Blizzard on Better Legendaries and Tough Boss Mods

We generally quote posts from the US forums since those are the most active (in terms of Blizzard CMs responding to questions), but here’s a post from the EU forums for a change. The fan complaints are all the same, as are the Blue replies, but you can read them with the jolly European accent of your choice (and there are so many to choose from), which should add a whole different level to the experience.

If you are a European to begin with, carry on.

With over 4500 champion packs killed and like 300 goblins, it’s just plain obvious how this game is completely designed around pulling out your creditcard. We were unable to progress without using the AH, fine. We’ll use it and then use the bought gear to farm Act 3 or so to get to Act 4.

The problem is NOTHING of use drops. NOTHING. My friend got 8 legendaries in those hours, I got one. Of which exactly 9 were useless. Alot of rares drop, one was useful so far after buying AH gear. Now we’ve reached the new patch which was supposed to fix alot of stuff and it increased repair cost.
Nakatoir: We will be applying hotfixes which will be further buffing the drop chances of higher level loot in Inferno difficulty, keep an eye on our “Diablo III Hotfixes – June” blog to see what the new drop chances will be. On the topic of your legendary drops, we are planning a strong buff to legendary items that will make them flat out better than blue items; however this will sadly not be retroactive.

The point of Diablo was never to kill Diablo, it was to grind for gear. I’ve had hundreds of hours of fun while doing that in D2. The idea of killing champions instead of doing a million mephisto/diablo/baal runs for items was pretty good, I liked it. Nephalem stacks, pretty good too (to some degree).
Nakatoir: It’s great to hear how you like the system of the Nephalem buff and having to explore the world for champion packs instead of simply killing a single boss many, many times. This is much better to me as well than the constant boss runs in Diablo II. It gets me exploring and searching for the champion packs and each time it is different as the area you encounter the champion pack in, the affixes they have and the monster type they are will make me approach each one differently.

Now to speak of co-op. Co-op is a punishment in Diablo 3. Elite packs with over 6.4 million health. Packs with invulnerable minions, horde, vortex, arcane, plague, molten and so forth. I’ve just had a pack with arcane, plague, molten and mortar and I honestly laughed. Some combinations are just redicilous. But who cares, atleast they drop something worth the 20 minutes it took to kill them right? If you wonder, they gave me ilvl 55 wrists with health regen and indestructibility. Hooray.
Nakatoir: The luck of the affixes you get landed with can sometimes be very frustrating but it’s part of the challenge; I remember getting a vortex, invulnerable minions, horde, extra health and it was so hard to kill πŸ™ But the great feeling of eventually overcoming such a pack is fantastic. Sometimes it can be saddening to see that effort results in poor loot, but when that you find a Ilvl 63 rare that rolls near perfect stats you do not forget the feeling!

But the idea of designing D3 around some crappy system which should be OPTIONAL for the rich or spoiled called the RMAH, is fatal.
Nakatoir: The RMAH is not what Diablo III is designed around and it is fully optional, it is never forced upon you to use it. I myself have not used it yet, neither for selling or buying but I may some point in the future. It is simply an additional service that you can utilize if you so decide, the same goes for the gold AH.

Part of the challenge is to feel frustration???? You are fritter away a century of psychological research about behaviourism.
Nakatoir: I believe you misinterpreted the meaning in my comment. My statement was simply that those difficult packs are part of the challenge, not that feeling frustration was a part of the challenge.

And that’s how they do it in Kingsport. Did you see anything in his words that differed from when Bashiok replies to the same complaints? A subtle Olde Worlde flair, perhaps? A lack of American accoutrements, such as gunshot sound effects and the scent of frying bacon?

I liked the last question best, personally. It’s nice to see that non-Americans can try to twist Blue comments around by taking them out of context. And here I thought that was a talent that only the Bashiok-haters had harnessed.

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    76 thoughts on “Blizzard on Better Legendaries and Tough Boss Mods

    1. Random player: Farming is pretty boring, too much health, too low chance.
      Nakatoir: Nah you’re wrong ! I think getting that super loot once a month is very fun ! Yipee yay game is great ! Please say our game is great now ? Please ?

      Not convinced.

