Blizzard Music Store Launched

Blizzard has added a page to their online store where you can buy all sorts of music from the Blizzard titles. They’ve got all the WoW music you could want, and Starcraft stuff as well, but as we’ve come to expect of Blizzard Irvine, there’s minimal support for the Diablo franchise.

The only Diablo-bolic offerings thus far are the D2 soundtrack and the one D3 single they released (for free) last year. Obviously there will be more D3 musical options once the game is released. In the meantime you should check out the Diablo 2 music and DiabloWikiDiablo 3 music pages in the wiki. They’ve got lots of info on the music and sound for both games, plus there are links to get the various environmental tracks for D3 that you can hear in the game and on Blizzard’s Diablo 3 website.

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4 thoughts on “Blizzard Music Store Launched

  1. 1) Buy Diablo II music
    2) Get into Diablo III Beta
    3) Turn down music in options
    4) Play Diablo II music
    Hm, perhaps.

  2. now we can spend money for songs we already have and only need to extract from the game files ! pretty pointless imo …

    • When Bastion (another APRG that recently came out) was released, the company that made it was floored with requests for releasing an official soundtrack to acompany the game. Now you can buy the soundtrack alongside the game.
      So clearly its not pointless, at least not for most people. I myself would rather use realplayer or creative media player to rip the songs from online, but many prefer to have it “officially”.
      I applaud those that are willing to pay for a soundtrack from their favorite game when they can get it for free. Its just like when a person pirates a game and then later decides to pay for it, they liked it so much they want to support the company/people that made it so they can continue to make more of it.

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