Blizzard need Diablo 3 2.4.3 Crash Reports

Diablo 3 PatchNot everyone is having a great time with the Diablo 3 2.4.3 update with reports of crashing. Blizzard are on the case but they need your help.

We’ve received a few scattered reports of crashes from players and we’re attempting to hone in on the cause. So far, we’ve narrowed it down to the following scenario:

  • When using the 64-bit client and DirectX 11
  • While the client is in Fullscreen mode
  • When switching focus from Diablo III to another program (or back again)
  • Running on Windows 7 (64-bit) machines with an NVIDIA graphics card

If you have encountered a crash in the above scenario, we need your help! Please reply to this thread with your dxdiag results (and please put your results in tags so as to keep the thread tidy). This will help us sort out the issue in a more timely fashion as we identify commonalities between occurrences.

Thanks for your help and your patience as we work to resolve these issues!

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  1. Surely this was no surprise to George…

  2. not a crash but a character lock up -using falling sword in Diablo 1 mode with Crusader, died while descending and was stuck in “jumping” pose with no option to resurrect.

  3. This particulat post is about the bug that happens when you Alt-Tab out of D3 onto the desktop.

    Very often I get a D3 3-D error message, and when I click OK, it simply puts me back into the game. I usually have to alt-tab a few times for it to not produce the error message and then its just normal alt-tab behavior.

    However, there are also other issues with the 64 Bit client. It starts stuttering after a while, especially in multiplayer games. But this is not a hardware performance issue, its a coding issue of the 64 Bit client I think. Some sources say leaving all chat-channels and chat-communities helps prevent that stuttering. (This includes leaving the Inc-Gamers-Clan chat channel).

    To do so you simply click the settings-wheel in the chat box and go “Leave Chat” -> “leave whatever chat is in that list”

  4. 64bit client sucks, it runs worse then 32bit consumes more ram and vram so id,…. no crashes for me tho

    • The whole point of 64Bit client is to consume MORE ram than 4GB. This results in less “Assets-Loading-In-To-Ram-Occurrences”. This makes the game more fluid, especially during act and area changes etc.

      32 Bit clients are limited to have a maximum of 4 GB usable System Rm for the application or game, but 64 Bit clients on 64 Bit OS’s can use vastly more Ram than 4 GB. (I believe up to 192GB on Win7 Ultimate for example)

      The performance is much much better for me in 64 Bit than 32 Bit, but there are those bugs that we encounter currently. When they fix those bugs, 64 Bit Client will be THE client to run, hands-down. (While assuming people are also running a 64Bit Windows OS with more than 8GB Ram)

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