        • oh well. Darn funny, huh? : D I am european and I will play Diablo 3 when they fix all those problems, some day…

          I am awful busy these days so I don’t miss not playing the game.

          • I don’t think that anyone who never played the(end) game can really be taken seriously.

            A pity this applies to 50 % of all forum posters on all subjects. They excel at making general statements about … general statements without contributing anything. It is like reinforcing thin air with more thin air.

            I wonder what drives such people ? Copy pasting ideas with general non meaningful self fulfilling conclusions.

            Play the game son.

            • Although most people who bought Diablo 2 never played the endgame. In the same way, lots of those who buy Diablo 3 will never play Inferno at all, regardless of how well the endgame is made. They pay the same for the game and their experience is a valid component of the game’s success or failure.

      • It reminds me of the producer from an episode of Metalocalypse,
        – “Now, this game, it’s a 500 million dollar shit sandwich, and you’re all gonna take a bite and you’re gonna smile cause you love how it tastes! Got it? Now you go out there, your-your adoring public… I wrote all the reviews! Nobody knows what a good game is anymore! Just shut up and smile! Remember: shit sandwich, tastes great! Now go!”

    2. To be honest, I found the drop chances to be somewhat ok. Not good, but ok. Maybe I am just lucky as hell but I find regularly good items even though I can’t use most of them. That’s a given though in a game with 5 classes and different speccs.

      • I completely agree. I find good items very regularly and of the six legendaries I have found, one of them has had an incredible roll and is very useful.


        • At nearly 200 played hours, and 2 level 60s, with 0 legendaries, 0 sets found, I would have to disagree that the drop rates are not centered around the use of the AH.

          • I can beat that 300 hours played 0 set items 0 legendarys and proble around 7 ACHIL good items…

      • I agree yesterday alone I made 3 mil In Act 1 inferno I found a legendary helm and sold it unid for 1 mil easy it turned out to be andariels visage with poor stats but he still payed to gamble that is where the money is unidentified lvl63 stuff

    3. There’s only one jolly accent in europe, and that’s Norwegian. I recommend to use that one in your head!

      And I think drop chances are ok, might even be too good atm. I would prefer it if they lowered them somewhat and put more mobs in the game with a little bit less hp on the elites. Killing elites in act 3 is quite boring atm, cause they die so slow and Im usually out of any danger with my monk. And my DPS aint that bad (25k) for a monk.

    4. “Sometimes it can be saddening to see that effort results in poor loot, but when that you find a Ilvl 63 rare that rolls near perfect stats you do not forget the feeling!”

      Are you F serious ? I identifiy more than 20k rare items for 1 mount.
      And NEVER get even NEAR to perfect roll.Best case is something that i can sell for 1-3 mils.And it happens 3-4 times for 1 mount.So… i just quit i dont have time for bullshits.

      • You go to a slot machine, put the coins in, pull the handle and hope for the best – that is the mechanic of drops in Diablo (I-III). You can’t spec for luck, you can’t improve luck with any item in the game, only thing you can do is to hope it improves.
        You’ve identified more than 20k rares in one month, I assume you meant. I played Diablo 2 on and off for almost 12 years, my main goal being to find all the class Elite Sets, which is something I never managed to do. I dare not even think about how many times I’ve killed Mephisto, Diablo and Baal, just to see them drop ilvl 4 items in hell. That is how the game plays, and if it keeps you hooked, that’s cool, if not, I’m sure other games are available for your needs.

      • OK. 20k rares in a month. that comes out to 40 rares per hour. assuming You play 16 hours a day, every day nonstop.

        exaggerate much?

    5. Even if you guys do it to every second mob drop a rare item… it still be boring to play … you just want to charge our CC’s in RMAH with is not my way to enjoy.Plus i forgot … in last 10 days there are a drasticly reduction of succsessful actions in AH.Everyone want to sell / buy in RMAH.
      Best items are in RMAH = im not in your game.Witch is just EPIC FAIL.

    6. How they come with these moronic comments of being pushed towards RMAH is beyond me. This could be the case if Blizzard was offering items for $ that you couldn’t find yourself.

      But here’s a clue: someone found those items.

      Why can’t you?

