Blizzard offer Koreans Refund on Diablo 3

You may recall on the 29th May we reported that sizeable rumblings were being made by the Korean gaming community regarding the connectivity issues experienced when trying to play Diablo 3 over Battle.Net. They were significant enough to cause the Fair Trade Commission to investigate Blizzard for “poor service”.

KoreaRealtime are reporting that Blizzard have posted news on the official Korean website stating they will offer refunds under the following conditions.

  • To players who are less than Level 40, about two-thirds of the way through the program can apply for a refund from June 25 to July 3.
  • Will accept returns from any players less than Level 20, around a third of the way through the program within 14 days of purchase from now on.

I’m wondering if the translation of those last three words is absolutely precise because that would open the refunds up to anyone who simply played the game for 14 days and doesn’t wish to play it any longer.

Thanks to ericbrighteyes – the first to email this in.

A full translation is after the fold.

Diablo III, thanks giving gifts to the community and Refund Information

Dear players of Diablo III Korea

First game players since its launch due to server instability points to you once again apologize for any inconvenience. Diablo III expansion Asian server status information, as mentioned by Blizzard Entertainment in South Korea expanded server and additional stabilization work was in progress. And soon expected to be included in the patch 1.0.3 buljiok difficulty adjusting to the probability that the item acquired, the party played a better gameplay experience through improvements to our customers.

Dear players, and to take this opportunity thank all employees of the heart will be put. Far beyond the expected with the release of Diablo III to find many people gave him, throwing in a time when taking the service for your patience gave unstable. To improve service to solve a major problem given our heartfelt thanks for the happy for their hearts to express as follows: StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty will be able to Pass on the 30th.

In addition, digital downloads since the release of Diablo III, who bought the product or package to the destination that became the bottom of the Diablo III gaming experience you are not satisfied with the people he can apply for a refund.

[Diablo III product refund Guide]

In addition, Diablo III digital download later applied to change the product for a refund policies will guide you. June 21 5:00 a.m. since Diablo III digital download products after purchasing the game you are not satisfied with the experience of those that you buy within 14 days can apply for a refund and just delete the entire character string containing the highest level of the grown 20 level or less (including level 20 character) must be If you receive a refund in conjunction with the game character licensing information, please refer point is deleted. For more information support the June 21 [knowledge storage] can be found at:

* If you have purchased boxes of the package store and follow the company’s refund policy for orders doeni check beforehand if you would like looked at each point of purchase, please contact us.

Since the release of Diablo III undeserved encouragement you sent us thank you again. Korea in the future players more reliable gaming experience on your server capacity for the expansion and optimization through server environment continues to be our best year I will. Finally, with a refund to anyone who can not leave the Sanctuary with appreciation and apologize. If I have a chance again in the future ministry and look forward to meeting you.

Blizzard Entertainment Dream.

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    14 thoughts on “Blizzard offer Koreans Refund on Diablo 3

    1. I think you missed something it clearly states that the 14 day refund is for players less than lvl 20. So no you can’t finish the game and ask for a refund.

      • To be honest the level 20 limitation is quite ridiculous. You can reach level 20 in the second act if you are slow. The only fair thing to do is use play time and not level to decide if the player has the right for a refund.

        It’s easy to see the problem with players that preordered the game. If he tried to get a refund before and Blizzard refused to return the money it’s safe to assume that the person probably kept playing the game for a little longer because he really had no choice, so after all these days he will most likely have a level 40+ character by now and Blizzard will deny his refund again. That’s bullshit!

    2. Seems like they’re telling the complainers to put their money where their mouth is. We’ll see how many players actually want to return their games, I’m guessing a very, very small amount.

      (As an aside, I’m dismayed that we have apparently exported western pampered entitlement mentalities to NE asia.)

    3. If a Blizzard fan boy thinks that what was happening with Diablo 3 is ridiculous, just wait till the next expansion of Wow will launch or the next Blizzard game.

      So many idiots are so angry about Blizzard’s success, I would not be surprised these childish reactions will triple with each new Blizzard game launched.

      The official forums are simply camped by Blizzard haters these days. I have seen 50 year old crying out like they were 12 months old babies.

      This refund idiocy was just one of many internet stalkings. The fact official consumers even fell for these 1500 or so idiots is telling.

      In fact Diablo 3 on line mode was far better than any of the previously launched WoW expansions. Vanilla Wow had problems for weeks, if not months, so expect the next hater campaign to camp the MoP launch for weeks 24/7.

      Sad sad state of the internet these days. I blame the idiots.

      • dude… seriously?

        you might need to look in the mirror and take that chip off yer shoulder, maybe even think about the fact that you might not know everything

        you’re so adept at misusing words I’m almost convinced that you’re some kind of PR spin-doctor with the way you are calling other people haters

        I don’t think that you understand what that word means, because YOU are being a hater

      • No problem, cancel the character and made one of level 1, anytime it is funny how Blizzards are trying to cheat the laws (they are obliged to give a refund but they are also trying to dictate HOW) problem is that Blizzard EULA are a complete bulls**t, illegal in a lot of countries, included mine (Italy), but people ignore this and continue to praise SH gods (except koreans seems), maybe in future there will be some more to wake up and realize that SH are not gods and also consumers have their rights (example: eula can’t be changed unilaterally for most of countries).

    4. Up to level 20 ? I think that is a bunch of nonsense, it isn’t difficult to get to level 20.

    5. Sorry, but TONS of people in different countries are having connection issues, and is Blizzard giving refunds for them as well? Not that I am complaining, but I feel that this is completely wrong and sets a precedence that others will use when they have ANY problem.

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