Patch 1.0.8 added a bunch of new Battle.net social options, and many players have questions about how they work. Thus the CMs have been offering helpful tips which you might find useful.

    Join a multiplayer player public game. Any act, any type. Press ESC. Like you want to leave. Open game to public is Unavailable. Now why is that?
    Grimiku: Making a game session publicly available can be a little confusing, but I’ll try to clear it up a bit. The option is greyed out in existing public games because it’s already been activated and can’t be edited (i.e. changing it from Monster Slaying to Brawling) or turned off. The option will be available if you want to turn a solo session or a private multiplayer session into a public game, but only the party leader can do that if you’re in a group. I hope that helped!

    How come no public games in ACT 2?

    Its actually the better act. The invisible mobs in Dalgur Oasis haven’t been nerfed and they come in HUGE groups which means loot and xp….yet I see everyone on act 1?
    Grimiku: I’ve been having a lot of fun playing public games (Act II included) since patch 1.0.8, and haven’t had any problems finding a game to join. I have a suggestion that might help you find Public Games if you don’t care what quest they’re on.

    In patch 1.0.8, we added a feature to Public Game quest selection called “Any Quest” to help players quickly join games and get into the action, and here’s how to find it if you haven’t seen it yet. After clicking the “Public Games” option you’re prompted to select a quest, and each Act now has an option called “Any Quest” at the top of its quest list (you can also select “Any Act- Any Quest” at the very top). I hope this helps you find games with like-minded Nephalem to adventure with!

    Elsewhere, a fan brought up a bug that’s been bugging me. I don’t know the point in posting about this in the general forum when it’s obviously a bug report, but at least now we know that fixing it is on the agenda.

    Item drop display. Why cant i toggle for it to show it for 10 seconds anymore. It automatically switches to Push to show.
    There is a bug with the “Item Label Display” option that’s causing it to automatically revert to “Push to Show” no matter what you select. We’ve been looking into it and have a solution, but we still need to find a good time to deploy it since it requires a client side patch. We’ll update this thread as soon as we have more information to share about it.

    Have you guys played with the new social tools? Along with the ones mentioned above, you can now set a sort of “away” IM message that others on your friends list see when they log on. I don’t know if the profanity filters work on it, but you’re free to try if you want to leave a special greeting for a special someone.

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