      I am able to farm A1 Inferno with 500k SC gold (that’s if I’m lazy to farm hell for a day or two). And A1 Inferno can gear you up up till Inferno Diablo. No need to RMAH.

      • Barin why don’t you suck blizzards dick more you dipshit? The game sucks big time and everyone is quitting who has half a brain. Just because you’re too thick to realize its a bad game doesn’t mean you have to sit around and defend it to people. You are probably a bible thumping creationist as well I imagine going to the local university telling the professors of science they should stop trying to use logic and just accept that this is all God’s plan eh?!?

          • Seriously do you even play the game you support so blindly?

            Seems you spend most of your day being pro D3 more then actually play the game.

            Maybe you actually hate the game and are to stupid to realise it?

        • Mark and the 21 who agree with him are being silly as like AlexanderBarin said you can get the items that you can buy on the AH just by playing the game no one forcing you to use the AHs. Ok yes it might take you years to get the items but it doable, after all someone else has for it to be listed in the AH.

      • I think you’re forgetting all the fake items that BobbyBot2013β„’ generates to flood the RMAH and keep up corporate profits.

    7. On champion affixes, if Blizzard would just get rid of Vortex, any combination of the rest would be manageable, some a lot more difficult than others, but all still manageable with skill and perseverance.

      Vortex is just BS 99% of the time. Being a melee class and getting pulled back into the **** immediately after using an escape skill and getting killed, or being any class and getting instantaneously re-vortex’d after being vortext’d and escaping and getting killed… are both unavoidable BS. The rest of the affixes and combinations there of are manageable as you can move/kite/reposition and fight on.

      • Then again, I often find that Vortexed mobs are nice enough to actually pull me away from half the crap the rest of the group has put down, so it’s not always a negative mod.
        That aside, I would like to see if Blizz would give some sort of CC-immunity after being affected by one, so you don’t get chain-jailed 5-6 times in a row.

        • Blizzard should have put an internal immunity on your character (5 seconds or so) to prevent chaining.

          The reason they didn’t really is beyond me.

          The problem I have is with immune Lacuni mobs with “fast” on them. They move so quickly it desyncs them. I had one encounter with said mobs in an enclised space (sirocco caverns) and simply had to give up. (Mind you, I’m a DH that does 130k DPS)

    8. There are a LOT of valid complaints about D3, but no one should be complaining about Inferno being too hard. Its supposed to be too hard, that’s the whole point of it!

      • Yeah but “too hard” dont go very well with farm and too long.

        I dont mind things being hard, I finished the game before nerfs I dont even think its hard anymore. But I do mind when I’m supposed to farm it and it gives too low chance of a good reward in 1 to 2 hours.

      • It’s not that it’s too hard.
        It’s that it’s 100% impossible without a certain level of gear that is difficult to obtain.

        Compare D2 to D3 in this regard:
        D2 – – cheap gear and good strategy along with careful play could clear even the hardest content in the game.
        D3 – Strategy matters very little. If you don’t have the gear, you simply can’t complete the content.

    9. Okay so the first response about loot drops the blue basically addresses that drops are low or was that answer from before they recently buffed the drops in the last patch of 1.03b? Anyways, they’ll never admit a scheme that the drop rates are related to influencing us to use the RMAH why would they ever admit that?

      Also the fact that we never have to re create another character for a different style or build that may rely on gear also plays into the fact of how shitty drops are. We don’t need a trang ouls set for this and that necromancer and another set for this and that necromancer, its all stats that increase defense and offense. They say they’re going to buff legendaries great how so just making them do more damage? whooppie

    10. The blues will continue to spew that company line BS whether they’re on this side of the lake or not. When are they going to stop deluding themselves? The the game is frustrating and not fun.

      The issue is not even difficulty, it’s the fact that you don’t progress. You basically stagnate at whatever level you are at in terms of gear unless you buy upgrades off the AH because nothing ever drops. So then what is the point of playing? I might as well just run a gold farming bot and buy myself gear. Then I can beat diablo and quit because there’s nothing else to do.

      When you finally, if ever, kill that ridiculous champ out of pig headed perseverance you aren’t happy you’re pretty much in a state or rage, and when you identify the crap it dropped that near rage escaltes into pure unadulterated rage.

      • And by “nothing ever drops” you mean “things don’t drop fast enough for me and I’m impatient.”

