Bashiok replied to a comment about armor types with words that I personally find confusing.

    Anyone can equip any armor type, like cloth, leather, mail, and plate etc.

    Bashiok: I’ve seen a lot of people say things similar to this, but it’s kind of a funny notion. If we were to have armor types, which we don’t, what would be the point of labeling them as “cloth, leather, mail, etc” if everyone could equip them?

    The look of the armor on your character is determined by the level of armor and your class. There are exceptions, but that goes for the majority of normal armor.

    Well you name the armor since it has to be called something so you can tell it apart, and since different types provides different benefits. D1 and D2 were very simple with their armor types, which differed only by defense. Other RPGs have traditionally assigned different armors to each class, and added other bonuses, such as resistance or bonuses to certain types of monsters, the same way blunt weapons add damage to the undead in D2.

    The D3 Team hasn’t said anything about that, but they’ve hardly said anything at all about items, so who knows what they’re up to?

    Also, the Escapist is running an NCAA basketball style March Mayhem Top Developer tournament, with 64 devs matched up in a large, single-elimination tournament. Fan votes determines the winner of each “game,” there are lots of prizes for voters, and Blizzard pitted against The Behemoth in their first round match. Blizzard is the #2 seed in their West bracket and is well out in front in their current vote, so presumably we’ll be doing this again several times over the next week or two.

    Here’s what Bashiok said about it in a forum post today.

    We’d appreciate your vote!

    Popular gaming website The Escapist is running their March Mayhem Developer?s Showdown 2010, in which 64 of the world?s games creators are pitted against each other. Readers will vote for their favorite developers in a series of head-to-heads. To show your support for Blizzard, you can head over and vote ? but don?t delay! Each round only lasts 48 hours, and the first started today, March 17, at 9:00 AM PDT.

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