Blizzard needs you to “slam” the Diablo 3 PTR servers

The Diablo 3 PTR servers are now live but this is not a new content test, it’s to test our some new “behind-the-scenes updates”. There’s a 2000% Legendary Find buff active too.

We are working on some behind-the-scenes updates. Since some of these involve a fair amount of risk, we need your help testing them before we deploy them to the live servers!

Join us starting today, January 16, for a special PTR that includes these updates. Along with this, we are looking for reports of issues that occur when players attempt to start or join a multiplayer game, or communicate with other players through in-game chat.

We encourage players of all types to participate, so what are you waiting for? Download that PTR and hop right in!

A few important notes:

  • There is no new content included on this PTR.
  • While you will be able to copy your existing characters, we will also be activating the 2000% Legendary Find buff to encourage participation.
  • As a reminder, any progress made on the PTR does not transfer over to your live account.
  • Since this PTR is exclusively focused on identifying and fixing bugs related to the issues noted above, we will only be opening the Bug Report forum during the testing period.
  • Over the course of the PTR, server performance may vary.
  • This PTR will only be available for a limited time, and we’d greatly appreciate all the help we can get in testing it quickly and with as many participants as possible!

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  1. Next time they ain’t getting a feature like a player driven character development system right, they should open up a bunch of PTRs at release with different mixtures of ideas of how to get the pd-cds making fun to play itself out. Just to get player ideas on the matter and before making a complete ‘from arpg to account centric action-adventure’ turnaround. Better option than the wow-striketeam left us with, including the option to set up PTRs including player ideas on getting the ‘official’ base PTR-setups playing out nicely.

  2. Only time will tell if the 2 people that still play this will log in to slam the servers. lol.

  3. Its so good to slam the Diablo 2 servers right now and to grind for a shako and Infinity 😀

    Diablo 3 is gone.

  4. Server Slam lol 🙂 They could deploy bots themselves to test it, as I highly doubt actual players will join this. Hell… people dont even play on the live servers anymore…

    Maybe they are reducing the server count and want to test “how low can we go” haha 🙂

    But hey, I dont blame them, its the right thing to do. D3 is dead.

    I hope D4 will bring us the D2 successor we all wanted.

  5. No time for this. I leveling kinetic blast/barrage ranger…

  6. Simply have to comment that putting ‘slam’ in quotes is hilarious, made me laugh.

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