        • I’ve played 375 hours :

          – No set item
          – 5-6 useless legendary items
          – A lot of rare items (one useful in Act 1 Inferno)

          Is this your definition of a good drop rate?

          There is no way I could have beaten the Butcher in Inferno if I hadn’t bought ALL my gear in the GAH (except my amulet). And now I’m farming Act1 without finding anything useful in maybe 100-150 hours. Act 2 is impossible for me at the moment and the prices at the GAH are so high that I can’t even buy 1 really good upgrade.

          I should use the RMAH to progress but I won’t.

          Oh wait, I forgot I was “impatient”…

          • I have 200 hours on my monk, i found all my gear by myself and i cleared act I and II inferno. Auction houses are not mandatory, i found out among my friends that most people that had hard time doing inferno were using a bad set of spells or bad tactic.
            People beleve that the only way to get through inferno is to go full defensive, that’s the best way to loose for sure. Go hybrid offensive/defensive and you hit/run/hit/run, as a monk i keep my serenity for unavoidable high damage (like being vortex into a frozen that stuns me into a molten/desecrator/plague/whatever), otherwise just hit/run/… in a way that you’re never hit by more than one monster and you won (obviously this doesn’t work everywhere like with fleeing monsters).
            Maybe monk is op but people that say inferno is too hard (to the point where auction houses are mandatory) are probably just using wrong spells or wrong tactic.

            • I’m certainly not the best player in the world but I don’t stay in the middle of the fight with my barbarian when elites throw their evil spells at me. I run, I jump, I try to mitigate damages.
              You must have been very lucky to find the gear you needed to clear act 1 (not even talking about act 2).
              I know that I would have been significately weaker if I hadn’t bought a lot of gear in the GAH. I’m not complaining but it would have been more fun to find this gear by myself instead of buying it.
              Let’s face it, the itemization is completely broken, I hope they can fix that asap.

            • I can easily clear A1 inferno with my monk after 100 hours of play time and I’ve never bought a single item on either AH. And I wasn’t that lucky with drops – my gear isn’t great by any means, I could get upgrades for 10k on the GAH. Stack resistances, some kind of life gaining stuff, and use the more defensive skills. That’s all there was to it for me. A2 is way beyond me at this point however, I can’t seem to kill a single elite pack.

          • I think a “good” drop rate is an entirely subjective concept. Perhaps you consider it a slow drop rate. I happen to think that if gear dropped much faster people would be complaining just as much that the endgame has no lasting appeal because it’s too easy to get uber drops.

            I got through A1 inferno before I started to buy gear for either my Wizard or my Barbarian. With the recent changes to A1/2 drop rates of ilvl 63 items, I’d say you don’t even really need to anymore, you just need to be patient.

            Also, Magic Find does help a lot. How much are you running with? And are you just doing A1? Early A2 Inferno is pretty damn easy post-nerf, and it’s a great place to farm.

            • Well, I think 1 good item in 375 hours (maybe 200 in Inferno) is not really a good rate even if I only have the Nephalem Valor. That’s why I bought my gear in the GAH which is less fun imo.
              I clear Act 1 with a few death here and there (not a lot). In the beginning of Act 2, I always die against elites except those with very easy mods.
              Oh well, I’ll just keep trying until I’m bored.

            • @Tomsch: So, yeah, zero magic find, just like I thought. You shouldn’t expect to find the most amazing gear in the game with 0% magic find. I also suspect that your idea of what a “good” item is might have the bar set a little too high.

              A1 Inferno isn’t good for farming either, since the drop rates are too low. You shouldn’t expect to be finding set items in A1 inferno with zero magic find.

    11. as long as they make the set and unique items worthwhile, I don’t care if the drop rates are low.

    12. LOL @ your write up Flux – funny as always! Keep it up – I got a good laugh out of this posting :p

    13. The real issue is that the game is more challenging than Diablo 2.

      In Diablo 2, you didn’t really need super gear to progress. You could get through the whole game pretty easy, but then you’d go back and re-do it to get better and better gear.

      In D3, you can’t get through the whole game without going back to do earlier parts of the game to get better gear.

