Blizzard Offers Diablo 3 Anniversary Contest, Forum Silence

Blizzard Offers Diablo 3 Anniversary Contest, Forum Silence

There’s eerily little activity from the Blizzard CMs so far this week, aside from lots of closed/locked threads (most for obvious reasons). And all the “activity” is coming from mystery CMs with names I’ve never seen before. Let’s start a conspiracy about it!

In the meantime, how would you like to win some juicy Diablo 3 Anniversary contest swag from Blizzard? It’s an odd sort of contest, since you don’t do anything other than enter your personal info and agree to receive future advertising from Blizzard and some of their partners. (Doesn’t everyone get those already, to their bnet account email?)

YEFV4QIHXF4W1399069943766What’s inside a Treasure Pack, you ask? The Diablo III Anniversary Treasure Pack contains an assortment of collectibles from our official Blizzard Gear Store, including:

  • (1) Reaper of Souls Backpack
  • (1) Reaper of Souls Lanyard
  • (1) Funko Pop! Diablo Vinyl Figure
  • (1) Funko Pop! Tyrael Vinyl Figure
  • (1) Diablo III Coffee Mug
  • You can also earn additional entries in our giveaway by completing different social actions through our page on Splurgy. Like and Follow our official Facebook or Twitter pages to earn one additional entry each, and if you spread the word on Facebook or Twitter by using the links provided by Splurgy, you’ll earn even more!

    Most of us are bombarded with ads 24/7 already, so if you’re willing to take in some more, for products you might actually want to purcahse, in exchange for maybe winning some cool swag, here’s the Blizzard blog post and here’s the contest entry page (its’ not on a Blizzard site).

    Good luck,

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    4 thoughts on “Blizzard Offers Diablo 3 Anniversary Contest, Forum Silence

    1. The “Where The Hell Is My Cursor?” thread has stayed active for nearly a week, and has 19 pages of comments. Still no replies from the Blues.

    2. QUOTE

      Oops! Meant to include the link:
      It is odd the threads they choose to respond in sometimes.
    3. The only cool D3 swag around here comes in the form of humorous meme’s. They’re about the only thing I know I will like for sure with this game, that and offline play.

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