Bashiok was hopping in the forums today, and here’s the rundown on a couple of his juicier posts.

    In reply to a fan who wants the Barbarian to be larger, compared to the other characters, Bashiok says that he/she is, at least in the game, and even offers a (quickly retracted) visual aid:

    They aren’t to scale on the class selection page.

    Well fun fact – technically the witch doctor male is still the tallest when standing up straight, but his hunch makes him a much shorter character when he’s actually in the game.

    Aside from that technicality…

    The male barbarian is, and is intended to always be the tallest character. He’s at least 7’ tall. The female wizard is probably somewhere around 5’10.

    All you really have to do is compare screenshots. Our camera angle/distance hasn’t changed too dramatically so comparisons are pretty easy.

    That’s female wizard vs female barbarian obviously.

    edit – I take that back. Even slight deviations in the camera distance completely throw comparisons out of whack. But my previous statement still stands; able to compare screenshots side-by-side or not.

    Elsewhere, Bashiok let us know that the BlizzCast wouldn’t be posted very soon, and that it wasn’t exactly worth holding your breath over either.

    Next BlizzCast this week?  Yes/no/maybe?
    Bashiok: No, and don’t get too jazzed on it. It’s just a few questions being answered. It was fun to record so hopefully it’s enjoyable listening to it, but there’s nothing in there that’s mind blowing.

    sigh unfortunately most of us get mad when you “promise” something awesome and our hopes get to high, so if this isn’t that mindblowing and you’re being 100% truthful now, be prepared for an onslaught of nerd rage

    Bashiok: Asking people for some questions is promising something awesome? I can only do so much to realistically manage expectations.  If anyone took the request for questions and built it up that much then they should be prepared for far more impactful disappointments in their life.

    Say what you will about the CM-appropriateness of Bashiok’s sarcastic mannerisms, but he’s got a point there.

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