      The only difference is that the slot is harder to pull in D3. It’s a challenge to get the drops, it isn’t a walk in the park like it was in D2. D2 was a game of purely putting in time, whereas D3 is actually challenging. People think it’s a problem with the drop rates, but it’s not – it’s a problem with their own impatience and their inability to be content with a challenge.

      The “RMAH is mandatory” argument is so fallacious it’s barely worth addressing.

      TL;DR version: The problem is fanboy carebears. I won’t call them “casuals”, because they’re the types to spend countless hours playing games like this because it inflates their ego, but they aren’t the sort of players who really want a challenge. They just want instant gratification.

      • “D2 was a game of purely putting in time, whereas D3 is actually challenging.”
        You’ve got it completely backwards.

        In D2 you could complete all the content, even the Ubers with cheap gear as long as you played well and went in with a solid strategy. It wasn’t “easy” though. It was a challenge if you didn’t have solid gear (or played classes that were woefully underpowered).

        In D3 you have exactly 0% chance to clear inferno without the gear, and once you get the gear it IS easy. Where’s the challenge in that?

        That’s why everyone says it was built around the AH.
        Gear is 90% of the equation in D3.

        Give the best player in the world a clean account and tell him he can’t use the AH (or accept gear from other players). How long do you think it will take him to beat inferno? (my guess, at least 6 months)

        Now give a total noob a clean account and $200 to spend on the RMAH. How long do you think it will take HIM to beat inferno? (a week?)

        These guys don’t want instant gratification, they just want to know that there’s even the slightest hint of skill involved in beating the game.

        • I agree with the first part, however the second is, in my opinion, wrong. You don’t need the auction house to complete inferno, it will obviously take longer but as a monk i did act I and II without them in 200 hours (And i took my time leveling). You just need a good set of spell and good tactic (hit/run/hit/run to get hit by one monster only).
          However i beleve monk is probably the best class to clear inferno without any cheap manoeuvre.

        • How is the best player in the world going to take that long to clear Inferno when the best players in the world already DID beat Inferno in, what, a few days? They didn’t have the AH to help them, because nobody was farming gear at that point.

          I also flat-out disagree that gear in D3 is a magic on/off switch between “impossible” and “super easy”. I routinely switch out gear for more magic find on my wizard just to see what I can accomplish and I guarantee you that there are many degrees of difficulty present. I also personally have found that skill, and whether or not I’m playing well at the time, have a huge impact from what I’ve seen.

        • Phor, you comment is hilarious. The best players did beat inferno in just a few days. Not only did they do that but they weren’t able to buy stuff from the AH because nothing was available because they were the first ones to do it. This whole debate is comical because people have done and continued to do it this whole time. The problem is that the game is too hard for a lot of people, who therefore complain a lot until everything gets nerfed and inferno is easily beatable without dying.

      • MRR, your argument is horrible. I have been farming Act 1 of Inferno for several weeks. It’s getting boring. Also, I go into act 2 and get wasted. I have almost pulled the AH trigger several times to progress but what is the point? I don’t want to be stuck in Act 2 for another month just to vendor 500+ “rares” —

        I WANT to love this game so bad but the item pool is broken. Period.

        • It’s not really an “argument”, it’s just a description of the way things are, and the fact that YOU happen to be getting bored doesn’t really prove anything one way or another other than the fact that this game doesn’t cater to your personal tastes. If anything, all I’m arguing is that this game is very different from D2, and that people expecting a similar feeling from it WILL be disappointed. In that sense, if you’re a big D2 fan then you’re actually helping to prove my point.

          If you’ve been farming A1 for that long, either a) you’re doing something wrong, and/or b) you’re finding gear that you should be selling on the GAH so that you can buy gear to use, i.e. trading it.

      • I concur basically 99.9%. I do see that the game needs some tweaks. I have grind for 200+ hours always a little behind the curve as to not waste time and gold (I let the Ubers figure out the “best” methods and then just steal the knowledge for myself). So, I have a 30K DPS/30K life DH with physical and other resists pushing over 70% reductions. Do you think I am fairing any better in Act 2. Hell to the no. I dont get one shotted instantly like before which is nice.

        There is more deterrent than incentive to play the endgame at this time.

