Blizzard Needs to Make Something New?

Short editorial from the Minnesota Game Examiner arguing that Blizzard “needs to make something new.” They’ve been riding the same three franchises for fifteen years, after all.

Since then, they have not made games in any other universe besides Warcraft, Starcraft, and Diablo…craft.  Besides those aformentioned two games in ‘95, in fifteen years they’ve made fourteen games, sequels, and expansions, and they have four more under development.  That means that they can account for eighteen games, and I’ll bet anything that Diablo III will probably have an expansion; WoW hasn’t hit 99 level cap yet (if indeed they plan to stop), so they’ll do another one too.  Oh, and there will probably be a World of Starcraft sometime in the future also.

The point in this?

Blizzard needs to try something new.  Something original.

The author doesn’t mention the unannounced MMO, which has been (all but) confirmed to be a game not in any of their three established universes, but that aside… do you guys agree?  Is Blizzard playing it safe and just cranking out expansions and sequels when they should be digging into uncharted territory? Or is it better to make fewer games when each of them is so good, even if they’re not exactly original?

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  1. I hope we will be able to visit Caldeum in some Act. Jay Wilson said that not all Acts will have major cities, which feels a bit disappointing. I’ve heard him emphasize much on “don’t want to take the player away from the action”, but I want safe places where I can stay, walk around and just feel the atmosphere. I really hope they include big towns in this game.

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