David Craddock is back with another update from his Stay Awhile and Listen book which charts the rise of the Diablo franchise and Blizzard North. In his latest nugget of info, he looks back at the early years and how Blizzard North almost started down the path of creating sport titles in tandem with the development of Diablo 2.

    “Many of the guys at North were sports fans, especially Dave Brevik and the Schaefers,” Craddock said. “After Diablo was finished, the guys talked to Blizzard about starting a sports game division. The south branch thought they intended to create arcade-style titles in the vein of Blood Bowl, a fantasy football board game, but Dave wanted to do a simulation-style football game, an RPG-like experience where players started out in high school and worked their way into the pros. But both Blizzard North and South agreed that North should focus on Diablo, and work on a sequel began.

    You can find the full notes in an update on Shacknews today.

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