    14. My biggest complaint with items is that when farming Inferno for Rares, anything without Resist All is basically worthless. I wish they’d consider making individual resists go up to like 200 or 300 so that you can run inferno without needing a single, necessary stat on most (if not all) of your gear.

      • And let monk have a 99% damage reduction on all resist by stacking +all res and +one res with “One with everything” passive :p.

        • If it was 300 resist X then a monk could get 3,000+ resist all easy via “one with everything” and that will give him a massive 90.36% damage reduction vs everything before armour. Factor in armour and dodge and there inherent 30% damage reduction and you hit ~99% effective damage reduction.

          Given this then you end up with monks zzzZZZ walking though everything or everyone else getting OHKed.

    15. Insane monster attributes are insane. The developers can continue to defend them all they want but they should be listening to the fan base. Such affixes cause the game to be slow paced, tedious, and frustrating, rather than fast paced, rewarding, and fun like Diablo 2.

      Being forced into one style of play (farm 5 stacks of valor and a boss) is bad for the game. Let players farm urns, chests, racks, mini-bosses, bosses, areas or whatever to their hearts content. People like doing different things and forcing them to do one thing is bad.

      All of the runs I mentioned are present in Diablo 2 (well, not urn runs) and I did them all. Sometimes I’d run Pindleskin, Threshsocket, Eldrich, Shenk, the Council, ect one after the other. Sometimes I’d run Pindle by himself a thousand times in a row. Sometimes I’d run the Lower Kurast sparkly chests. Sometimes the Pit. Sometimes I’d kill all the bosses one after the other. Sometimes only Diablo.

      Diablo 3 has much fewer options for the player because the D3 developers are seeking to control the what the player does. Fewer options = less fun. The Diablo 3 developer team apparently still does not understand that seeking to dictate to the player how to play is detrimental to the game.

      And yes, the drops were designed around the Real Money Auction House.

      • All of this… but my biggest peeve is not being able to hop into a game and go where the hell ever I want. I have to make that decision before hand, and even then I cannot start where I want. What if I don’t want to do the damn BS up to the boss I want to kill.

        NV as incentive to kill champ packs is OK and all, but forcing this on me is BS, along with a lot of other things about the game.

      • Eh?! You say that there are tons more different types of run to do in D2 than in D3, but that all you ever did was boss/sub-boss runs… And also the fact that all of those kinds of runs *are* viable in D3, and if you *want* to improve drop rates you can search out for a few champ/elite packs. Or get a nice boost from the ones you happen to bump into on whatever run you’re doing.

    16. Diablo 3 is basically a farce, in my opinion. After years of anticipation, I’m forced to conclude that it’s basically just a cynical cash grab.Β 

      They created a game that, at its core, is about building up your character by hunting down loot. Then they ratcheted the gear requirements way up into the stratosphere, and then helpfully provided a means to pay cash money for that gear.Β 

      What could possibly go wrong???

      Between this, and the blatant Asian market cash-in of Mists of Pandaria, and having the nerve to charge full price for an expansion with Heart of the Swarm… Blizzard just isn’t getting my money anymore. They’re no longer the kind of company I care to support.Β 

    17. In my six+ years of D2 I never found higher than a Vex rune, of course they weren’t introduced until a few years after I started playing.

      I didn’t complain once.

      In D3 I find atleast one or two items in a few runs worth millions or something that is an upgrade from my current gear.

      This feels much, much better. And champions ARE more fun than running Mephisto as many times as I can without getting RD.


      • What game are you playing? “One or two items in a few runs worth millions or something that is an upgrade to my current gear”… what a load of…

        I have hundreds of hours, 4 level 60 chars in Inferno… I have had TWO, and only TWO drops that were an upgrade to what I was wearing… on a character I was NOT playing.

        • What you said is a proof that you play with the auction house, if you don’t play with it, your gear is actually regulary upgraded, the game is far from perfection but i’m enjoying my inferno progression so far. It takes time but if you do it legit, it’s quite enjoyable.

        • I’ve got two level 60s, over 100 hours (have never looked at this figure though I’m sure my DH has 100 hours alone, might be wrong) and always find great upgrades. I even started crafting and of 20 shoulders I’ve made I crafted superior shoulders for my barb and gloves upgrade for both my barb AND my DH.

