A number of good Blue posts today replying to fan feedback about some of the new legendary and set items we’ve been testing out on the PTR. First up, here’s developer Don Vu on the Monk’s redesigned Thousand Storms set. So far on the PTR, this one has gotten much less attention since Sunwuko’s is still awesome (even with the 6 piece bonus not yet functional) and since Inna’s is really improved with the Mystic Ally acting like a mobile M6 Sentry, and since players can wear both those sets at once. That’s left the six piece Thousand Storms sad and alone, but perhaps Don’s words will change that paradigm.

    PTR v220 Inna's Mantra

    PTR v220 Inna’s Mantra

    I wanted to take the time to thank you all for the feedback as well as give a little insight on our design intent for Raiment of a Thousand Storms.

    When we think about the Monk, we think about a fast punching, hard hitting, quick and agile fighter. DiabloWikiRaiment of a Thousand Storms aims to fulfill this fantasy by increasing the damage and attack speed of his Spirit Generators and turning Dashing Strike into a Spirit spender that does quite a bit of damage. The playstyle that has worked well internally is to pool up Spirit and do considerable damage with your Spirit Generators, then dump your Spirit and do a huge burst of damage by dashing back and forth until you cannot Dashing Strike anymore (or the enemies are dead). To better support this playstyle, we are going to be swapping the 4 and 6 piece set bonuses in a future PTR patch. We may also make further tweaks to the set.

    I also wanted to thank everyone for pointing out that the 2 piece set bonus was additive. That was an oversight on my part and, as Xuen pointed out, has been hotfixed on the PTR as of this morning.

    I look forward to hearing your feedback on the playstyle that Raiment of a Thousand Storms is supposed to bring, as well as any feedback about other clever playstyles with the set that may be more effective.

    Thanks again!

    Click through for more Blizzard feedback on the new Arcstone and Blizzcon Elemental ring, plus a bit on the new DH Unhallowed Essence set.

    Blizzcon Elemental Ring

    A lengthy fan post about the Blizzcon Elemental Ring had some good stuff, most of which I’ve excerpted below, plus the Blue reply.

    Blizzcon Elemental Ring Feedback

    Blizzcon Elemental Ring v220 PTR.

    Blizzcon Elemental Ring v220 PTR.

    At the moment I feel like this ring is just too clunky. It’s a fantastic idea that I’ve wanted to see implemented for ages, but 5 seconds is just too long.

    The fantasy of this playstyle, at least to me, is weaving between the various elements to create a really dynamic playstyle. As is it’s just “put some number of various elemental damage on your bar and spam until the next buff rolls around”.

    For that matter some classes just have too many elements to focus on. For example Monk has fire, cold, lightning, holy, Physical. It’s too many things to fit into one build. I can live with a build that focuses on 3 elements and is just out of luck on the 4th, but out of luck for 10 whole seconds per 25 second rotation when you have to sacrifice so much just to make the build even kind of function.

    Another problem is specialization / focus. If you are trying to fit in enough offensive skills to use this ring at least 3/4 of the time you have to sacrifice a tremendous amount of damage focus and damage. Elemental damage is dramatically less effective because it’s split so many different ways and there’s no appropriate offensive replacement for this on gear (although another defensive affix is not without value, it’s just not quite as valuable as offense generally speaking).

    You also have to sacrifice damage and utility in your build for a damage skill that you generally only want to use 25% of the time (or less).

    The sacrifice this ring asks you to make is absolutely tremendous and it’s clunky rather than the dynamic multi-elemental flow many of us were hoping for.
    Tyvalir: This is a great topic of discussion. We’ve heard valuable feedback on the BlizzCon Elemental Ring so far, and seen some interesting builds around it — both in this thread and elsewhere across our forums and other communities — and we’ll continue to share everyone’s thoughts with the dev team as they pop up (be they positive or negative, so long as the discussion is constructive).

    While we’re on the subject, it would be helpful to know:

  • Have you found any play styles outside of those using Tal Rasha’s Elements that could benefit from using this item? If so, what skills and gear do they involve?
  • How do you feel about the relative power of this ring compared to other rings that you find useful for your class (also, what class are you using)?
  • Let’s keep this awesome exchange of ideas going, folks! 😀

    Belt UI buff display

    Belt UI buff display

    You can see the concept of the ring, with a huge +200% damage to a single element at a time. In the live game today you can’t add elemental damage from a ring except for the Stone of Jordan, and that’s only up to 20%. Plenty of other slots, chiefly bracers and amulet, also add up to 20% elemental damage. Meanwhile this ring gives 10x that, so even if it’s only on your element of choice 1/4 or 1/5 of the time, that’s still effectively +40% or +50% to that element. And if you’re using two or three types of damage, and can somewhat time your attacks to the bonus currently cycling on the ring, you could do FAR higher total damage via this ring than with conventional single elemental bonuses.

    A straight theorycrafting view suggests that this is the most powerful ring in the game, if used correctly. The problem is that it’s new and different and players have to re-build to use it properly, and no one is used to cycling their attacks based on the timing of the changing bonus to elemental damage. And maybe no one ever will get used to that, but I wonder if the dislike now is just that it’s new and hard to use and inconsistent, and we’re all used to knowing that Skill X will always get Bonus Y, rather than Bonus Z or possibly Bonus Zero, depending on the timing.

