Blizzard Music on iTunes

If you’re interested in the soundscapes of Blizzard’s games, don’t forget the Blizzard Music Section. Check out some of your favorite songs and scores from Diablo, StarCraft, Warcraft, and World of Warcraft.
With quick-and-easy access to the iTunes store, it’s never been easier to browse Blizzard music, create your own playlist, and listen to the tunes you want — anytime, anywhere. Also, all you audiophiles should be sure to read the track notes provided by the Blizzard Sound team!

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5 thoughts on “Blizzard Music on iTunes

  1. will the tracks be free with the CE version? probably not.
    should be free nonetheless even with the regular version.

    • Well, the tracks are free, so to speak, with the regular version – you don’t pay extra for listening to the game music 😉

      And yes, there’s a soundtrack CD in the CE 

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