction on their own merit.

    If we have answers to provide about a particular situation, we will. Until then you’re not helping anyone by telling me how I should be spending my time. Thanks!

    Of all the things in this game that need a fix why does the chat window keep getting preference? I would like a sincere answer as I am asking a sincere question.
    Zarhym: Read my previous post. If you think the list of things we’d like to address is linear and each item takes an equivalent amount of time to implement, you think incorrectly.

    We have a list of things we’d like to do. And each item on that list has an estimate of the resources necessary to address it, a severity/urgency label, as well as a milestone for which update it should be included in.

    I like that Mr. “The Chat Is Too Damn Small!” was immediately followed up by several, “How dare you bastards fix the chat that’s too damn small when my particular pet peeve issue hasn’t been addressed yet!” It’s hard to have too much sympathy for the Blue CMs, but when you read threads like this one you have to hope they’ve got a bourbon dispenser next to their water cooler.

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