We generally quote posts from the US Battle.net forums since those are the most active (in terms of Blizzard CMs responding to questions), but here’s a post from the EU forums for a change. The fan complaints are all the same, as are the Blue replies, but you can read them with the jolly European accent of your choice (and there are so many to choose from), which should add a whole different level to the experience.

    If you are a European to begin with, carry on.

    With over 4500 champion packs killed and like 300 goblins, it’s just plain obvious how this game is completely designed around pulling out your creditcard. We were unable to progress without using the AH, fine. We’ll use it and then use the bought gear to farm Act 3 or so to get to Act 4.

    The problem is NOTHING of use drops. NOTHING. My friend got 8 legendaries in those hours, I got one. Of which exactly 9 were useless. Alot of rares drop, one was useful so far after buying AH gear. Now we’ve reached the new patch which was supposed to fix alot of stuff and it increased repair cost.
    Nakatoir: We will be applying hotfixes which will be further buffing the drop chances of higher level loot in Inferno difficulty, keep an eye on our “Diablo III Hotfixes – June” blog to see what the new drop chances will be. On the topic of your legendary drops, we are planning a strong buff to legendary items that will make them flat out better than blue items; however this will sadly not be retroactive.

    The point of Diablo was never to kill Diablo, it was to grind for gear. I’ve had hundreds of hours of fun while doing that in D2. The idea of killing champions instead of doing a million mephisto/diablo/baal runs for items was pretty good, I liked it. Nephalem stacks, pretty good too (to some degree).
    Nakatoir: It’s great to hear how you like the system of the Nephalem buff and having to explore the world for champion packs instead of simply killing a single boss many, many times. This is much better to me as well than the constant boss runs in Diablo II. It gets me exploring and searching for the champion packs and each time it is different as the area you encounter the champion pack in, the affixes they have and the monster type they are will make me approach each one differently.

    Now to speak of co-op. Co-op is a punishment in Diablo 3. Elite packs with over 6.4 million health. Packs with invulnerable minions, horde, vortex, arcane, plague, molten and so forth. I’ve just had a pack with arcane, plague, molten and mortar and I honestly laughed. Some combinations are just redicilous. But who cares, atleast they drop something worth the 20 minutes it took to kill them right? If you wonder, they gave me ilvl 55 wrists with health regen and indestructibility. Hooray.
    Nakatoir: The luck of the affixes you get landed with can sometimes be very frustrating but it’s part of the challenge; I remember getting a vortex, invulnerable minions, horde, extra health and it was so hard to kill 🙁 But the great feeling of eventually overcoming such a pack is fantastic. Sometimes it can be saddening to see that effort results in poor loot, but when that you find a Ilvl 63 rare that rolls near perfect stats you do not forget the feeling!

    But the idea of designing D3 around some crappy system which should be OPTIONAL for the rich or spoiled called the RMAH, is fatal.
    Nakatoir: The RMAH is not what Diablo III is designed around and it is fully optional, it is never forced upon you to use it. I myself have not used it yet, neither for selling or buying but I may some point in the future. It is simply an additional service that you can utilize if you so decide, the same goes for the gold AH.

    Part of the challenge is to feel frustration???? You are fritter away a century of psychological research about behaviourism.
    Nakatoir: I believe you misinterpreted the meaning in my comment. My statement was simply that those difficult packs are part of the challenge, not that feeling frustration was a part of the challenge.

    And that’s how they do it in Kingsport. Did you see anything in his words that differed from when Bashiok replies to the same complaints? A subtle Olde Worlde flair, perhaps? A lack of American accoutrements, such as gunshot sound effects and the scent of frying bacon?

    I liked the last question best, personally. It’s nice to see that non-Americans can try to twist Blue comments around by taking them out of context. And here I thought that was a talent that only the Bashiok-haters had harnessed.

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