          I found an amulet which was worth over 10m before the IAS nerf, then a week before the patch I had found a new amulet to replace that which was a significant upgrade.

          I found a BK ring this week which rolled [email protected]

          I have found six legendaries, only one of which is worth mentioning. I haven’t found any set items. But then again, the rares have been good enough for me to not worry about the legendaries.

          And I also play with the AH. I bought budget gear at first and found much better gear myself, and that which I didn’t use I pawned off to only buy better gear.

          Sure, I admit that it is very hard to find a better weapon, but pieces of armour I have no problem upgrading. Even on my Barb where the gear is quite expensive, do I still find the rare upgrade here and there. Atleast three pieces of my Barb gear is actually self found.

          You can say ‘what a load of…’ – but then some people win the lottery, and some don’t. And I don’t consider myself very lucky. I have a friend who found an amulet and sold it for 45m, and then found a 15m+ Barb armour in the same week which he used for himself. Both were found in A2.

          Not trying to brag here, just stating that for some reason I’ve had more luck playing this game than I did D2. With D2 I made all of my fortune by trading and playing the market, rarely did I make it by finding luxury sets and uniques. I think I only ever found one IK armour and never any Tal plates πŸ™


    18. Force you to play how they feel is fun to encourage long term play.

      Remove social interaction via bnet2.0

      Unleash a horde of sycophants like AlexanderBarin to defend their
      shit game

      What could go wrong?

      PS I can’t get over people saying “l2p” to others when talking about D3. There is no skill involved in 99% of the game. No improvement in your reflexes will prevent you from being vortexed, jailed, tongue lashed, caught up to by 250% movement speed elites, etc.

      The game is Gearcheck 3: The Great Auction House Adventure

      PS I beat the game pre1.03 and have quit because it’s utter garbage.

    19. OK thats it… I quit I quit I quite F this failor of a Diablo game THANK YOU BLIZZARD FUCKING DIABLOS NAME UP. NO I MEAN IT THANK YOU. Now im going back to D2 and SC2 and say fuck D3 and the idiot fan boys who defend them. Sad fact is I only hung around this long is because of D2. So once agin F D3 and all I can say now is DO NOT fuck up anymore awesome games jsut so you can get more money outa it.

    20. Nakatoir: The RMAH is not what Diablo III is designed around

      Spoken like a true liar. More proof that these asswipers care little about answering their paying customers with sincerity and truth.

    21. Those who play with the AH never will see fantastic drops because they already bought the best.

      Those who never buy from the AH will ALWAYS find fantastic drops for their different classes.

      So in fact … The conclusion is rather simple:

      The guys complaining about the AH are the guys using it … the most.


    22. I still enjoy the game. So there πŸ™‚

      I regret using the GAH though, items that are too good leave you picking up nothing to match them for ages. Every future character I make will play self found til after Hell.

    23. The problem is this either you dont use the AH at all/rarely and then you will get items drop that give you an improvement while playing increased fun factor (well kind of).

      Or B) you use the AH and then you dont get any real upgrades dropping for ages, leading to you returning to the AH to get a gear upgrade.

      Really what the problem is with D3 is this the gap between what drops and what you can use is too big, resulting in you being able to use items a fair few orders of magnitude higher than your likely to see drop for the whole next act.

      Case in point when playing normally once you get above lvl 10 your drops are rarely within 5 ilvls of your character.

    24. I’ve got 400+ hours in inferno on my 100k+ dps Wizard, made over several 100’s of millions on AH and a few 100’s Euro’s on RMAH, drop rates are almost quite right, but not yet balanced in all acts. And party play could be adjusted so it doesn’t feel crippled compared to solo farm.

      Dunno why you all complain so much, you just don’t farm enough whiny little spoiled brats, damn! Go play WoW where you are maxgeared in 2 months.

    25. Well, most players don’t have 400+ hours to sink into Inferno… On another note, I found an awesome legendary 2 handed sword last night only to identify it and realize it was a ilvl61 2 hand with 550 damage!

    26. Nakatoir is right in most cases imo. The point of the game ‘is’ to have fun… But fun ends after killing Diablo and other boses from expansion packs. No pvp, no ko ko dzambo.

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