    Arcstone Ring

    Arcstone ring

    Arcstone PTR v220

    Arcstone PTR v220

    This ring has an interesting concept to me. I found 2 of them so I gave one to another player to try it out.

    1. It is lacking visually. A single line of electricity, it just looks weak.
    2. It is weak. Mostly because it doesn’t fire very often and it seems to only hit in a single line that I saw. I certainly wouldn’t give up another ring just to use this.


      1. How about if it worked with multiple players wearing the ring. i.e. more than 2.
      2. Widen the path of monsters it can hit.
      3. Visually thicken the electrical beam and make it less of a straight line. Or add bolts of electricity going up in the air or down to the ground..
      4. I wasn’t sure of the distance it would work but it seemed short. Maybe increase it ?

      Tyvalir: Thanks for this feedback, AxeLord. If you don’t mind sharing some additional info, it would helpful to have. For starters:

    3. You mention that the visual effect “looks weak.” Can you clarify a bit what you meant? For instance, does it just not feel all that powerful visually, or is the problem that it’s difficult to see when you’re in multiplayer games, or when playing solo (if there are a lot of other visual effects going off at once)?
    4. When you explain that you wouldn’t give up another ring to use it, is it because it doesn’t fit your play style, or is the ring not powerful enough to be useful for any build in your class (if so, please let us know which class you’re using)?
    5. If you find Arcstone isn’t powerful enough for you to want to give up using another ring, what would have to change about it for you to use it? (Keeping in mind that each item in the game will have different uses, depending on your own build and whether you’re playing solo or multiplayer.)
    6. Knowing the answer to these questions will give us much more robust information that we can share with the dev team. I’d also love to hear from other players who are using this item what their experience is, and well as their answers to the above.

    This one seemed designed for use on a Follower, and I tried it that way and talked to some other players who had done the same, and no one was real impressed. A glorified DiabloWikiMaximus (or un-glorified, in terms of the visual) was the general reaction, though from the damage number it *should* be pretty effective. Perhaps more testing is required, or as the OP said on the Bliz forum, it’s more of a visual/perception thing, where it doesn’t look impressive therefore it’s undervalued?

    Demon Hunter’s Unhallowed Essence Item Set

    Unhallowed Essence feedback

    I got to tinker with this set and i wanted to change 2 things about it:

    The 4 set bonus of 40% damage reduction is completly useless. Instead I thought of 2 alternatives:
    1, Hatred generators generate double hatred
    2. Hatred generators’ attack speed is doubled

    Either of these 2 would be a great improvement for the set

    The other thing is the 6 bonus set that adds damage ONLY to multishot. Why only multishot? it’s already buffed by marauder’s set. I think you should add Rapid Fire and Strafe to the bonus making it a much more interesting set to play with.
    Vaneras: Don’t worry, we see it. We ready pretty much all the threads in this forum 🙂

    Also, please note that we actually have a sticky thread dedicated to focused feedback on the new sets as well as the reworked ones, so please do not hesitate to post your feedback there as well.

    I played around with that set a bit myself (you can see my PTR DH in the full kit in the screen below, except for the very tacky missing shoulders), and agree and disagree with the OP. His total dismissal of the benefit of the huge damage reduction bonus drew my, “Ahhh, softcore… what would we do without you?” reaction. But while it’s very powerful, double-Unity-esque buff, it’s not visible which makes it less joyous.

    As for the set’s six-piece offensive bonuses, it applies to Multishot AND all of your Hatred Generators. On the podcast last night we debated whether that might apply to Elemental Arrow via Kridershot or Chakram via Spines of Seething Hatred, but I haven’t had time to get on the PTR to test it yet. I think not since they would be incredibly OP, but even if it’s just your basic Hatred Generators, adding +700% or more to those is a huge buff.

    On the PTR even without any other bonuses to the skill, my basic Evasive Fire was doing 50-70m per hit, and that’s 3 hits per shot. Would it be possible to use Unhallowed Essences mostly with Hatred Generators, and just supplement burst damage from your Spenders? Such as with the much buffed Focus and Restraint granting huge damage to anything used with nearly full resource?

    There’s some real theorycrafting to be done on that, such as on Hungering Arrow: Puncturing Arrow + The Ninth Cirri Satchel’s piercing + Burrito Cannon’s piercing + Depth Digger’s damage buff + Simplicity’s Strength = unbelievable single target damage?

    That said, I’ll second the OP’s request for Rapid Fire, and maybe Strafe as well. Unhallowed Essence feels very arbitrary now, with Generators + Multishot, but no other Spenders. Talking to John Yang at Blizzcon, he told me the original idea came from Kevin Martens and his desire for a Multishot based DH item. They wanted something that worked with Zei’s LGem and was a very “hit them from a distance” type of set, and Multishot has a nice visual for distance the way it spreads out, and you see the concept in the four-piece set bonus also. That said, there’s no reason to leave out other ranged type DH skills, and Rapid Fire is certainly the most neglected of those, and one that would fit very well with this set.

    Make it so.


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